What happens when you get pregnant with an IUD?

So I just got a positive pregnancy test and I have a iud. It’s called the Jaydess. I’ve had the iud for almost 2.5 years. I do a string check regularly and it’s always in the proper spot. I checked this morning and I feel the strings the same as always. I see my doctor in a couple hours. Anyone know what to do expect? I’m freaking out!!


Got preggo on Mirena. It happens. They will probably remove your IUD (they did mine I was around 5 weeks preg when they did) but know that either way whether they keep it in or remove it puts you at a higher risk of miscarriage.

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My mirena baby!
But mine moved so I was high risk. They left it in and said taking it out could terminate the pregnancy.


I got pregnant on the mirena, ended up miscarrying mine, friend had same thing happen, and carried to term. Prayers!


I got pregnant with he IUD. . . With twins. I lost one baby girl during the pregnancy but my other baby girl just turned 5 in April <3

Got preggo twice on mirena and it caused miscarriages both times. Glad you are seeing a doctor asap

My Mirena baby; I got pregnant with mirena. They removed it. It had moved. I had it for a year and a month. Everything went smoothly.


Those whom became pregnant did you still have a period?

IUDs have a habit of moving around allowing sperm to still fertilize the eggs

Please let us know what your doctor says.


Please keep us updated

Paraguay’s boy! Year 4 of 10. I think it was.

Do you ladies get regular periods with the mirena

They deny it to be true that Mirena is like an early abortion (please dear God no abortion arguments PLEASE!) but I had “chemical” pregnancies (I.e. Early m/c) and 3 m/c past 8weeks with Mirena, finally my ob told me it’s true that the iud does end a pregnancy if you conceive and I was getting pregnant almost every 8 weeks when I had it, all confirmed via blood tests. You’ll probably have a m/c but definitely consult the dr.