What happens if you take birth control while pregnant

I just found out i am pregnant - I’m nearly 12 weeks. I have been taking my pill the entire time and want to make sure I have not exposed my baby to unneeded risks due to not knowing I am expecting. Any advice?


Stop taking birth control and get a check up. Everything should be ok, but definitely check with your doctor

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Stop taking it and see a dr. But I did for 8 weeks and he’s nearly 10 and healthy

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I did the same thing with my first and last babies. 13weeks with my first, 11weeks with my last. Both are perfectly fine. No worries hun. Happens more often than you think.

I got pregnant on the depo shot and my little one is 3 and healthy.

Stop taking the pills and talk to your doctor. There is little risk associated with taking birth control while pregnant, but it is possible to cause things like low birth weight if continued.

How do you kno it’s 12 weeks? Yeah that should’ve been your first question to YOUR DOCTOR.

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I got prego with both my boys on BC… I was told by a psycholoyist “Mother nature has a graced period for when you dont know”

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I don’t know how far along she was when she found out she was pregnant but I was conceived on the pill and I’m fine. Talk to your dr. Though

This happens ALOT because people get pregnant while on the pill and don’t know. You’ll be fine!!

I was about 6 wk pregnant and on the pill and she came out fine. Just stop taking them and go see a doctor.

I got pregnant on the pill twice. My son is perfectly healthy and this baby is healthy so far. Try not to worry. Get a check up and obviously discontinue your birth control. Congratulations :two_hearts:

I knew someone on birth control that didn’t know they were pregnant till about 6months cause she kept getting her period. The baby should be fine.