What does it mean to need a high risk ultrasound?

Hi mommies I had my anatomy scan at 21 weeks and 3 days. My dr called me in the office a week later to tell me I have to go to a high risk dr for another ultrasound because they found a small bright spot in the heart. Has any one has this happen and everything was fine ? I’ve been stressing out. When I did the anatomy scan the tech had to move me like 4 different times cause she couldn’t get a good picture. Please help thank u


My son had a bright spot in the heart. It can be a marker for down’s syndrome, but there are other markers too. My son turned out fine. We did the second, more thorough genetic blood test and he was 1 in 5000 likely of it, which put me at ease. :pray:

I had this and they also said she had a bright spot on her brain. Ended up just being the ultrasound machine, she’s a perfectly healthy 8 year old now

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My son had this too. I was already transferred up to a high risk hospital in DC next to children’s hospital. My sons disappeared after birth! Good luck but don’t stress to much, it is probably nothing to worry about!

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I think it was with my first daughter where there was concern with her heart that the technician did due to her having a hard time getting a decent picture so I had another ultrasound done a few days later and everything looked fine…I was freaking out big time

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