What happens in a miscarriage?

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I’ve been through it and I wish I had the answers for you. But sometimes it just happens, just know it’s not your fault. You will get through this. Hugs. :heart:


empty, useless, pain and so much guilt… im still tryin to move on


Sadness, pain, guilt for nothing to be guilty for…and so much more


Always Bothers Me!! Like that Lil. Angel got Taken back to Heaven and I never got to see them? I felt it was a Girl!! My Would Have Been nice to Have His Baby?? He Has Never Had Kids and Never Will :cry:


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Every human precious no matter how long their heart did beat
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You start off spotting which leads to alot of pain,Labour pains and alot of blood,alot of blood depending on how far you are along pregnant you are, the further pregnant the worse the pain ,contractions and bleeding. If you are not too far along it’s much less severe. Not a pleasant experience and you may then need a curette procedure to clean out anything still left inside you. Plus it’s devastating losing a baby so can be quite traumatic. I suffered my first miscarriage at 5months pregnant it was awful. Then the next pregnancy I had one at 3 months, my last miscarriage was about at 3months pregnant also, they said it may have been an ectopic pregnancy, there was alot of blood,terrible pain

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Death lol death happens. Then life goes on.


This is so inappropriate to post on a page like this. And with no trigger warning. Sick.

My heart goes out to every woman who has experienced the pain and heartbreak of miscarriage.:black_heart:


Why would someone ask this in FB. Wouldn’t a Dr. be better qualified?




From a physical matter, basically a woman will have very painful cramps & heavy bleeding which will need medical attention even though most of the time there’s not much the drs can do once a miscarriage starts to happen, but they can provide pain meds & monitor the woman to ensure her life is not at risk. It can start subtle with light spotting in the beginning, then heavy bleeding/blood clots for several days. 1 in 4 women may experience a miscarriage in their lifetime which most are more common during the first trimester, but it can happen later on as well. I’ve experienced it in both the first trimester as well as the second trimester and it is painful physically/emotionally regardless how early or far along it happens. Many times there is no clear explanation of why this happens, but for the most part most women are able to have a healthy pregnancy after a miscarriage unless there’s some type of serious health issue that prevents her from carrying a full term pregnancy. It is emotionally draining & it def affects the woman & her partner as well. It is a terrible feeling & trying to figure out what may have caused it or how to prevent from happening no matter how healthy u are or how good u eat or take care of yourself during pregnancy it can happen to anyone unfortunately. It’s always good to have some type of support from family/Friends during those difficult times, but sometimes people don’t know what to say or how to act in such a situation, but it is good to be there for someone going through such a hard time. There are many online support groups as well that can help and support someone going through it if they don’t have any support in the home. It’s good to talk about it, cry, grief, let your feelings known or do whatever helps you during the healing process. :blue_heart:

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a lot of bleeding and cramps.

Involuntary expulsion of the intrauterine lining that has the fertilized egg

Guilty 7pset heartbreaking and soul destroying as esp i didnt no was pregnant he was born 16 weeks into pregnancy

Weird Wild World what makes you think that this is a Fun question?


Nature way of saying this pregnancy is not viable.

Gabrielle Nicole Turner how is this funny? show some respect.

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Who tf laughs at this maybe she never went through a miscarriage before God bless your soul for the chick who laughed you need Jesus


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Well what I was told when I had my miscarriage is that a woman’s body knows when it’s not a viable pregnancy, so it eliminates the fetus .
I did not feel anything. Didn’t even know I miscarried . I went to get my ultrasound done and there was no heartbeat. Had it checked twice to be sure. Broke my heart. Cried. Died on the inside. I went through everything I could have done wrong while pregnant, and blamed myself.
That is the worst part. It was like dark thoughts going in circles in my head. “I fucked up. I shouldn’t have done that. WHY ME!?? I’m worthless. I wouldn’t have been a good mom. This was a sign. I can never have a baby…” that was the hardest thought to get past. I was worried that I would never be able to have a baby. Crushed my soul. Broke my heart. Cried a lot.
I didn’t give up of course, or lose hope. I did have excellent support from my family and spouse.
My partner and I kept trying. And we ended up pregnant again.
A miscarriage is very common. You gotta keep trying (if that’s what you want)
It may take time. But hopefully it will happen. If not, then the thought that got me through was, “everything happens for a reason”. Even if that reason is heartbreaking.


You lose a baby…what a dumb question

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You miss the carriage. …
I’ve had 6.
It’s the body’s mechanism that discards an unhealthy fetus (thank you Lord). You still have to go through a DnC (Dig n See)… it has nothing to do with jumping and old ladies tales. You’re fine :wink::wink::wink: I’ve had 2 kids since.
Good luck…

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Spontaneous ejection of unwanted waste according to the leftists


I’ve had 11 miscarriages over the years. I got lucky and some how managed to birth 2 perfect babies and have another on the way. The pain is still so strong and the fear of losing the baby I am carrying now. I remember and mourn every single baby I lost.


With my first miscarriage I woke in a puddle of blood and had severe cramping. Went to the dr and they cleaned me out. Second one I wasn’t very far along so it wasn’t very severe. Third had spotting and cramping went to the Dr found out I miscarried. The fourth I stayed home on my toilet pretty much the whole night cause ik what was happening by now and I didnt want to be billed. Its the worst pain I’ve ever gone through… both physically and mentally. I was so angry, devestated at myself and God and couldn’t understand why my babies were being taken from me. I finally gave birth to my rainbow baby 12/15/18


Grieving mothers and fathers: At the 2nd coming, the earth made new, Angels will present to you your brand new babies filled with LIFE and VIGOR. Look ahead through JESUS for the JOY to come.

It’s not a fan question.if a miscarriage happens it really pain full by body n heart than there this feeling after the doctors clean you up it like you going to hold the baby but not n always feel there’s same thing missing inside of you I mine in your stomach :cry:

Something may be wrong with the fetus and the body rejects it.

Depends how early you are in the pregnancy. For some a heavy period followed by lot of cramping and others don’t notice it. 7 pregnancies and 4 children later.

I have been through it and the pain never ends, and it doesn’t get better, it’s been 3 years and I still cry about it

The laughs are coming tho people are shitty

Heartbreak, depression, guilt, pain , numbness, something I would never wish on my worse enemy.


First grief, then anger then self blame then wondering for the rest of your life who they would have been. It has been over 50 years and it is still in your soul.

A dead baby falls out of you