What hair care is best postpartum?

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I’m about to be 2 months postpartum with my third child (my second and my third kids are a year apart) and my hair looks terrible. I haven’t lost any of it but it’s just looks dead and doesn’t hold product like it use to either… I’ve tried amillion different shampoos and oils but my hair just looks greasy after. Any mom’s out there have any possible solutions? I have long hair I’m not willing to cut it. :frowning:


Monet…I’ve personally seen how well it works if u need a more affordable option dove makes one for fuller thicker hair that works as well

Try olaplex 3 treatment. It helps strengthen and nourish hair. It was recommended by my stylist and us been a big help.

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Argon oil hair mask. Under a carrier bag with a towel wrapped on top to hold the heat in. Do it every other night for 2 weeks and you’ll see a difference x hair can become dry and nails if your dehydrated also x

I use mill creek products. It’s mainly plant based. I like the biotin shampoo and conditioner, it has a natural peppermint essential oil in it too that makes my hair feel so healthy. Then I add unrefined coconut oil to the ends and brush. My hair was way past my waist and I cut it 5 months or so ago. And it’s grown dramatically and haven’t lost too much (yet) 5 weeks post partum after using mill creek.

Eggs like raw scrambled eggs in your scalp and hair only needs to soak for like 20 mins rince with colder water because they will cook or mayonnaise because it’s egg and oil however I usually let mayo soak for a couple hours

2 tablespoons of baking soda with your shampoo, wash and condition like normal.

I had this problem, and i aslo have very long hair, I started doing conditioner before shampoo and it worked great!!

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Following. My hair is not the same at all since my second child was born…and hes 2 years old now!!

Just going to get it trimmed would make it look and feel better. That is what I did


Try using a shampoo and conditioner with no sulfates and parabens. I really like not your mothers brand, if you have an ulta beauty supply store you can buy it there or on their website


It comes from nutrition. Put mega good into you mama. It sounds like you are depleted. Iron, vitamin D, magnesium immediately. Eat colorfully. Take vitamins immediately. Try to eat your multi-vitamins but for the time being, take the supplement.:heart::heart::heart:

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Deep conditoner and keratin treatment, hair vitamins, keep it trimmed it will leave it looking healthy

It’s a 10! It’s a bit pricey but soooo soooo worth it

I had the same issue with my hair after birth
I ended up cutting half of it off just to try to have it feel better

Then my stylist said that during pregnancy the baby takes so much of your vitamins that your hair suffers

He said the only solution he has for me is to put half a teaspoon citric acid into the conditioner in my hair and leave it in my hair for 5 minutes

It restores the ph balance in your hair and makes it feel amazing again

I had this problem and ended up changing my schedule. For the first month I did two apple cider vinegar washes a week and just rinsed my hair on the other days. After that I switched to professional product only and I wash my hair once a week as recommended and just rinse the rest of the week.

Sleep with coconut oil in your hair

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You’ll need to cut some of it, even if it’s just a trim. Then as someone mentioned above, take vitamins and eat healthy. It makes a huge difference. I’ve had 9 kids and my hair has suffered too. My last baby is now 1 and my hair is finally starting to get thicker again. I also take magnesium, iron, vitamin D, omega vitamins, B12 and a B100 complex. I don’t just take them for my hair, I take them for my overall well being because I’m exhausted all the time. Eating better and taking vitamins has helped with that too

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A good trim and BioSilk Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil. I have a thyroid issue which just destroyed my hair. This is the only thing that helps me. I also use rice water once a week as a treatment. Find a hair dresser who will work with you to keep the length but still remove the damage. Some hair professionals want to remove 6 inches because 6 inches needs to go instead of removing 3/4 inches and having you come back every 4 weeks for trims to maintain the length.

Keep taking prenatal vitamins

There is a shampoo at Wal-Mart for greasy hair and it helps very much so

I had really long and healthy hair before pregnancy after I had to get most of it cut off due to my daughter taking all the vitamins from me. Tried everything to get it back to how it was, ended up getting it cut and it grew back healthy.

Suave rose oil shampoo and conditioner helps bring my hair to where it’s shiny and has life, but you need to at least trim the dead ends