What does this mean?

If I put in an application somewhere and they reviewed it and completed it and I sent in my pay stubs, they asked me to complete the papers for the background check. Does that mean I was approved for the place?


Just call and check the status of it. They should explain the process.

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Don’t assume anything until you have it from them in writing. And don’t send any money or payments until you have a contract in writing. Hopefully it’s all good and you got it but you can’t be too careful these days. Good luck! :+1: :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Not necessarily, you may have made short list and they want to check everything out but it’s a good sign id say.


Not until you’ve met all the requirements and they’ve sent an official offer letter or acceptance

Are you talking about an application for a home, a loan or a job? Because I’m wondering why a job would ask for pay stubs?


If you pass the background check I am guessing you will be approved however that doesn’t mean that you won’t be on a waiting list.


I’m gonna say yes unless your background check comes back goofy… mine is currently pending but I know for a fact I got the job. It should say you were hired depending upon background results and you can start now, if company chooses, but if background comes back dirty they can and will terminate immediately.

Not at all!!!
Where I live they ask for the application to be complete, evidences of income, a background check for all the adults, they check your credit score and a 25 money order that is not refundable.
If everything come back right they write you down on the waiting list, they do it like this to save time when apartments are available

It’s a pretty good indication that you have it pending background check. They just need to call you once background check is processed and say you officially have it.

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You don’t have anything until papers are signed.

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Not necessarily. It means they are considering you. Most companies will co.plete a background check before they approve or deny.

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Lol no…that means they need to check your background :rofl: