What happens when you get your tubes tied?

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I wish I would have never done it. My periods are awful between cramps that feel like the pain of a thousand knives and the God awful half dollar size blood clots and the not knowing if I’m going to have a period that month it sucks. This is all the stuff they don’t tell you about. I had it done for medical reasons after I had my second child at 26 and I so wish I hadn’t. I’m not 32 and I regret it every day.

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So happy I did it :cowboy_hat_face: My periods suck too but they did from the get go. The pill made a huge difference but since I was a c-section I opted for a tubal. I don’t feel any different otherwise.

Haven’t got pregnant in 11 years and nothing changed for me so it went well and don’t regret a day of it

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I didn’t have any issues after having mine done. No pain. And I haven’t had anymore kids after. So that is a plus

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Worst decision I ever made. Periods are times worse and severely painful. And my periods are random and not on schedule anymore

Best thing I ever did.

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Best thing I ever did. Nothing changed. Actually my periods got better. I’m not pregnant is a plus. So much less to worry about.

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It looks like it’s 50/50 in the comments… I’m one of the ones who have horrible periods and pain on the right side of my c section scar but deeper inside… The pain isn’t all the time though just when I stretch a certain way or something…

I got mine tied in 2019 and I haven’t had a period since and I’m not pregnant!

I had mine clamped with the filche clips and got pregnant 3 months later! My periods were heavier and the worst cramp pain I’ve ever had! I now am taking bcp every day and the one my dr put me on I only get my period maybe 3-4 times a year

I had the worse periods after mine. I would miss work from being in so much pain and how heavy my flow was. I talked to my doctor and got mirena iud and haven’t had a period in almost 2 years.