What does painful intercourse mean?

:bangbang:TMI​:bangbang:— I am 34 weeks and my husband and I were having intercourse, but this time it hurt a little bit and felt like he was hitting something. Any ideas on what this could be??


Perhaps your cervix is shortening and lower… you may want to get it checked out.


Baby could be pushing down. I run into that problem a lot n I’m 30 weeks. Most deff uncomfortable

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Could be where bubs is sitting. Changing positions can help


Soft cervix
Have more sex bring tht baby on ahahaha

I had sex at 35 weeks and 4 days later I had my baby. Remember that semen can also cause you to go into preterm labor


The baby, your cervix maybe you’re dilating. I would talk to your OB-GYN about that before having sex again.


Your cervix .
This still happens to me at times bc my cervix is just differently places than it was before kids. It sucks.

Probably your cervix.

I felt like thst towards the end.

You need to call u doctor maybe the baby droped.

Your cervix. It’s softer and more sensitive. Probably not doing anything more than it did before, you’re just more sensitive to the sensation.