What does swollen lymphnodes mean?

Has any other moms experienced excessive swollen lymphnodes in their child? If so what was the reason? My 3 year old has had 2 pea size lymphnodes on the back of his head where his neck meets his skull for over a year now. I had them looked at about a year ago and his Dr. said not to worry. I just took him back in yesterday because I noticed 4 more have appeared. Dr. said its a strange place for swollen lymphnodes but that were not going to worry yet and if theres 10-15 of then then we will worry. Which really didnt help. So when I get home not being at ease about it I was checking for more of the lumps and found like 5 on both of the sides of his neck. And one is twice as big as the pea size ones. I didnt take him into our ER because this happened right before bedtime and also our ER wont do anything unless its a life threatening situation. I’m currently impatiently waiting for his Pediatricians clinic to open to get him in today. But till then I wanted to see if any other moms have experienced this.


My daughter has the little ones on the base of the back of her head. Her pediatrician said it’s fine. Are his swollen and tender?

Get a second opinion!!


My son has the same, 2 small ones. They got bigger when he had a fever and ear infection. Maybe your son isn’t feeling well. I think when they swell it’s a reaction to something else

I would get a second opinion.

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Paediatricians in our area are useless, and barely understand what you say to them. They even got y daughters age wrong by 10 years on paper. Don’t know from experience with kids having it, though my daughter still has a lump in her face, which they said benign. My other half had the same as your son a couple of years ago, and we went to the doctors, he was told it’s nothing to worry about blah, blah, blah, and than a few months ago due to constant agony with his neck, he had a MRI arranged, we have found out that he has a growth in his neck bone, obviously due to it being there, they can’t find out what type of growth it is, but with his family history, we’re thinking the worst, touch wood it’s not. You as his mum know him better then anyone. Follow your instincts, as it’s much better to be safer then sorry. Hopefully it will just be one of those things and he’s alright, take care x

Have they done blood work? Maybe get a second opinion.


This is my post. They arent tender. Just hard pea size lumps. Then theres one thats twice as big as the others.

This happens to my daughter when her eczema flares up fighting the infection

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I would demand blood work first then go from there


Id get a different peiatrician if i were you.


Lack of vitamin c. Eat fruits

My oldest son had 2 noticeably large ones on the back of his head/neck. The doctor said they are fine. Just don’t touch them as they will get bigger and that’s what we noticed. When we first noticed them we would check them and rub them throughout the day. After we stopped touching them they settled down and never were a concern. They do get big when he’s got a virus or infection but has never been a worry.

The fact that you are finding more is a little more worrying just stop touching them and see if they go down by the time you get in with your paediatrician

I would get a second opinion I went through this with my son and the pediatrician scared us shitless about what it could be but for us in the end it was only mono…but still our ped ran a bunch of tests till we got to the bottom of it we never just got brushed off so I would keep pestering and see a second doc

If nothing is done this time around definitely seek out a new doctor. Even if it really is nothing to worry on another opinion would be nice at least for peace of mind

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No way would I ever just waite! Many different opinions would I get, now!!!

Dont worry about it. I’ve seen em on my kids necks and my own and family members growing up. If they arent bothersome its not something to worry about. A dr yrs ago told me its normal next to the neck from the way the head changes and grows.
Only worry if your kids in pain or they start to get huge and red

Pea size lymph nodes are normal lol you’re supposed to have them there that size. Doctors went to school for 12 yrs. lymph nodes are part of the immune system. It means your child’s immune system is working. It’s a good sign. The fact that all the Facebook doctors in a mom group are telling you to find a different doctor is hilarious. Doctors aren’t always right. But this is pretty simple lol your doctor will do something if he/she sees fit. Relax mom


I would definitely get a second opinion

Second opinion, if it does not feel right always always go with your mom gut

You can always seek a second opinion. I had a horrible sinus infection and the lymph nodes on the back of my head were huge.

Take him back and insist on labs.

You need a second opinion.