What happens when you have complete placenta previa?

Hello moms! I found out I have complete placenta previa when I was 15 weeks, I am now 26 weeks and placenta is still complete previa. Wondering if any moms can share their experience with previa! When did it move for you, if so? If it didn’t move how many weeks were you when you delivered?


Sometimes it doesn’t move and c section maybe the only choice for both you and the baby’s safety

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I carried to full term my girl is now 29

Mine never moved they did a c section/ 34 weeks 5days

I had placenta previa up until 31 weeks when it finally moved, no bedrest because I had minimal bleeding and even that was early on. I delivered at 37 weeks with no issues

34 weeks c section. No nicu 6lb 3oz baby girl. Prefer natural , had one before c section and one after.

Mine move around 30 weeks.
Delivered at 39 weeks 3
2 days with no issue

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My youngest boy. I had placenta previa. I went into established Labour and delivered via emergency cesarean at 29 weeks. He was in hospital for 14 weeks. I had other comications thou to add to it. I also had gestational diabetes (only with him and not my other 3 boys) he was breech his head was stuck in my ribs (they used forceps to get his head out of my ribs). I ended up with internal bleeding and got septicemia and salulitis in my wound as well. My had to see a chiropractor as the surgeon put my boy’s spine out of alignment when they delivered him.

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Mine moved around week 20 but still needed an emergency c-section. I had it all 3 pregnancies and the 1st 2 i ended up losing. Was on edge the entire 3rd but thankfully successful pregnancy.

Mine moved around 30 weeks

Mine didn’t move fully until around 34 weeks and I was cleared for a vaginal birth except she was breech🤦🏽‍♀️ (it hurt so bad when I made my dr turn the baby to be born without a c-section)

I found out I had mine at 16 weeks and had it until 36 weeks I delivered at 41 weeks and 5 days

I only had partial but it righted itself before birth. Wishing you the best

I had partial previa at 15 weeks and found out today, 28 weeks, that it moved and I can have a vbac

I had a complete previa with my second child. I was on bed rest for 6 months. I could get up and go to the bathroom and take a shower but no housework and since I’m a nurse I had to take leave from work due to no prolonged standing. Made it to 35 weeks w/o any bleeding and they wanted to take her c section and did an amniocentesis but lungs were still underdeveloped so they decided for complete bed rest for two more weeks. Had c section at 37 weeks and she was fine. She will be 17 next month. The doctor said that’s the longest she had ever had anyone go who had a complete previa. She said it was because I followed directions and did what I supposed to do. So my advice is follow your doctors orders.

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I had it with my first. I was almost to my due date before it moved. I had a vag birth and she is now almost 16 and just fine

Yes mine didn’t move and at 32 weeks they thought I had vasa précis and almost did a c section at 34 weeks but did an internal ultrasound and said I was okay to go naturally. I had him 4 days overdue and turns out I had a bi lobed placenta

Join thus group it is for what u have and they will answer all ur questions plus u will get some moms who have experience

Mine moved week 34, my son came at 36.5 weeks naturally :slightly_smiling_face: good luck!

Most peoples move. Mine did not :confused: I had complete placenta previa and of course had to have a c section. I had to deliver at 36 weeks, my doctor wouldn’t let me go past that. I also had steroid shots to develop her lungs more, i now have a healthy almost 3 yr old​:grin: message me if you have questions

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I don’t remember when mine moved. But it did, and I was able to deliver my son naturally

Can someone tell me what tbis is? And how do they diagnose it are there any signs you could tell?

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I had it and mine moved at exactly 20 weeks!!

I was in between partial/ complete (my placenta moved the entire pregnancy) and I scheduled for a c section at 39 weeks 3 days. It moved between weeks 38 & 39 and my OB at my 39 week pre- opt appointment said if you don’t really want a c-section let’s have the baby today.

You have to be careful. Dont lift or have sex otherwise you can rupture. I almost bled out because mine didn’t move and I wasnt careful. I had a c-section at 32 weeks. Had to have a blood transfusion and stayed in hospital for a month. That’s worse case scenario, but be careful. My son is 8 now and very healthy.

mine moved up with my 2nd think before i had her they done another US and all was good. I did have a lot of bleeding during dilation and labor and her cord was around her neck slightly

I had it and it ended up moving by the end of the third trimester. I delivered on time.

My sisters didnt move till lik35 or 36 weeks I think.