What does low amniotic fluid mean?

Any mamas delt with low amniotic fluid??? Do you have ultrasounds that show it? I was told from my first appointment that i had way to much protein and red blood cells in my urine so the only thing I’m really allowed to drink is water. I just had my first ultrasound & i know i shouldn’t have but I’ve been comparing ultrasounds and my baby looks smaller than what it should be measuring and I’m worried that the baby doesn’t have enough amniotic fluid. I’m obviously gonna call my dr on Monday (and possibly get a different dr because i did not like the first one) not sure if I’m looking for advice or what I’m just worried about my baby


They could tell by ultrasound ony daughter in law. She had low amniotic fluid with my second grand daughter.

I did with both of my kiddos. I was almost 36 weeks with both before they were too concerned about it and was induced with both. However, your dr should have met with you after the us and spoke to you about any abnormalities in your fluid if they are any. I would call and ask to come in and discuss your concerns.

If you’re concerned I’d ask to see a high risk clinic, which they should be referring you to anyways with having protein in your urine.
But yes they can tell, I had high amniotic fluid. To the extent they wanted to drain it, but that puts me at risk to lose the baby, it was safer for me to deliver early (37 weeks) However, it is safer to recieve amniotic fluid than to flush it.

If there are any problems the dr will tell you. Just let them know your concerns, and tey not to stress

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does low amniotic fluid mean?

I had this issue with my daughter when I was pregnant, she was born with 1 kidney but is fine! Dr said it’s a sign of kidney issues not sure if that’s true or not though


Drink lots of water and rest :heart:


Don’t freak out. I had that with my first than at 16 weeks I was normal my daughter is perfectly healthy n 11 years old

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Make sure you drink tons of water!


How much was there? Because at that gestation there isn’t suppose to be very much at all.


Happened with two out of 3 of my kids. More water and rest.


I had extremely low fluid with my now 20 year old. She was born healthy via c-section. I did have to double diaper her for a month due to her kids popping out due to the way I carried her and her not having as much movement cause of the fluid. I was put on bed rest and a high salt diet for 5 months but it was worth it for her to get her safely.

I went to get my baby flipped because he was breeched. They said my amniotic fluid was low and they had me go in for an emergency c section right then. I think everyone’s situation is different.

Happen to me but I was way further along baby fine he is going to be 13 in October

My last little boy had it, was due to a lower working placenta, he was perfectly happy and healthy slightly smaller and was induced early, I just had weekly scans because my were quite low, drink lots of water daily as it help keep them up that little bit more x

Yes, drink lots of water.


Drink good water not bottled and not city water try to find good water and rest you should be ok that’s early


Lots of water brought it up with my daughter. It was low at the anatomy ultrasound but resolved by the follow up.

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I had that with my last pregnancy drinks lots of fluids and rest as well.

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Drink a lot of water

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It’s a kidney issue with baby….their kidneys help support/add to, the amniotic fluids…it helps the lungs develop/grow…you really need to be asking more questions to your Dr!
You can try to increase it by a balanced diet, drink lots of water, exercise…and rest!


Means he is not peeing enough. They induced me early. Along with him having bad kidneys. He’s 21 now.

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I’ve had low amniotic fluid 2x. It was unchecked with my 1st and it was so low they worried he would be born brain dead. He wasn’t thankfully. And 3rd was low and they kept me checked so they had me have him at 37w exactly. The fluid is supposed to keep baby from grinding against everything. You can have too little and even too much. Drinking water is supposed to help, but I did leak bad with my first. In fact I swear my water broke and when I told my doctor he laughed at me with my then husband saying I probably just peed myself. Yeah joke was on them when he finally did an ultrasound at 41w and I had 1 percent of fluid. I was rushed to be induced. And I must have leaked with him but it didn’t get out of control with my 3rd thankfully.

Why didn’t you ask your OB what low amniotic fluid ment? You should have had your OB explain what this ment to you, not FB


Definitely talk more with your OB. I definitely understand hearing them and freaking out so badly, that you can’t even truly process what they told you until later, and then freak out worse bc you don’t understand. I get it :100: Understand why you are asking others if they have had it and what the outcome was. I do believe every pregnancy is different, but nothing wrong with asking. Just remember that your personal situation may be nothing like others! While you are processing this, maybe write down all of your questions/concerns, so when you go back Friday for your next scan- you can have them explain it better. Hopefully it resolves itself !! In the mean time, try to find away to calm yourself, occupy your mind the best you can. Definitely drink plenty of water and rest as much as you can! That’s always good in any pregnancy!

I had a emergency C -Section because I just had a little

It’s weird that this is even a concern when you’re only 6 weeks pregnant. There’s barely even a baby in there.

Please go to your OB doctor and ask. Does this put your baby at risk as to development? Is there anything you can do? Can you carry the baby to term? This is an issue your doctor needs to give you clarification call. Please call today.

Drink a lot of water and maybe that could help?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What does low amniotic fluid mean?

Didn’t you ask your doctor all of these questions as they came up?


She’s asking if anyone else has gone through this.

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I would contact your doctor asap and not ask for advice for this on Facebook as it can carry serious outcomes for your child.


It could mean many things. It could be horribly serious or it could be easily treated. You need to ask your actual doctor. We don’t know the diagnosis.


That sounds like polycystic kidney disease. Have them refer you to a neonatal nephrologist


My guess is an ultrasound tech did hee ultrasound and she is waiting for Dr appointment. It’s such a brutal wait.


I have a daughter who has a genetic deletion that leads to cysts in her kidneys. She gets monitored every 6 months by nephrology. So far the cysts have not caused issues. Unfortunately, in your case, it’s a wait and see. If the baby’s kidneys are still functioning then that’s really good! If not, then it could potentially effect babies lungs but my motto, especially after having a special needs child, is, “don’t worry until it’s time to worry”. Basically, until the dr tells you it’s time to worry, don’t. I know it’s hard to do but you’ll drive yourself crazy otherwise. I’m here if you want to reach out.


You should join the group PProm. The mothers there may be more informative and have experienced these types of situations… I’ll look for the link

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Mine was low at the anatomy ultrasound with my first. Increased my water intake and it got up to normal. Unfortunately in loss groups I’ve seen too many stories of it ending badly.


My son had low amniotic fluid… no cysts… I ended up with a C-section… he’s healthy and almost 13 now… good luck mamma!


The water the baby sits in isn’t as high as it should be.

I had low fluid and was induced at 35 weeks. I now have a healthy almost 6 year old.


I had what they said was “dangerously low” amniotic fluid, at 38 weeks. They performed a cesarean section that day.

Please, make sure you voice and and all concerns to your doctor. I was young, and didn’t really understand back then (12 years ago), and I should have asked more questions. Fear kept me quiet.

I had this happen! They monitored me very closely with kota of ultrasounds. Baby stopped growing and fluid was very low so I got induced at 38 weeks :slightly_smiling_face: she was very healthy and no issues. Just lots more appoiuntments

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I had to go in for weekly ultrasounds due to IUGR. One week they said my amniotic fluid looked low and to increase my water intake. I started drinking more water and by my next ultrasound my fluid was normal

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With my oldest (turns 10 in November) I had low fluid so they induced me at 36 wks

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I had hypertension and that can cause low fluid. So could be a a few diff things.

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With my first I was leaking amniotic fluid at 33 weeks, they admitted me and did another ultrasound and found he had one enlarged kidney and the other was covered in cysts and only had 4% kidney tissue. I was induced at 34 weeks, he spent two weeks in the NICU due to his lungs not being fully developed and he is now almost 19 years old, living a normal life with only one kidney🥰


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I had low amniotic fluid and was monitored closely, at 35 and 5 days they started me on fluid and after 11 liters it still wasn’t look right so they took her via emergency c-section at 36 weeks. She was only in the nicu for 9 days.

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I only had the low amniotic fluid so I don’t know about the rest. My doctor stressed to me about bed rest. Only out of bed for bathroom related things. I was even supposed to be catered to. My baby is going for his road test next week. :heartpulse::heartpulse:


I had a pregnancy like this, I was diagnosed with Oligohydramnios. My daughter had cysts on her kidneys as well, they were also very small. I was hospitalized at 19 weeks and put on a constant drip for fluids and antibiotics, I delivered at 29 weeks. She is 10 years old and zero issues. The cysts disappeared on their own.


Drink plenty of water mama, best of luck :heart:

I had a low AFI. It was actually slowly leaking but neither my hospital or Drs would acknowledge it. It wasn’t until I was leaving the hospital after being told it wasn’t my AF again telling my daughter’s father that we were going to another hospital that they chose to check it. It was 0. My daughter was in a dry sac. She was also born hydronephrosis. That wasn’t diagnosed until she almost a year old. It was diagnosed at the other hospital. The 1 she was born at is incompetent.

She’s 10 & great. The low AFI didn’t affect her. She hasn’t had a kidney flare up in years.

Your Dr caught it early. Hopefully they’ll take the necessary steps needed to save your baby. A dry sac can be dangerous.

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During my pregnancy with my daughter I was told I had Low amniotic fluid and she was perfect! So I will pray your baby will be ok also! :heart:

Your baby has bmcdk my son has mcdk the low amniotic fluid is bc his kidneys arent functioning to produce it unfortunately bmcdk doesnt have a great outcome but there are support groups for this!

My amniotic fluid went low due to my child having a small, nonfunctional kidney. Lots of appointments and monitoring came with that. The less their kidneys work, the less amniotic fluid. I drank lots of water to try to keep my levels up but at 38 weeks, they decided to take him since it was too low. As soon as I had him, they rushed him to ultrasound and made sure he didn’t need further testing. His kidney does not work but grew out of the reflux eventually. Still go every 6 months to a year to nephrologist. Your situation is different than mine but I pray your child is born healthy❤️

A good friend’s daughter had one kidney this way.they sent her to a better hospital out of the area as they weren’t sure what would be needed upon brth.strangely her body ended up absorbing that kidney.she was born otherwise healthy is a teenager now.other than the occasional uti and her moms fear of things getting worse everytime it happens she’s still thriving.