What happens after you have a miscarriage?

I was recently pregnant with my first, and I had a miscarriage three weeks ago; the doctors didn’t really tell me anything or answer my questions, so when should I be expecting my period? I have no symptoms of it whatsoever. Just kinda curious about when my body will go back to normal… Also, what are your chances of getting pregnant again after a miscarriage? I’ve been having unprotected sex. Is there a chance I could be pregnant? I’m pretty sure I was ovulating last week.


I had a miscarriage a month ago period just finished today My first period since it happend went back to normal after mine give it a week and if not take a test

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You may get your period within the next 4-6 weeks. You can try right away. Best of luck!

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Your Doctor should have answered all your questions!!


It happens. And no rush. Let it happen on its own.

I got pregnant before I got a period after my miscarriage. It was like 5 weeks between loosing him and becoming pregnant with him again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your doctor should have answered your questions. Find another doctor. It all depends on how far along you were and if the products vacated naturally. I had a miscarriage once in October, had surgery to remove the products and was pregnant by Thanksgiving.

I had a miscarriage and had to go back and have a DNC because I was in pain, right after that I got pregnant again

I miscarried at 3 months and was told to wait 1 year before trying to get pregnant again and after my miscarriage my cycle hasn’t been monthly, I’ll miss 2 months at a time

I’ve been thru two miscarriages, they were hard. I thought something was wrong with me. Then like 3 months later I got pregnant with my rainbow baby

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You can get pregnant the minute after an miscarriage just days later. So have protected sex!! Will take a month or 2 for your period to come back. I’ve been through 2 miscarriages.

Think everyone will be different… and takes time for the body to adjust, heal and hormones are back to normal. I had my first miscarriage with my second child, came out naturally, then got pregnant with my 3rd just 6 weeks later… not expecting that… but have the sweetest Rainbow baby. Second miscarriage I was 17 weeks and needed a DNC. So go with what you feel… and trust your body… you’re the only ones who knows it well :heart:

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I had a miscarriage in March and now 11 weeks pregnant again :heart:

Bugger that doctor for not telling you anything. I’m not sure when your period will come but I was pregnant 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped. I heard that you have a high chance of getting pregnant again after miscarriage. Could ya call ya gp and ask to speak to a nurse over the phone who could give you info? xx


So sorry for your loss - I miscarried in June last year. I was broken and it left such a void, we fell pregnant again by September and we now have a beautiful 8 week old rainbow baby girl :sparkling_heart::rainbow: Good luck with everything x


Depends on many factors…but the average is 4-6 weeks before a period. And anytime there is unprotected sex there is a chance for pregnancy.

I dont think this is the forum to ask medical related questions such as that. If your doctor doesn’t answer your questions its time to find a new doctor. And those are my thoughts.


I miscarried my 1st in May and the got pregnant again immidiately after my miscarriage. I never had a period after my miscarriage and my hcg levels never even reached 0 and I was pregnant again.

After my miscarriage, I was told to wait 2 weeks before sex/ trying again. I had a D and C, which probably why I was told to wait. I started my period 2 weeks after my procedure.

I miscarried after 2 months & was told to wait for 3 months before trying again & She is now 22

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If you miscarried and didn’t have your period yet, your probably not pregnant. Sorry :cry::cry: It will probably be irregular to start. But since you have allot of hormones in your body still they say you can get pregnant really easily! I miscarried in January and was pregnant in march after my first period!

Yes there is a chance you can be pregnant again after a miscarriage you are Fertile I would take a test just to make sure an it takes a little while for your body to get back right after your Hormones have been all over the place.


I didn’t even have a cycle between my miscarriage and when I had my now 6 year old, which was on accident and I was paranoid the whole pregnancy but turned out okay that time.

I didn’t get a period until 6 or 7 weeks after my miscarriages

Everyone is different so take all answers with a grain of salt. Find a new Ob/Gyn if yours couldn’t/wouldn’t take time to answer your questions. Shame on them!! Be hopeful about being pregnant again. I was pregnant a few months later after mine.


I miscarried at 4 months. Almost bled 2 death. They did a D&C immediately. I got pregnant again a few months later with no problems.

Period can return about 6 weeks after a miscarriage. I was told you are extra fertile after a miscarriage.
Every body is different, keep that in mind as well. :pray:

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2008 my daughter was pregnant I don’t know how far along she was it was still in the early stages though and she went to this woman doctor cuz she didn’t want a man doctor this woman doctor jabbed her real hard with that internal ultrasound deal later bleed gave her nothing to do but just go home and be easy come back to her again she gave my daughter hydrocodone told her that she had done lost the baby and took to leave but I guess we had to go home and we went from there straight down to the OBGYN that I used and he did a blood test and it showed her levels were still high and so he said she did not lose the baby yet but she goes back a week later cuz she’s bleeding and she didn’t take and settle down and to bed rest and all that like the doctor told her so this baby she lost on May the 2nd 2008 she got with a different person she didn’t get pregnant till 2009 had a baby girl on 2010 had a girl in 2011 had a boy in 2012 had a girl in 2014 then we made her get fixed for babies and one heavenly baby she didn’t need no more so whenever we took her to this mail doctor a week later he said that she had lost the baby and as soon as he told her that it was 5:00 in the afternoon he told her to go straight to the hospital check in for a DNC didn’t take long for that at all it was over and done with quick don’t know what the problem was her getting pregnant the next time because it was a little while before she got pregnant again. I couldn’t tell you because hers she did not start till she was 16 years old and it’s never been normal but it looks like it would come back like about a month or so want your body gets regulated again

I got pregnant the first time i had sex after i had to have a D&C for a miscarriage. Your body will bounce back quickly!

I had a miscarriage in May of 2018 and by June I was pregnant again. Now I have my 2 year old daughter. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: hugs to you

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After a pregnancy or miscarriage a woman is extremely fertile because of pregnancy hormones we have. It’s not uncommon to get pregnant right after one, you should wait until you have a regular period and negative pregnancy test before having unprotected sex to make sure you body somewhat regulates itself and to make sure you did pass the previous pregnancy. You have can have some risks and complications if you don’t wait. I’d go see a doctor and talk about what’s been going on. If something doesn’t feel right or off go see a doctor.
I had a miscarriage and my doctor told me because I was struggling to get pregnant to begin with to try again after a cycle AND a negative pregnancy test it would be safe to try again and told me all the info I put up above.
I wish you the best of luck every one is different and a doctor would know what advice to give you with your previous medical history everyone on Facebook can only give you advice on what they personally went through which may or may not work for you. I don’t recommend just going off of Facebook advice this is a medical issue and needs a doctors input.

Kind of early for unprotected sex! Your body needs time too heal

Usually just like if you have a baby . Should be between 6-8 wks later. I don’t understand why your OB can’t tell you this . Or at least roughly around this time. Especially when you should also have had a follow up 6 wk check up. Also , yes you can get pregnant right away

It took me about 6 weeks to get a period. About 8 for my hormones to go back to normal. Its just like after you have a baby. There’s a higher chance of conceiving the weeks after miscarriage.

You don’t need to get a period to get pregnant. U ovulate est. 14 days before next period with normal cycle. Being pregnant , your body won’t go back to "normal for a long while " so who knows “when” your next period will be but at some point around 14 days before that period would have come, you’ll ovulate…

And I know all to well !
I had my son July 2007 and was prego right away. My levels never went to 0. I only bled few days after son’s birth then not again till I delivered my daughter 9 mth later .

My husband and I had a miscarriage last year and was pregnant within the same month.

I got pregnant straight after my miscarriage with no period inbetween x

2 months after my miscarriage I got pregnant

I had miscarriage in January of 2014 then found out within less than two weeks I was pregnant. The doctors said there’s a chance they were twins and one survived or I got pregnant right away but they aren’t sure.

Ive had 4 miscarriages. It usually took my body about 4 weeks to get a period again. After my first I waited for 1 period and then got pregnant again, then lost that one. Waited 1 period again and I have a loud little 5 year old running around my living room as I am writing this. After her I had another miscarriage and it took about 6 months for me to get pregnant after that one with my second. When we tried for our third at end of last year I got pregnant at the end of November and lost it in January. In March I was pregnant again and currently about 23 weeks with #3. Every single persons body is different and will be at different stages in your life as well. I would get a new doc if they werent thorough with you and giving you more information. I would think about 4 weeks is average but I think it may also depend on SO many things. And yes I have heard of people not even getting a period and getting pregnant again right away! Best of luck to you and keep your head up! You aren’t alone!!!

Get checked. I miscarriaged and missed it and I coughed and it felt like I peed my pants when it was blood pretty much pouring out of me in Walmart parking lot and in front of my kids, I had a clot or the left over stuff that never cleaned out got dislodged and I almost lost my life.

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I had a miscarriage in 2019 I bled for about 3 weeks and spotted for another week or 2.

About 2 weeks after your hcg drops below 5

I was told I would get my period 4weeks-3months and that everyone is different and was told to wait three cycles before trying again

My daughter was told she had a miscarriage. She went to the doctor after told that because she wasn’t feeling well. She was still pregnant and we now have a crazy fun 2 year old


I’ve lost 3 babies in one year trying to conceive my second. It’s very possible to be very fertile after a miscarriage. And every time I got my period on time the following month.

I had a miscarriage in May 2011 and was pregnant again by August 2011.

When I miscarried, it was February. I had a period in late March and July of 2016 then nothing until September 2017. I had a baby in August of 2017.

I was totally broken when the love of my life left me it was so hard for me & I almost gave up if not for a friend who directed me to a very good and powerful man called Dr_Jesse who helped me bring back the love of my life and now he treat me with so much love and care. I don’t know what you are passing through your relationship but trust me with what Dr_Jesse did for me I know he can help you. massage him on his page all thanks to God sent man called Dr_Jesse

I had a few miscarriages and was struggling to get pregnant my doctor told me that it is easiest to get pregnant again after your first period after the miscarriage. So after my second miscarriage we tried again and I was able to have a successful baby girl.

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It took me 7 months to get pregnant again after a miscarriage.

I had a miscarriage, it was just like a period for me. And before I had another period I was already pregnant with my now 5 year old son. Apparently you’re super fertile after a miscarriage

I had a miscarriage in June and was pregnant again in September. I think everyone is different though

I miscarried and bled for 8 days, got prego right after never got a period again… currently 32 weeks preg with a perfect mini inside

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After miscarriage or after birth your very fertile so cab happen almost straight away.i had alot my baby when I was 19 weeks pregnant after delivering her I was pregnant bout no th or so later

I lost my baby at 18weeks jan 2014 and never got pregnant again until 2019 with my rainbow baby

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Back in 1997 my son’s first wife’s Dr. told her she had a miscarriage at two months, but seven months later my granddaughter was born the Dr. said she was probably pregnant with twins and lost one, but it also happened to his current wife , they now have a 13 year old son.

Sorry for your loss I miss carried November 2012 was pregnant again December 2012 my daughter will be 8 in September

I had a miscarriage last November and got pregnant again in February. My period took about 4 weeks to come back, I only bled for about a week with my miscarriage. The doctor told me you can get pregnant again pretty quick after since your extra fertile after a miscarriage. Im currently 26 weeks with my rainbow baby ! :blue_heart::rainbow:

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Miscarried in May 2020 chemical pregnancy July 2020 still haven’t had a successful pregnancy in 9 years.

I got my period back exactly 5 weeks after delivering my 16wk sleeping angel. Got preg 3 months later. My rainbow is now 17mo

I had a miscarriage last may and was pregnant again in July

I just has a miscarriage mid July. Had a d&c a few days later. It is different for every woman every miscarriage. Your doctor should of explained it all to you based off of YOUR experience. If not you should see another dr and ask.

I got pregnant 3 days after my DNC.

I had a miscarriage and was advised not to try and get pregnant again until I’d had 2 periods. I had one and fell pregnant with my son who is now 12.


I get pregnant with my rainbow baby about a month and a half after I miscarried :rainbow:

I have fallen pregnant twice after miscarriages (7 days after I miscarried on both occasions) without a cycle :rainbow:

Sorry for your loss. How long it will take your period to return depends on how far along you where when the miscarriage happened. I had a MC and didn’t have a period before I found out I was pregnant again. So you could very well be pregnant again. Test! If negative wait a week if no period test again.


For me I went back to normal after about a month or so. I miscarried in august, had a cycle in September and got pregnant in October and had a healthy rainbow baby who just turned 4! I’m truly sorry you’re going through this but you’re very fertile after a MC

Be prepared depending on your gestation you may see the baby if you are going through a natural miscarriage and it’s heartbreaking and haunts you for life my baby was only 8 weeks when they grew their wings in the womb and what I believe was a boy I managed to hold, so you can see them quite early, my midwife was adamant it wasn’t the baby but pictures could prove it… :broken_heart:I had a missed miscarriage in Jan 2018, I waited for my first cycle which came in the feb 2018 then conceived in March 2018 and had her in the Dec of 2018 !! So all in the same year, don’t loose hope if you don’t conceive straight away everyone is different round when I lost my Angel baby my grandmother was dying and whilst she was dying I asked her if she can look after my baby…and even though she couldn’t talk she made a noise which I knew meant yes and she passed away that night… so that gave me peace knowing my Angel was going to be in safe hands,my rainbow is now 2 almost 3 and I still miss my Angel every day, just because you want a rainbow does not mean your replacing your Angel at all, I’m so sorry your going through this, and sorry for your loss, I’m sending you rainbow baby dust for a safe and healthy pregnancy :rainbow::sparkles:


I’m sorry for your loss, I’ve been there and my dr was no help. My dr thought i should miscarry at home naturally with a pill they put inside your vagina, and I went 4 weeks of bleeding, come to find out my body didn’t push everything out on it’s own, so I had to have a d&c. After that she told me I couldn’t have kids because of that and It took me 4 years to get pregnant. I just choose to believe when God wants me to get pregnant I will! When the time is right, it’ll happen!!

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I’m so sorry for your loss!
I had a first trimester miscarriage, and a D&C following it. My doctor advised me to wait several weeks before having sex, and then one cycle before trying to conceive again. I conceived on my second cycle. It definitely took several weeks for my hormones to regulate again. I think I went about a month or 5 weeks following the D&C to have a regular period again.

It’s a lot to do with hormones. Post pregnancy is usually fertile. My daughter-in-law falls pregnant quickly after miscarriages unless she actively ensures no possibility.

Sorry about your loss, and yes you can get pregnant again :heavy_heart_exclamation: that’s what happened to me I got pregnant right after my miscarriage and my daughter is now 6 :relaxed:

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I would call back and talk to your doctor.


You’ll probably need a d&c if your body isn’t expelling it. Make sure you make another appointment next week to check so you don’t get an infection, and yes you can get pregnant again depending on if you have a medical issue or not.

I was told to wait a couple months. I got pregnant the second month after trying.


Sorry for your loss. I miscarried after 14 weeks my first pregnancy. I was waiting for it all to hit. Then about a month or so afterwards it all hit me that the babies were gone. I thought I was going crazy but then my body went back to normal after about 2 months. Then I got pregnant again 4.5 months after my miscarriage. It was a normal pregnancy except I couldn’t work for long periods of time standing. So I took l.oa. from work.

I got pregnant 3 months after, and my body was back to normal almost right away

Each time I’ve had one of my baby’s, I’ve miscarried the month before. My body weirdly works like that. Don’t loose hope and start taking pre pregnancy vitamins if your trying. Get your body ready to hold onto the baby, worked for me and I had twins :blush: lots of love xxx

I got pregnant again 15 days after my miscarriage.

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Doctors sometime don’t answer ? I one who will ask what happens after. Before you leave their presence ask what happens next. You can still ask them.

Yes you can get pregnant again. I have a question, did the doctors make sure your body dispelled everything? If not, you will need a D & C. If you keep track of your menstrual cycle you will be most fertile TWO WEEKS from the first day of your last period. I hope this helps.

Took me three years after having a miscarriage to have another even with no protection x

I got pregnant within 2 or so weeks of a miscarriage. Thought it was strange my period didn’t return after the confirmed miscarriage. Turned out i was pregnant

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I had a miscarriage the month before I got pregnant with both my babies.

I had a miscarriage in March, had a cycle in April ( a month after) then was pregnant in May, which would have been my second cycle

Yes there’s a chance. You are most fertile after birth or a loss

it only took me one cycle. i got pregnant right after. she’s now almost 2

You don’t necessary have to have your period to ovulate and it can take a few months for your cycle to regulate again and yes you can get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage just give your body time to heal itself I wouldn’t rush it

Best time to get pregnant

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After the 2 miscarriages I have had I had my period the next month. Took some time getting my body back to normal. I had my period and then 2 weeks later started again. Just give your body a few months to get back to normal. So sorry for your loss.

I miscarried at 16 weeks, idk how far along you were, but my body took about 6 weeks or so to get back to a normal period. I lost my son in December of 2010, and I found out I was pregnant again in June of 2011.

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I got pregnant 4 months after my misscarrage. My rainbow baby isn’t a baby anymore. He will be 13 soon.

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In March 2018 I had miscarried. I bled for 2 weeks after, normal period next month and then in July2018 found out I was pregnant with my daughter who was born February 2019. I had another miscarriage in December 2020, bled for a week and then normal period. I’m currently 22 weeks with my rainbow

I had a miscarriage in April and then pregnant with rainbow baby that same month!

I had a miscarriage March 21st 2020 and ended up getting pregnant almost immediately after my. My cycle returned. Neither were planned but definitely a blessing. My little girl is 5 months old