What does it mean for a baby to constantly get a UTI?

My daughter had UTI’s from the time she was 2 months old and had them constantly. She was diagnosed with reflux in her bladder. She wasn’t able to ever completely empty her bladder when she would pee and the bacteria from it would cause the UTI. She was on a very low dose of antibiotic from the time she was 6 months old until she was potty trained. She hasn’t had one UTI since she was an infant. I’m praying the doctors can figure it out for her and get some answers and provide comfort soon. :heart::pray:t3:

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Could be the diaper. My daughter when she was a baby got a yeast infection when I switched diapers

My daughter had gotten 1 from a bubble bath. Doc said no bubble baths!


It’s the bubble baths
Make sure u only use aveeno or Burt bees for bubbles and body wash

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Urine Labs show anything other than bacteria?
Our family have urinary birth defects…
Any protein in urine?
Is it bladder or kidney infection? Or both?

No bubble baths and no soap cleaning down there


Probably from bath time. I’d try a baby bath strainer and just shower her off and then when she can stand really steady, just have her stand up in the shower. Oh and give her plenty of water if you aren’t already!

My youngest daughter got a few when she was young like that too, turned out she was (warning: gross) smooshing the poop and it was getting into all her little nooks and crannies. I was extra careful wiping her front to back and using more wipes when she was dirty and she stopped getting them.

I hope you figure out what’s happening :heart:

I was born with an extra ureter whiched cause me to have a lot of UTI’s. Find a good urologist!

When my eldest daughter had several - she was referred to hospital so they could check out her kidneys. All was fine

My daughter had all the symptoms of a uti and it kept coming and going I took her to the er cause one day it became unbearable for her to sit and turns out she is type 1 diabetic and her urine was basically sugar so it was burning … definitely follow up with urologist I’m praying she has a different outcome and you can find a solution for her


I had them when I was little the doctor told my mom baths does it

Always clean them from front to back when changing their nappy/diaper, and don’t use bubble bath.


Don’t use soap in the bath or anything other than like water wipes. Make sure she’s getting enough fluid in her diet. She’s old enough to drink water now. Dilute juice to only 10% juice and 90% water.

lots and lots of water

wipe front to back, e coli is issue with uti

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My sister did but she also has a double urinal track and a third kidney. Scented products and bubble baths are a huge culprit. Even as an adult she is still more prone and usually gets at least one or two a year.

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Both of my girls were diagnosed with reflux within 8 months of each other (3 & 1/2 and 8 months old). They both ended up needing surgery, the oldest in 1 side and the youngest on both sides. They would get high fevers and frequent UTIs. We had a great pediatric urologist, did routine meditation to keep them at bay, and finally decided on the route of surgery after considering options. It wasn’t bath related at all, just a genetic thing.

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I have heard of it before. Something with the urethra not draining out but instead recirculating. Sometimes it’s out grown and sometimes it’s surgery. Not that uncommon.

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Drink apple juice regularly

Stay away from powdered drinks such as Kool aid, Hawaiian punch (even in the gallon jugs it still comes from a powder) and stay away from red food coloring. All these things cause a dirty urine tract and cause UTI’s. I know from experience. Always start and end her day with water. Also get her some cranberry juice to flush her out. Don’t use toilet paper, use wipes. No scented ANYTHING, including baths or bubbles.

The urologist should be able to help with this problem. Perhaps you could call the office and schedule an earlier appointment, or tell the doctor today and describe what is happening.

Look into VUR my little one was born with it basically when my little one would pee most of it would stream back up to her kidneys instead of down and it would cause inflammation and utis so they basically had to”fix the valve” she was on antibiotics for it for the first year but she kept getting them so she’s had Reimplantaition surgery at 18 months because she had 7 utis in less than a years time she’s two now and uti free and it’s been such a blessing.
When you go to urology they’ll run some scans like a vcug to confirm! Hope it’s not that and it gets taken care of!

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Ensure that the child is checked for type one diabetes (juvenile diabetes) UTIs and slow weight gain are first signs

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Is she kept clean…constantly ?



Are you wiping front to back? Are you changing her diapers right away - you say you are but I’m talking immediately? Is the water in your home treated? Is she allergic to anything in your home that she comes in contact with? Is she drinking enough fluids? Has she had a urine test? Have you switched brands of diapers and wipes to see if that helps? Have you seen any crystals in her urine or blood in her urine? Does she have an immune deficiency that is causing her to be unable to fight infections? I think her pediatrician is going to be the very best person to ask. I can ask questions but I cannot diagnose the cause. Hopefully, you can get on a wait list and get a sooner appointment.

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