What does low platelet count mean?

I have a question for mom’s that found out they have a low platelet count! I went to the doctor today for my 7 month check up and they told me that they have seen a substantial decrease in my platelets. They said they have medice that I can take and if my platelets continue to drop I may have to take the medicine, recieve a platelet transfusion and go under general anesthesia for a c-section. Have any other mom’s gone through this? what was the recovery like and what should I expect? She didn’t really go into detail but I have a doctors appointment in a couple of days for more blood work and my mind can’t stop going to worse case scenario. Also, when under general anesthesia, does anyone know if anyone is allowed into the delivery room? I don’t want my baby to be all alone. Thanks again!!

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I had general anesthesia for my c - section (at the time it was considered an emergency). He was a breach and coming butt first. He was already in the birth canal when I arrived at the hospital. My labor pains were 5 minutes apart. Recovery was like recovering from major abdominal surgery. It was pretty rough and painful for the first few days. They didn’t do the bikini cut. It was from the naval down.