What happens if I take amoxicillin and birth control?

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Stay away from your man. Lol. My middle child is proof of that.

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Antibiotics make birth control pills less effective.

Amoxicillin doesn’t change the effectiveness. Only the antibiotic Rifampin does.

That’s how I ended up with my grandson!

Why didn’t you ask the doctor when they were prescribing it if you’re worried enough about it to ask Facebook :thinking:

You will get pregnant!


Better use a condom until you’re off your antibiotic.

antibiotics make the whole month less effective. Use back up.

Let me ask my sister or my nephew, he wouldn’t be here without that combo! Be careful and definitely double up on contraceptives when on the pill and an antibiotic is prescribed!

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Exactly how I ended up with my second child. Use double protection.

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Does anyone on here have a doctor??

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You have a baby shower.


Call your pharmacist…he/she is a great resource when you have medication questions.

You will be a mother

It will cancel out the birth control