What does fluid in the fallopian tube mean?

So my husband and I just came back from the ER. Went in due to some abdominal pain and soreness. Currently 5weeks and 5 days pregnant (surprised they were able to see anything this early) They ran blood work and test and even did an ultrasound. Baby is doing just fine and heart rate is great but turns out they found some fluid in my left Fallopian tube. Said it was common during early pregnancy and do expect it to go away but they would like for me to have a follow up with my OB within the week. Kinda worried. Has anyone ever received news like this? If so how did it go and was everything okay with pregnancy?


My first pregnancy I had that early on and it scared me too. Everything turned out fine and had a normal healthy pregnancy. He’s now an 11 year old going on 40. :joy:

Don’t be worried, you didn’t get any bad news. Most ER visits end with them recommending a follow-up with your doctor.