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I had a miscarriage with my rainbow baby in October how soon can I get pregnant


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My experience I had a miscarriage in November 2020 found out I was pregnant in Jan 2021 had a healthy baby in September 2021

Most doctors recommend waiting three months to try again. I’m so sorry for your loss and positive vibes going forward. :heart:


I had a miscarriage in March 2019 and got pregnant again August 2019

I miscarried in early June, had a period the end of July, and got pregnant the beginning of September 🤷

I had a miscarriage and 3 weeks later I was pregnant again. So anytime really.

I had a miscarriage at the end of November 2020 . Got pregnant in May . Now 30 weeks with my rainbow baby

2 months after my miscarriage I got pregnant with my :rainbow: :baby:

I had a miscarriage December 2015. Was pregnant again January 2016. Literally 4weeks later.

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I had a miscarriage of twins March 2016 and that October I was pregnant with our rainbow who is now 4.

I had a miscarriage back in Jun2014, found out that I was pregnant in Sep2014

I had my second ectopic in February of 2018 found out I was pregnant in April of 2018 healthy boy in December. (Was not trying to get pregnant) right after my surgery.

It was about 3 months for me and I got pregnant with my now 11 year old very healthy daughter. No more children for me now, but I’m very content & grateful for the children I have been blessed with. Listen to your body and try to take as good of care of yourself as possible.

I know how anxious you must be to try again, but my advice would be take some time for your body to heal, maybe get a physical, bloodwork to check for vitamin deficiency, eat healthy, if you are healthy, your baby will be too, good luck :two_hearts:

I have had 2 miscarriages since July (July and November) talk to your DR and see what they say because two miscarriages in a row could be a sign something is off. After my first one he said go ahead and try again when you feel ready. After this one I’m waiting to see if maybe something is going on.

Took us two years :rainbow::baby::heart::pregnant_woman: we are expecting our rainbow baby in April of this upcoming year

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I got pregnant 2 weeks after one miscarriage and 6 weeks after another.

I had a miscarriage Oct '18 and ended up pregnant 2 months later. Just need to make sure your body is recovered and the dr gives you the thumbs up… good luck, momma!

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I got cleared at 4 weeks after a third trimester loss. She suggested 2-3 cycles but said I didn’t have to wait that long.


On two separate occasions I conceived my rainbow babies 7 days after my miscarriages. One of my rainbows is 20 months old and I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant with my second rainbow.

Whenever you feel ready

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Whenever you feel like you’re ready.
:heart: sending lots of love and support

I delivered my stillborn daughter June 14th and I’m 7 weeks pregnant now with my rainbow.


Took us almost 3 years. We’re due in April​:blue_heart::rainbow:

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I just had a DNC today. Lost my baby at 13weeks 3days. My doctor told me that many women are most fertile after a miscarriage and it was not uncommon for some women to get pregnant within 3 months of a miscarriage. He said to wait until whenever I am ready. Be sure no bleeding for at least 3 days to try again and always be on high alert for any kind of infection. Leaving the hospital they did say nothing inside until my follow up in 2 weeks to be sure doctor doesn’t feel any signs of infection. But he said to me “I plan to deliver your next baby next year” (he delivered my first)
So I definitely think it is more common for some to get pregnant within 3 months of miscarriage if fully actively trying.

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I literally got pregnant my next cycle after and now my rainbow baby is 6. Sending hugs prayers and baby dust your way! :heart:

Had a miscarriage in Oct of 2015. Was pregnant again that December

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I waited a year, I wanted to give my body and heart sometime to heal,before trying again, my rainbow baby is 7 now.

I had my first miscarriage two years ago in April. I’ve had two more since, last one only being four months ago. My husband and I have an appointment next week for bloodwork and a consult on what to do next. I have one daughter who is 7.

I had a miscarriage last September and got pregnant with my rainbow baby the very next month. She’s 6 months old now. :heart:
Good luck to you!!

Whenever you’re ready. I had a miscarriage last year and 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped we tried again and fell pregnant. My rainbow baby is 3 months old now. :heart:

I had 2 miscarriages , 5 mo apart, then got preg with my rainbow baby 8 mo later

I got pregnaunt 3 weeks after my stillbornwith my rainbow baby

We had a miscarriage august 2020 and I’m due to deliver our rainbow baby in 2 weeks. It will happen just take your mind off of it cause it can drive you nuts thinking about getting pregnant again. It did for me. Sorry for your loss hope everything works out for u.

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I had ectopic pregnancy in October2019 got pregnant in February 2020 with my little girl


I miscarried September 10th by October 12th I knew I was pregnant. Here’s my rainbow :rainbow: baby almost 6 months :heart_eyes::heart:

I found out I was pg in July 2010, lost it in Sept. Found out I was pg again in Nov 2010. Miscarried Dec. Found out I was pg again in July 2011. She’s 9yo.

I got pregnant before I even got my next period. Miscarried September 10th by October 12th I knew I was pregnant. She’s almost 6 months now. :heart: my rainbow :rainbow: baby.

I had a spontaneous abortion (medical term) at 7 weeks and they told me to wait 6 months before trying again so I did and we had our rainbow baby on 5/17/2017 and just had our third on 11/29

Took me 3 months after my miscarriage to convince my rainbow baby

I got pregnant 3 months after my miscarriage

I got pregnant 3 months after My miscarriage, My rainbow baby is 12 now :heart:

I had an ectopic pregnancy early September in 2020. We started trying around December and I just had our rainbow baby in November.

Mine were 5 months apart but that doesn’t mean yours will be. You could fall pregnant right away. :woman_shrugging: