What does it mean if your man doesn't gift you anything?

What does it mean if your man gives u no gifts for your birthday nothing homemade either


he’s bad at giving gifts maybe :woman_shrugging:t5:

My husband doesn’t ever give me gifts. We’ve been together for 7 years and it’s been like that from the beginning of our relationship . He’s just not good at picking out gifts or remembering to get them. He’s also horrible at remembering dates.
It’s just one of his quirks, i’ve grown to accept and love about him.

Maybe sit down with your husband and talk to him, tell him you like receiving gifts for special occasions and that they don’t have to be bought.
Some peoples love language doesn’t include gift giving and that’s okay.
Maybe next time around before the occasion or special date, make plans to get or make each other something and make sure he’s knows you’re expecting it, so it’s on his mind.

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My late husband (we were married for 32 years) was not the best at remembering dates and special occasions. So I would buy myself a gift, to me, but with a tag or card from him. It was a family joke for years. No big deal. It was just how he was.

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I defintley think you should of got a gift. Not the money aspect of it but even a little thank you note, a card, anything??? I will never understand that I guess. I think it just shows appreciation for ur partner. The gift doesn’t have to cost anything. But everyone’s relationship is sooo different

It means return the favor, not in a bitter way. Just don’t get him anything & also get used to expecting nothing.

Does he expect gifts on his birthday Christmas or whatever? Does he get others presents but just not you? With only information we have to go on he looks like he is a" no effort guy". Some women are ok with settling for a guy like that and not receiving any kind of acknowledgment for their birthday, it’s up to you to decide if that’s ok for you or not. It’s not wrong either way but it and he will not change so better figure that out now.

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He’s bad at gifts? Does he show he loves you in other ways? Do you think he loves you? If not maybe it’s time for a chat or time to move on. I’m really bad at gifts especially for SO, but I make sure to show it in other ways. Or if I don’t get the gift at the right time, (birthday or anniversary) I order what he really wants and surprise him when I can. Hope this helps.

It means he doesn’t care about the ridiculous traditions. He’s a keeper.

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It doesn’t mean anything. And anyone saying “get a new bf “ is super wrong. Unless there’s abuse but that’s a different story.
If people are really that concerned about material things, find yourself a rich person.

My husband and I don’t get gifts often for eachother. Even when we were dating. And guess what, we are absolutely completely in love with eachother.

And even if there was “something wrong”, he may not know what to get you, or if you even want gifts, or he may not have the money. There are a thousand reasons.

My suggestion is have a conversation about it. Start it off with asking if he’d like to receive gifts. And then ask him how he feels about giving gifts. But don’t get mad if he says he doesn’t like giving gifts etc. Tell him getting gifts on x days makes you feel loved or happy or whatever it is it makes you feel.

It means time to find a new boyfriend.

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My boyfriend don’t buy me gifts. It don’t mean anything to me. To me, gifts are not important

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Mine isn’t big on gifts but I look at what he does for me the rest of the year n how he treats me. One day means squat.

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He doesnt appreciate you.

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