What foods can my 5 month old have on Thanksgiving?

My baby is 5 months old…she has not eaten any sort of solid food yet and i know my family is going to try this Thursday…so…what foods can i give her on Thanksgiving? I am not even going to try to fight them on this because they over power everything I do as her mom…help?


Over power you? You are her mother you need to set boundaries. Family or not you are her mother , you and you only decide what is best. I would not stand for that . It’s also best to wait till 6 months , to try solid foods. I know people do it earlier , but that’s just my opinion .


Mashed potatoes is a safe food


Formula or breast milk unless dr approved foods purées if before 6 months….6 months is usually the age to start purée food

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Power over you :flushed: wtf do what you want to do not your family but it’s advised that you should wait 6 months

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The over power crap is bs your the mom…
Set boundaries and dont take the crap.
I do, however, agree some exposure to foods at 6mos is completely safe and good for your little one. Try to do it yourself first and take control before anyone else tries. Mashed potatoes certain fruits tastes of meat Mac n cheese … most of what they’ll start with will only be 1 to a few little bites. Be sure they stay hydrated and feed their formula or breastmilk first so they get fuller on that and get the nutrients they need better

Mashed potatoes or any vegetable like carrots, sweet potato…anything that is like puree consistency…no meat,corn etc…OR if you’re really not comfortable tell them no .

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Solids are not recommended until at least 6 months all signs of readiness are met


Obviously this was posted late.

But, if someone tried telling me what to do with MY children, I wouldn’t go around them anymore or I’d let them know real quick they won’t be telling me what to do. If they sneak and do it, they won’t have the chance to sneak again. You can make all the suggestions you’d like and I can choose whether or not to listen to them. You absolutely may not tell me what to do.

Set boundaries with them. That’s your baby.

A baby 5 months old technically shouldn’t have food yet. The new standard is 6 months, I believe also with signs of readiness.


Mashed and sweet potatoes, but only introduce one at a time. You have to make your family listen when it comes to your baby. She could have an allergic reaction and if everybody’s feeding her different things, you won’t know what the reaction is to.


My daughter is 5 months, I didn’t give her anything. No point in giving salt & butter loaded potatoes to a baby just to entertain people. She eats stage 1 baby food

If this is the very first time baby is eating solids, I’d start with blended soft vegetables — Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas or green beans.

Excuse me?? Overpowers you?? I’d like to see someone try that with me. It’s YOUR baby. Tell them to back off and mean it!!!