What food should I serve for a drive thru baby shower?

Hi! For the expecting mamas out there who have done a drive-thru baby shower, did you serve food? If so, what did you serve? Trying to figure out what types of food and how to serve it safely. It is HOT here! Thanks


Walking tacos maybe? Seems easy for a drive thru?


Since its hot I automatically would do fruit trays / sandwich platters. Its not messy , its finger foods and its easy to get and go.


I would do a little goodie bag of like pretzels chips crackers and some hard candy or something


The safest thing would be to package items individually in baggies and pass them out. Try to avoid self serve/finger foods because of COVID.


Prepare plates with finger food and slice of cake? Or just some cake to go? :woman_shrugging:t4:


Something wrapped and ready to go. You don’t want cross contamination.

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Just a cupcake & a favor.

I would just do cupcakes in plastic containers

Make some root bear floats


We just did one yesterday we served chicken salad, macaroni salad, saltine crackers, & whole jalapeño on the side…fruit cups of watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, topped with grapes


Parfaits in disposable clear cups, mixed nuts, chocolate dipped pretzels, veggies, cheese,

Cotton candy the colour of the gender and a single cupcake on top. In a cookie bag ( dollarstore). Sounds fun though. Hugs

Fruit and veggie trays maybe an slushies!!


I mean its a nice thing to do but just send a gift for bb and gift basket for parents cant even do nothing i mean other that

For mine we had cookies done up with blue and baby’s name. We wrapped them individually and handed them out as favours.

Snacks, juice box and waters with those cute lil snacks that u can make in Sandwich baggies then make the sandwich baggies looking like a bufferfly or other animals

Cupcake, with some prepackaged snacks.

Fruit kabobs are portable and can be wrapped

Savouries, and cupcake something salty and something sweet! Pack in to trays with clear lids and a bow on top! Or a thank u sticker!

Add pink or blue food coloring to cream cheese & make sandwiches on dark bread, cut in fourths. Add fresh herbs (dill is good), sliced olives or lox to the sandwich if you want. Provide Jordan almonds or cookies in pink and/or blue, cut veggies and a little lidded container of dressing or dip, and a piece of fruit like apple, banana or pear.

Put in individual to-go containers or in baggies in a decorative bag. Get cups with lids & do frozen Margaritas or mimosas or include cold cans of wine (now in cans!), hard seltzer, craft beer, hard cider or Limearitas in the bag/container. Add a pretty ribbon/bow.

Put everything in a cooler & be masked and gloved as you hand out the packs to people in cars. Add some helium balloons tied to a weight & wear a sun hat with pink and/or blue ribbons around the crown and freeze a damp dish towel to drape around your neck.

Do like brown paper bag lunch styles and hand them out with different finger foods.

Honestly, I wouldn’t touch food that had been prepared from someone else right now. Perhaps if it were pre-packaged individually, but if I was driving through I wouldn’t expect to be served food right now.


We just did party favors and some treats individually wrapped and everyone loved it. Good luck and congrats on the baby!!

Tf you gonna do torpedo it into the windows as they ride by?! :joy::joy::joy:

Veggie dips,fruits along with cold drinking

Maybe like nachos or something you could shave going in a crock pot. Or just do something simple at the house with close family and friends only.

I’m going to just have cupcakes at mine. It’s too hard to have lunch ready for people just passing through.

Would not do hot food because of it spoiling. Maybe cute cupcakes and/or cute decorated cookies!:woman_shrugging:t3:


If it’s hot there, I would stay away of all chocolates and anything else that melts quickly. You could purchase individual 4-8 oz cups with tops to serve fresh fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes), nuts and dried fruit packages, pretzels/crackers in a snack bag. And cupcakes to hand out.

Are the people staying in their cars but gathering/parking around the mom. If you have a home church parking lot that you could use, mom could be under a free standing canopy even in a chair on the back of a pickup truck bed. The cars could face her parked while she opens gifts. That way you could hand out the goodies as they drive in the lot and park.

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Cupcakes, chips and small bottle of water. You can order label’s for the water with different wording on it.

I would do a sandwich platter , cupcakes , sandwich pinwheels and a cup of potato salad , brownies or cookies in little bags

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I wouldn’t serve food. Just some cupcakes and cookies like the other ladies suggested.

For someone’s whose Facebook page says leave a little sparkle where ever you go, Mary Elizabeth seems to have forgotten her own words. (See above comment). Now back to the question that most people don’t mind answering, cupcakes seem like a winner

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Skip the food and give out a party favor that won’t spoil in the heat :partying_face::partying_face:

I would do cupcakes a thank note and a copy of the sonogram:))))

Make a dessert box and give them to people as drive thru


If you’re on the south shore in mass and want cupcakes id be happy to help Gia’s Sweet Treats

Coupons to burger king

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drive thur baby shower i have heard it all now :rofl:


Since people will just be ‘driving by’…let them drop off a gift, tell them thank you and MOVE ON.

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What does this have to do with my husband is a blessing? Shouldn’t you be taking that up with family members and friends and not a social media?

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Desserts only thing i do…

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My husband is a blessing.

Taco salad or fruit salad

You can put chocolate dipped donuts , chocolate dipped pretzels , chocolate dipped Rice Krispies, cookies , etc

A friend of mine gave nachos. They had the jalapenos in little cups with lids, someone poured cheese and ground beef as they were getting handed out, they also handed a goodie bag with favors and sweets and a cake pop. It was nice!

What the hell is a drive thru baby shower? Everyone has the same time and date to drop off gifts?
That’s beyond dumb.

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I went to a drive up baby shower and was given the choice of a cupcake or cookies. The cupcake individual containers were perfect for holding one cupcake or a few stacked cookies.

What about just making a little party favor bag with snacks instead of food. Puppy chow is a great treat in hot weather!

Do fruit vegetables and meat n cheese trays cause it’s hot and do little bags of chips and bottled water &cans of pop

I am doing treat baggies. With finger foods and cake. I think that is the best way for us.

I would get boxes and put the food and dessert in them with ribbon on them

If it was me I’d just offer cold drinks or snow cones, maybe icecream. Something that can be kept cold or frozen