What happens if a guy takes birth control?

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Hahaha I used to keep a bottle of midol at work in a drawer for all us females. Well… one night a male coworker had a pretty bad headache, and he took a couple. The next morning he asked me if there were going to be any side effects. I said OMG YESSSSSSS… told him he was going to grow boobs and get really sensitive and probably start crying about every little thing!!! He believed me!!!


This could be potentially be the cure to the “man cold” slip him some estrogen and he may be able to grab the remote two feet away.


I’m actually super curious now… What would happen if a guy took the pill every day?


Well, if he’s trying to become a woman
he might want less facial hair, he will
want some boobs … also smooth skin.
oh and his voice may soften.

Everyone will congratulate him for his responsibility. Church leaders will proclaim the wisdom of a man who controls his ‘seed’.
It will count as preventive medicine and be totally free on all insurance programs. Companies may even offer discounts to those using birth control.
Politicians will burn down pharma responsible for any negative side effects.

Every time they come up with a bc pill for men, it causes a lot of the same issues as women. Mood swings, depression, weight gain and usually a distaste for sex. They have trouble getting an erection.


If he regularly took the ‘combined pill’, which contains oestrogen and progestogen hormones, it would have mild feminising effects, such as wider hips, softer skin and slight breast development. Regularly taking a progestogen-only pill would have the main impact of reducing his sperm count and libido.


He doesn’t have to shave for a month, but he’ll be moody about it


I hope he explodes from the hear end out!!! That’s what he want’s ,right???

Is this a serious question?? Some of the questions yall post are dumb asf!!!

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Depends on what kind he uses. The little pill won’t help him. Just saying!!!

He’ll be transformed into a ggiirrllll.
He’ll grow a vulva, and other female components.
You will then be referred to as a “bad vagina!” when a mistake is made. :joy::joy:

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He’d have an excuse for PMS…promoting mental illness.

As in the pill? It’s meant to alter female hormones so he’ll start to experience weird symptoms, including, possibly, growing breasts or getting acne breakouts.


I put birth control pills In a potted snake plant and it bloomed


I got a syringe full of pitocin that was ment for a cow. Went to the er, ended up being fine.

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Are people really this dumb?


He could become very ill in most cases.

Where do these people come from? Why is this even a question?


He doesn’t get pregnant.


They have birth control for men but the effects are the same as they are for women so men wont take them.

Ive been taking it…and i got pregnant…my urethra dilated 8 inches!!!


He doesn’t have a baby ?

He won’t get pregnant???

It depends on the type of birth control. The dep shot can be used to slow the growth of prostate cancer, some states also use it to chemically castrate people deemed sexually violent predators. The depo only acts as an anti libido, temporarily lowering the sex drive, the effects wear off when a person stops getting the shot. Unlike physical castration, this is not unconstitutional because it can be reversed if it later turns out the person was factually innocent (witness lied, victim lied, dna was tested and didn’t match ect…)

If a biological male has transitioned to female and had their genitalia transitioned as well, the pill and other hormone based birth control can be used as an aid to help maintain the transition but not as a replacement for regular hormone shots from a endocrinologist.

For regular men the pill will do nothing without an anti androgen except maybe deaden the sex drive a little.

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the only birth control he can take right now is the condom

I thought the use that kinda pill for chemical castration of male rapists and pedophiles??

He gets swollen nips

He can play with his own boobs.

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Chances are good that he won’t get pregnant.

I knew a dude that took a couple for a while it just made him really needy and sensitive whinny little bitch

He won’t get pregnant

U mean put on a condom :man_facepalming:t5: :joy:

He will remain an idiot.


Will be able grant 3 wishes

He wont get pregnant​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile::joy:


He’s an official idiot

A vasectomy is all a man needs. No pregnancy traps then. You would be surprised at how many women resort to saying they are pregnant when they think they are losing their man. It happened to me twice. They cheated, admitted it, found out they were starting to date me and boom. She’s pregnant she says. Thing is, nine months later, no baby.

Oh, yes, that sounds like a good idea. It takes two to tango. All responsibility should not fall solely on the girl. Kudos to the guy who would do this


He probably gets several women pregnant thinking he is protected

Years ago I gave 1 as a joke to a friend. He freaked out when I told him but nothing happened

He d still have to take a DNA test cause she would swear it was him and not the other hundred guys she slept with that is her baby s daddy

They cry about how hormonal they get and quit taking them… that’s why they stopped a few of the studies :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Who wants to be the responsible party to explain how the take the pill and be the one to remind them to refill it each month. The responsibility still falls on the women.

male or female birth control? both exist

He won’t get pregnant. Lol


We should be so lucky.

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He will start shitting out of his mouth


It doesn’t work #duh

Woman still gets pregnant :pregnant_woman:

Government collapses, welfare ends , Democratic Party no longer exists

They don’t get pregnant :laughing:

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Did I read this question right!? :rofl:

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It is definitely anti productive.

He won’t get pregnant…duh! :joy::woman_facepalming:

He probably will not get pregnant

You’ll have to sit down to pee.

Well he definitely won’t get pregnant

you won’t get pregnant

Your penis will fall off :joy::joy::joy: