What does it mean when baby pulls their ear?

My 5 month old is super fussy. She is exclusively fed my breastmilk by bottle. She is on Zantac for reflux. She was just at dr and ears are fine. She grabs the right side of her head. And is so squirmy and fussy. Any thoughts?


Teething ??? Gas pains ?

Teething maybe? She’s the right age, they say they start around 4-7 months, my 4 month old is teething already…

Could be an allergy to the plants blooming

Sounds like teething.My baby girl also did that.

She could be teething or it could be gas or her allergies

Teething !! The majority of “ear tugs” from babies are that from teeth cutting! The nerves from the gums reach up to the ear, thus the pain travels :persevere:

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Have you thought about a chiropractor?

Teething. Same signs my little girl has.

Ear and head tugs can be because baby is in pain, maybe even a common headache… My 5th baby has GERD as do I and her pediatrician recommended rice cereal at a month old… She’s 5 months now and the rice along with warm chamomile tea soothes the pains from the heartburn and spitup is almost nonexistent now. My LO used to arch her back, grab her head and basically throw up everything she had eaten… Also helps to burp half way through feedings and keep them upright during and for a bit after feedings.

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Maybe she just has a simple headache? A dash of Tylenol will do the trick

Teething it puts pressure on the ear drums.

Ear infection?!? That’s how my kids would act.

My daughter & her 4 month old live with me, & grandson does this periodically. We can feel a tooth coming up & going down. We keep him on gas drops, gripe water, & tylenol if he is really fussy & hurting & it really helps. He is a happy baby for the most part. .

You can get an ear infection even right after being seen by the Dr. They come on fast.

Teething. Mine would always grab at her left her. When she got older she’d make it bleed. Doc said it was cuz the nerves run up the jaw and side of the face and the only place they can get ahold of to try and rub the pain is the ear. But for sure have the ears checked to be safe

Buy the Dr. Brown bottles they are really good and help her with colic’s and her being fussy. My baby didn’t had colics by 5 months but the Dr. Brown bottles helped me with her being fussy. Buy her a Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder you can put fruit or any type of drink and freeze it and it will help her. Also clean her ears with Baby safety ear swabs and clean her ears.

Breast milk might not be satisfying. Try a bottle of formula once. I did and my daughter slept 11 hours. The breast milk just was not satisfying her

You can’t get air bubbles from the boob but you can from the bottle (any bottle) if they aren’t burped good so it could be gas and/or teething causing the pain and the thing can effect the entire little head.