What does stomach cramping mean while pregnant?

FTM, 34 weeks tomorrow. Last night I was up with severe stomach cramping that felt like I had to go to the bathroom (no. 2) real bad. I was nauseas on top of it, and it would come and go for like an hour. Baby was active and still is today. No cramping anymore. Completely fine. Is this Braxton hicks? And is it normal to feel like I’m feeling baby girl move and push around my vagina area (like right on top of my vagina under where my stomach begins? What’s happening?


Sounds like Braxton-Hicks, or maybe early labor? I would make sure you’re drinking lots of water and change positions when you feel pain or nausea. If you have any leakage or bleeding or the cramping is steady and consistent go to the hospital. Download a contraction counter app

When I was 32 weeks, I had a problem where I had a bladder infection but I didn’t know because it was so well hidden. It made my uterus contract like I was going into labor but I really wasn’t. Might wanna see a doctor. You might need to be put on pelvic rest. I had to but I didn’t do a good job and my water broke at 33w5d and I had to be on bed rest until 34 weeks and induction. Better to be safe than sorry.

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She’s getting ready!!

Could be early labor. Call your OB

The only time I went into labor naturally was with my first, and I was having that #2 feeling you’re talking about for 8 hours before my water actually broke. Just keep checking to see if you are leaking fluid or your mucus plug comes out :wink: that’s probably actual labor

I did that with my first and it was gal stones I had him and then spent my fist mothers day getting my gallbladder removed

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Ive had these issues the past 3 months and im 33 weeks. Could be anything really.

She could also be dropping down…

Dropping and dialating

I’m 35 weeks wensday and been having this problem think she might have just got engaged at the midwife’s later so going to ask x

Sounds like baby is dropping. I felt like this the might before i went into labor with my daughter. Just make sure to drink water and relax. Listen to your body and your pain.

Dropping​:grin::grin::grin:get ready mama​:heart::heart::heart::tulip:

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Braxton hicks if it was an hour between drink plenty of fluids it should help. If the continue after then could be labor.

Your stomach is no where near your vagina

Round ligament pains. I had that my whole pregnancy.

I can feel my son moving around in that area a lot. It’s just because he has dropped. Your little one is getting ready for labor.

My son dropped about 2 weeks ago, and I’m completely effaced so who knows how long you will stay pregnant after your little dropping.

Normal. I felt that with my daughter than like a week or two later at 35 weeks I went into labor.

was your bladder full?
I got stomach cramps when my bladder was really full.

Could be gas as well. I had severe gas pains that made me ball my eyes out …I was sweating…insane amount of pain as well

Baby’s dropping into position :neutral_face: worst feeling ever you’ll prob get nauseated every day or every couple days until he/she comes !!

Drink, drink, drink, drink, drink… :joy: seriously though. It will help. I drank tons of water and Gatorade while I was pregnant. But also, baby is getting into position :heart_eyes:

My baby dropped at like 32/33w and I always felt her when I walked or she moved. Going up the stairs was so hard because of how low she was, I always felt like I was just gonna pop ber out!
When I went into labor it felt like really uncomfortable cramps in my belly that didn’t go away with walking, showering, laying down, drinking water, nothing. They got stronger and stronger as the hours went on. I felt nauseous when the contractions got worse.
Baby has probably dropped and your water intake hasn’t increased. It really does help to stay hydrated

Babies Probobly dropping. Drink plenty of water and relax. Your body is just getting ready to have that baby. You may start dilating soon. And Braxton hicks is normal too.
Just remember if contractions stay steady 5 min apart and don’t stop, could be real labor and need to go in.
I felt the same way with both my kids. Baby’s getting more active to break the mucus plug and start dilating your cervix for birth. Don’t be surprised if babies activity rises next couple weeks.

She is getting in place