What happens if you are pregnant and take birth control?

This may be a stupid question I know that but I dont think I’m pregnant but I did have unprotected sex and I’m restarting to take my pills but if I’m already pregnant by chance will it hurt the baby or anything?

Maybe wait till your period comes and then start your pills over.

You should test before taking them again. Birth control can cause issues

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I got pregnant on birth control… had bleeding in the beginning. But my baby is fine but I also stopped immediately after finding out. I’d say wait 2 weeks. Don’t have unprotected sex and take a test to be sure.

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Ur suppose take pill after ur first period

How long ago did you have unprotected sex? You’re also meant to start after your period.

It won’t hurt baby but u should test

It can cause problems yes. Wait until your next period and use other means of protection until you either get a positive test or start your period

I’d wait until my first period, take a test, it even get a doctor’s opinion