What does it mean to have placenta previa?

my doctor just told me i have placenta previa and i am freaking out…what does it fully mean? will i not be able to give borth naturally? any other mamas go through this and can easy my mind?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does it mean to have placenta previa?

didnt you ask him to explain that to you Everyone is different I wouldn’t go by what people tell you here


When the placenta covers the opening in the mother’s cervix. It usually does mean a c section, but it can improve and change

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It means basically your placenta isn’t where it should be. It typically moves, but not always. It could affect your ability to have your baby naturally if it doesn’t move.
I had it when I was pregnant with my daughter and was put on restrictions for a few weeks. It ended up moving and I was able to have her naturally.


Don’t panic - I was told that also and eventually things went where they were supposed to go.

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I had it for a awhile (corrected on it’s own) and I couldn’t have sex until she gave me the clear

A placenta previa means you have a low-lying placenta that implanted close to and either partially or completely covering the cervix. A lot of times as the uterus expands as you get further into pregnancy, the placenta will move up and away from the cervix and resolve itself. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t resolve and you would have to deliver by c-section. But that’s not something that you’ll know for sure until you’re much farther along into pregnancy usually into the third trimester to know whether it’s going to resolve itself or not.


I had it and had to have an extra growth scan at 32 weeks, they said if it doesn’t move by itself you’ll have to have a c section, but luckily it moved 5cm so I don’t have to have a c section unless emergency.

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It means the placenta is sitting low in the womb. Most move up and they’ll check this at about 32-34 weeks of pregnancy to make sure it’s not obstructing the birth canal otherwise delivery would be c section.

I had it with one of mine and it moved everything was fine!

Normally it works itself out. It means the placenta is on the cervix or partially covering it. Normally around 25-28 weeks it has moved where it should be

It’s very common and most grow out of it. If it persists you will have to have a planned c-section.

It means your placenta is low, not high like it’s suppose to be. Depending on the severity and changes throughout your pregnancy you are prone to spotting, clotting under the placenta, fetal death, hemorrhage,…. Those aren’t nice to know but I’d rather know what to look for. Most times it’s a c section birth for the safety of the mother and child. If the placenta “moves up” as the baby grows and where it’s attached to the uterine wall will of course grow and it could give you a slim chance at a vaginal delivery with many risk factors you have to account for. No one wants a surgical procedure BUT they are very routine and safer now more than ever. You will have constant scans the closer to delivery you are so you can choose a c section or try for vaginal birth with blood and a crash c section team waiting. Listen to your doctor if they advise you to plan a c section as your safest route to delivery.
I can tell you all about a c section of you wish as well. I had an emergency one that I had to go under for since my epidural didn’t take. It wasn’t bad at all. Felt like I blinked and it was over. :grin::grin: safe baby… safe momma. That’s the goal :grin::heart::heart::heart:

I had that with my son but since I already had 2 c-sections prior I had gotten another c-section. My sister also had it and she delivered naturally with no complications

I hope everything works out for you and your baby. I had that with one of my pregnancies.

It can change, sometimes it doesn’t tho. Just means a c section. I had placenta previa with my last child and had no complications

the placenta comes before the baby in what I have seen .

Think of the uterus as a balloon. Use a sharpie and put a dot by the opening. Blow it up. The dot “moves”. That’s the placenta. Mine “moved” enough that I had a normal birth. Some don’t move enough and you need a c section.

When the placenta covers or partially covers the cervix. It can move though. I had it and mine moved before I had my twins but I was still at risk for high bleeding from it so I ended up with a c section.

I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa at my 20 week anatomy ultrasound, meaning it was covering my entire cervix. I was put on pelvic rest (nothing inserted into the vagina) until it moves. I went back a week ago and it moved slightly. I’m not sure how far along you are but my doctor did tell me that it is not uncommon to receive that diagnosis and that it should eventually resolve itself. She did tell me that if it does not move that I will need a C-section.

I was also very scared when I received that diagnosis, however, over the last few weeks my doctor has assured me that this is something they see often and most of the time they see if resolve itself.

If there is a plus side… it’s that I get to see my daughter much more than the average person because of the diagnosis.

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I had it with my oldest they told me only travel with in 30 min to the nearest hospital incase I dilated and it ruptured cause you and baby could bleed out, now not to scare you cause they should have let you know it can move away in time and mine did and all was fine.

It all depends on the severity of the previa. You doctor didn’t give you more info like partial or full previa? If it’s full previa you should have been put on pelvic rest. It can be a very serious condition.

I had full placenta previa and vasa previa and ended up with a 35 week traumatic emergency c section due to a placenta abruption. Had I not already been hospitalized due to bleeding the outcome would have been deadly

I had placenta previa. The basics of it means that the placenta is covering the opening of the cervix where the baby won’t be able to come out. As the pregnancy goes on it can move out of the way but that’s not always the case. There is more of a chance that it means you should prepare yourself for the possibility of a c-section. There is also a chance that it can turn into Vasa previa where the placenta moves over the cord which can cause issues. The chance of Vasa previa depends on the cord and movement of the placenta but it’s not always a thing. So be prepared to be put on bed rest or for a possible stay at the hospital and the end of the pregnancy. I wasn’t prepared for those situations but it helps to research and hear stories from others who have had such things happen. Don’t get scared just be prepared and as the pregnancy goes on you will know more and can prepare accordingly. But make sure you make a list of questions to ask your doctor about if you have any concerns or do understand things and they can help guide you through everyth8ng that’s going on.

So at my 20 week scan I had that, she said not to worry 98% of placentas move by 28 weeks. I was so worried until then and it in fact did move! There is nothing you can do to fix it but just hope it moves!

How far along?

I’m curious? Why don’t y’all ask doctors for explanations when they tell you stuff?


Call your doctor and I’m sure he will be able to answer all your questions:)

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I’m going through the same thing and went thru it with my last pregnancy. Your placenta is covering your cervix. It can reposition (mine did with last pregnancy with no issue). If it does then you will be able to give birth naturally. If it does not reposition you will have to have a c-section. Until it repositions my Dr told me no heavy lifting no heavy housework no sex!!! If you start to bleed vaginally get to an er immediately.

I had it! My son was low placenta was below him ended up with a scheduled C-Section…both where in the birth canal! The whole pregnancy!! I wasnt bothered at first until I was told life or death! I couldve bleed out.both couldve died…now I have a happy healthy 10 yr old and no side effects!! Good luck!

You didn’t ask your doctor? 

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I had this with my first child. Luckily it did “fix” itself and I was able to have a natural birth. Pretty much your placenta covers your cervix and blocks the baby exit.

First of all mama breath!!! Placenta previa is not life threatening. I had it with 2 out of 3 of my pregnancies. It’s basically defined as your placenta is covering part or all of the canal. It can change. If not, then a c section will be how you give birth. Most importantly (and I know it’s hard) you gotta stay calm. Mine moved on it’s own both times. The dr will check to see every so often. Mine was every other visit. All pregnancies and needs are different. Just try to remain calm, breath, and not stress on it.


I also had this in my 2nd pregnancy, my son was right above the placenta and I was told 1st sign of labour to come in as it could turn fatal quickly due to his positioning (transverse breech). I had a planned c section at 39+4. We went home 24 hours later and I was showering 2 hours after the section and went home and cared for my newborn and toddler and keeping the house clean and tidy cooking meals ect. I was fully recovered in 5 days and could tackle stairs 6 hours after. My 1st pregnancy was an emergency c section and I didn’t recover for months due to infections and over doing it.


I am a doula, if you have not already, I would consider finding a midwife to discuss this with in person.

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I had it with my first born and had NO problems! Vaginal birth.

Everyone is saying “talk to your doctor”…
Like, I’m sure she has. I’m sure she will continue to talk to her doctors but damn… don’t you think it’s normal and perfectly ok to ask other mothers about their experiences with it? Give her some peace of mind? Maybe help her to not feel alone in a scary situation???
Be kind or be quiet.

i had it with 3rd child, usually it moves out of your way before birth but they watch it cuz if it doesn’t then you have to have c-section…unfortunally for me i bled out at 28 weeks, had to have 2 blood transfusions and be in hospital for 2 weeks. then bedrest rest of my pregnancy, ended up full term but needing a c-section

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I had it and by 24 weeks it jad moved out of the way and fixed itself

Why didn’t you ask the Doctor to explain it to you in detail, the moment he told you??
Like - seriously! :clap:that’s​:clap:the​:clap:time​:clap:to​:clap:ask​:bangbang:
For the love of God hun - make a list of any questions and concerns you may have and reschedule another Doctor’s appointment!!
Every woman is different - hence being an individual​:ok_hand::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: What one might go through, another may not​:woman_shrugging:
Your Doctor knows your body and baby hun - they are the experts in their field… So ask!!
Because asking women on a Mumma’s group is just going to end up sending you crazy with NO personal gain​:woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


I had placenta previa but thankfully it moved later on in pregnancy and i was able to have a natural delivery.
The doctor most likely will have to do few extra ultrasounds later in pregnancy to see if your placenta moved out of the way of the cervix.

Placenta previa is when your placenta is either on top of and covering your cervix, or partially covering your cervix
Depending on how far along you are, they will monitor to see if it is moving as babe and your uterus are growing.

I had it with my fourth. Found out at my 20 wk anatomy scan. If i remember right, my placenta was 8mm from the center of my cervix. At 25 weeks it had moved up and was 4cm away. By 29 weeks they weren’t concerned about it. By 32 wks my placenta was all up on my left side

My aunt had this with both of her pregnancies. She gave birth naturally both times. Don’t stress momma… Most of the time it resolves on its own, but your Dr will probably keep a close eye on you and do a few extra ultrasounds towards the end of your pregnancy :heart::heart:

Limit your activities. Rest as much as possible. Get the gummy vitamin vitafol from your doc. You might bleed murderous amounts the whole 9 months. I made it to 35 weeks. Then had an ubruption and emergency c section. It was rough but it all worked out

I was diagnosed with placenta previa with my current pregnancy at around 8 week and by 30 weeks my placenta has moved off my birth canal so I can deliver naturally

Had to have extra ultrasounds it fixed itself later but this is definitely something you should have spoken to your doctor about but yes it can mean you can’t give birth naturally.

A lot of times as long as your early on in your pregnancy your placenta will move as your baby grows. If not it just means you will need a c section but that’s okay!! :relaxed:

Every case of this is different. I had this with both of my girls. It corrected itself in time. There care cases where it doesn’t though. I’m only saying this because it does happen. Sometimes it doesn’t correct in time and a c section needs to be done.

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It is where a tail end of the placenta dips down around the baby and covers the cervix. Depending on how far you are along it will usally fix itself as you progress. The Drs will monitor it and as long as it recedes and fixes itself there is no reason you can’t have a safe and natural birth. However, if you are one of the few cases where that tail doesn’t recede and continues to be between the baby and the cervix then they will schedule a C-section as you can risk detaching the placenta before the baby is born and hemorrhaging during delivery putting both you and baby at risk of death.


I had it with my 3rd but thankfully it shifted into the correct position so I avoided the c- section

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Placenta previa is when your placenta either covers the cervix completely or part of it. As the pregnancy progressing the placenta can move from cervix and natural birth can proceed normal. Otherwise a c section needs to be performed as there is no way the child can get out from cervix. Dont be scared in most cases the placenta moves away. I had 2 emergency c sections. Dont stress hun :kissing_heart:

Why the Hell didn’t your Dr, explain this to you?? You might want to seek out another Dr.


I would get a second opinion if you can


It depends on what type of previa. You can have partial of full. I had full placenta previa was found on my 18 week scan If I had any bleeding I needed to get to a hospital quickly. I had more scans to keep an eye on it and if it didn’t move I would need a c-section lucky at 32 weeks it had moved just enough so I could deliver vaginal

what did your GYN tell you? That Dr should be explaining everything to you & if not, you should be asking them !!!


I had it with one my first child, but it all resolved by the time I was ready to deliver!! He did say I may need a C-section!! But delivered all natural and all was fine!! Good luck to you!!

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I had this 10 yrs ago with my 2nd daughter…unlike alot of the people commenting that they found out early on i was the opposit and didn’t find out untill about 7 months it didn’t correct itself in time and I actually had to have an emergency c-section a month early bc there were 2x that I stood up and blood clots huge ones were coming out . After the 1st incident I was put on bed rest 2 weeks later I was watching tv n just stood up and it happened again went to the er and I had her that night . Every case is definitely different. They told me if the placenta was to come 1st me and or the baby could die it was scary but I was far enough along to go ahead and have the c section.

I had it with my identical twins. It went away, and had them naturally

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I had it with my first didn’t know until I bled at 14 weeks. They put me on bed rest and on restrictions. At 32 weeks they thought I had vasa previa and put me on bed rest at the hospital for 2 weeks then a c section but after an internal ultrasound they said I was ok and I went 4 days late he was healthy and came very fast. Turns out I had a bi love placenta it threw them off. Never got it with the 4 I had after him. But it means the placenta is low lying and generally isn’t an issue it tends to move on it’s own. In some cases you would need a c section they keep a close eye on it

It just means that at this moment, your placenta is covering the cervix. It has the potential to move up as the belly grows but if it doesn’t move enough by delivery time then you’ll need a C-section.

It’s when your placenta covers your cervix partially or fully. The placenta can move during the pregnancy. If it does you will be able to give birth naturally, if not you would need a c section.

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Be praying for you :pray: :heart: love you

I was put on bed rest at 6 months and by the time the baby came the placenta was back behind the baby so I delivered naturally

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Why didn’t you ask questions while in the doctors office instead of on Facebook??? SMH!!!

Try Google. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Why in the hell didn’t you ask the DOCTOR???