What does it mean when my preteens say this?

What does it mean when kids (preteens) ask each other, “Do you dou?” Is this a new term I’m not aware of? Haha.


I just googled. Looks like an acronym for a video game

Do you mean duo? It’s an app for video calls

It is a video chat app Google duo

Its a slang word used as an abbreviated alternative for “though” commonly used by teenagers when texting also spoken by people who think its cooler then just saying though lol.

My kids say this playing Xbox with their buddies

Do u doe like do u tho lol


Ohhh, nah that “do u doe” and it means “do you though?” Or “do you really tho?”


If they play Call of Duty, it’s a two player. Duos. Like do you duo? :rofl:

Or do you doe?..like someone mentioned, slang for "do you though? "

Duo calling is video calling app on most cellphones. Or if they play video games you can play solo, duos, or squads. But they are probably talking about duo calling lol.

I live in the south so my kids have said, “do you doe?” since they were babies that could first put together a small sentence :rofl:

If he’s a gamer then he’s probably talking about playing duos… idk what it is but my kid. All his dad all the time and says hey dad you wanna play duo in apex… lol something like that anyway… could be the duo video calling app… but idk how popular that is …

Have you asked the kids?


Definitely something to do with the gamers!! My son says weird things often and most of them come from the gaming world lol

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Duo is a app
Also there is duo part of fortnite

Ask your kids! Only they know what they mean. You should have a good enough relationship that they’ll explain it to you.

Duos is also how they ask each other about playing duos in the game fortnite. There are solos, duos, creative, and Royale, something like that… there is also the Google duos chat app.