What does it mean to have a high cervix?

So I am 36 weeks & 4 days and I had my first cervix check up along with the GB test. The appointment was brief and my doctor was in a rush and left the room quickly without saying much, it was kind of disappointing.
Anyways she had checked to see if I was dilated but had a hard time reaching my cervix, she mentioned it seemed to be higher up for my height & when she finally found it, (I swear it felt like she was knuckle deep inside of me) I felt an intense tightening and she said I was 2cm dilated.
Prior to the appointment I haven’t felt much cramping & hardly any discharge but now I feel weird these weird period like cramps and I am discharging.
Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else?


Yes. I ended up going into labor with the last two kiddos within 48 hours.

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Yes it is normal after you are checked to have spotting and cramping.

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Yes! She most likely stripped some membranes during the process.

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I told them to quit checking me. Because it hurt. I would go into labor when he was ready.

Sounds like she may have swept the membrane

Yes!!! I had horriable cramps with my 2nd baby. It was very uncomfortable I never wanted another one. They said I dont need to have them unless I’m overdue. This will be my 4th and I’m still refusing cervix checks unless of course I’m over 40 weeks.

Im cramping like period cramps and im 35 weeks. I haven’t been checked by my OB down there yet. Maybe this appointment i will?

Yes after cervix checks you’ll have some cramping and maybe light blood…it’ll subside

I was a 2 at my check up and when I got induced I wasn’t dilated at all. He said it is possible to close back up.

Totally normal. Start getting ready to go to the hospital!! It shouldn’t be long! That happened to me and less then 12 hours later I had my baby girl. Was only in labor an hour!! She was ready to be a part of this word!