What does fluid around the heart mean?

My son’s going to be 3 on the 27th I really want to put him in school so he could get used to it. He’s been with me since day one. The only problem is he doesn’t really talk. He’s super smart, just doesn’t talk. I’ve tried speech therapy and being around other kids. Has anyone had this problem with their child. Has anyone sent their child to school even tho they didn’t really talk? I just feel like I’m failing as a mom. I work with him everyday. It hurts when family or people will make comments about this.


Just wait till he gets around other kids! You won’t believe how fast he catches up!


Yes, send him it will help him. And your doing great hun dont be so hard on yourself.

Some kids just don’t want to talk. Can’t hurt to send him. You are doing everything you can and he will come around in his own time.

Send him. I think being around a bunch of kids and getting into a strict and fun routine will help. Some kids are just quiet and it’s fine. I’m sure he will find that voice once he gets into school. Then he wont ever stop talking lol


My son is 3 too he is speaking more now that he is learning more

He’s going to be 3…
He’s still so little. Talking will come. He won’t go to college not talking. Not even 3 yet is to little for school.
Heck even some are not ready at 6! Give him some time. Lots of exploring his world. Make him ask for things don’t let him get away with grunts and pointing even tho I’m sure you know what he means.
There’s no reason to send him off to school before he is even 3!

Being around other kids may help, however I’ve worked with non-verbal kids and children who are selective mute. As a teacher we learn their clues and even develop a type of “language” of their own :heart:


You may want to get his hearing tested

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My son is the same way. He will actually be 4 next month and talks like a 2 1\2 -3 yr old should talk. I always feel horrible bc everyone feels they need to weigh in on it. He has gotten so much better in just the last few months. So hes getting there

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My little nugget (just turned 2 in March) has a speech delay, she was pretty much hearing under water the first two years of her life. (She has ear tubes and adenoid removal) She goes 3 days a week/ 4-5 hrs a day. Her speech has improved, she can repeat words, they are also helping her with potty training and body awareness… all huge improvements from where she was at.

I have a new kindergartener and I’ve been a SAHM since 2013. Even having a big sibling didn’t help. I’ve worked tirelessly with both, sometimes a different set of teachers is what’s needed and that is ok. Don’t feel like a failure, you can only do so much… people think because they have opinions your obligated to listen to them, just brush them off.


My son will be 4 in september he doesn’t talk. He has some words but NOT where he should be im sending him to pre-school this Sept. A regularhead start and a special needs school so he gets extra help.

Request and IEP evaluation through the district. I had the same problem

My 3rd has delayed speech. He did 1/2 day preschool 3 days a week he also did speech therapy from 2 until 4 1/2.

My son went at 3 as well and didn’t talk. He started trying more because his friends. So 2 years of prek and 1 year of speech…can’t shut him up!


I’m going thru the same thing. My son turned 3 in June, and our last session of speech therapy also ended. Give him some time and he will start talking out of know where. My son has been talking so much lately. He also won’t start school till next yr when he’s 4.

Have you had his hearing tested? Or tested for a tongue tie??

They will work with it and the peers will make it so he wants to talk! Watching friends is the best way to learn!!

Its good for them to get time away from u for independence

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Definitely send him I bet that will help more than any therapy out there.

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If your dr and the speech therapist dont seem to think there’s a problem then there is prob nothing to worry about. Getting him around kids will more than likely help but also making him at least try to ask for something should help to.

I have twin girls tried to put them in headstart they were to smart when they went to kindergarten they could talk but really only to each other after about a month they were just fine your kiddo will learn in time just have patience

Ask for a IEP evaluation for speech.
I went through this with son (my youngest) and 2nd oldest daughter.
Something to remember…Einstein didn’t speak until the age of 5!
I was told this so many times when I was worried about my son not talking at 3. He’s now in the 5th grade and he can do his older sisters homework (they’re both in high school) :wink: You never know you could have a little genius and he’s just taking it all in at the moment and he’ll talk when he’s ready.


Mine was the same way. He is being raised bilingual so it took him a while to start talking. But eventually he loosened up.

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Let them say what they want, it isn’t their child at yours. He will talk when he’s ready and comfortable. I’m sure once he makes some friends at preschool, he will be more than willing to talk to them. My oldest, who is about to be 10 didn’t speak word until he was almost 3. He spoke with points and grunts LOL and one day he just started talking in full sentences to anybody and everybody that would listen. Just be patient, he will talk when he’s ready.

Yes my daughter was barely talking when enrolled her in school due to a medical condition but a year into school she started talking more n she 7 now n won’t shut up lol

My daughter had the same problem. We had her evaluated through the district and we’re able to get speech and occupational therapy for her. She didn’t really talk until she was a little over 3 years old.

Google Einstein’s early years you will feel much better

He will talk when he is ready. Put him in school. Teachers will tell you if you need to see a dr for anything.

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Make appointment at the school and see what they say or advice they may have

I know a kid like this and he’s got anxiety which causes him to be selectively mute

My sister in laws daughter had a speech problem where there was an issue between her brain and her mouth. She was really smart, but would barely even try to talk and then when she did finally start talking (around 3 or 4) she had trouble forming words. So she had to see a speech therapist that delt with that condition. I forgot what it’s called so I will have to ask. There where other early symptoms that she showed as a baby, but ny sister in law didn’t know that’s what it was until after she was diagnosed.

Oh, he will talk later on. If he doesn’t, it’s okay to be the quiet kid.

Your doing fine. Some kids dont talk until they want to. I’m sure being around other kids will help him though. Dont worry yourself too much about it

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My sister in law said to look into Apraxia and to check out the school district where you live because the one over here did an evaluation and speech therapy for free for three year olds. You just have to call the school district and ask.

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Go to the school and talk about having him evaluated so you know why he is late talking and how to help him communicate in some way. You’re doing the right thing trying to help him.

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Send him to pre k/head start. They are amazing and if they see speech delay they have specialist on hand.


My son didn’t talk till 3.5. Then all of a sudden he wouldn’t stop talking lol. Some just take their time.


He will talk when he is ready. Send him to preschool just to be social. It may it may no make a difference, but it won’t hurt him

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Yes, my grandson turned three last Sunday and he doesn’t talk yet. He was a preemie, however, since he hasn’t been talking, I’ve noticed alot of children with the same problem. My daughter has enrolled him in a school that specializes in children with disabilities and speech issues. He starts on the 27th. His therapist recommended it. He knows some sign language that he will use at times. Don’t give up, just contact the county you live in or the school. Alot of programs are free, but some have deadlines. My daughter had to have him enrolled in the county school district before age three in order for her not to have to pay. Good Luck.

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I think headstart would be good for him. It helped me. My son is 3 and very picky on who he talks to, we’re going to wait and put him in pre-k next year because we are planning on moving to another town soon and no sense of enrolling him right now.

I think putting him in school is the best way to encourage his speaking. That’s normal, I know a kids who was 5 and can’t speak yet. But he can now.

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Send him the experience will be good and may trigger something for him.

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I’m a 3 year old teacher at a preschool. We have a lot of children who come in that don’t talk very much, but being around others and interacting on a daily basis brings them out of their shell.

My two year old daughter is like that.She’ll talk but not as much since she’s be scared to speak up on her mind.I have her in speech therapy and it should be starting in this month.Plus,speech therapy will help a child to get ready for school so they can learn.She can interact with kids in her age group

Do you talk for him if he wants something make him ask in a gentle manner

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I would continue with a speech therapist and find a preschool program for him. My son is three and has speech twice a week for 30 mins and will start preschool in September, it’s only twice a week for 2.5 hours. Enough for him to be around his peers and get that socialization in. Remember every child blooms at a different rate, try not to compare him to anyone else. You are not failing and don’t let others make you feel that way. Just do what you think is best for your child.

Remember Einstein didn’t talk til he was 3 or 4

I have not had this problem but being in school could help him talk more. Being around the teachers and other students could help. My son is in speech but even before he started speech things got a little better with just being around other kids.

My daughter didn’t start speaking till she was four and my mum said I was the same…So sending him to school early when he isn’t ready would in my mind be a bit traumatic for him. So may I suggest you start him in playgroup. Or prekindy the children will encourage him to speak it worked for my daughter…

From my experience, the first child seems to take longer. But after I say that my grandson was last of 3 and he was late talking. Sometimes it’s how much he has to talk. My 7 month old granddaughter is using sign language for a few things to communicate. It’s how much does he Have to say to get his idea across. We resorted to “use your words” with our grandson. He will speak when he needs to.