What has been your experiences with three babies back to back?

I had my first son in May of 2020, second son in June of 2021, and possibly baby #3 due in august 2022. I had pre e with both the first two so my question would be… what was your experience with them stair stepping? Do you think I’ll have pre e with the third one, too? We’re really nervous because this was unplanned but still a gift.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What has been your experiences with three babies back to back?

I love it! It was tough but mine are 14,13 & 11 almost 12. All boys

Talk to your ob they should be able to assess your risk more accurately then the internet


Mine are 4&3 it wasn’t an easy journey but here we are today loving and appreciating every moment… :sparkling_heart::hugs:

I had July 2019 October 2020 August 2021. Not gonna lie its hard work but wouldn’t have it any other way :heart: I also have a 14 and 10 year old xx

Girl. Let you vagina heal. Yikes

I think I’d have a heart attack!!.. mine are 27 & 17


Mine are just under 2 years apart, it’s only been hard because I’m a single mom with no help … But it’s the best biggest blessing that I’ve ever had. As far as the pre e, I agree with the above statement to speak to your ob about it. Sending you prayers! Best wishes on everything momma!

My Mom had 56 57 58 59 60 and 66. Some were 13 months apart and some were 15 months apart


Stop having babies, rest


My kids are 17 16 tomorrow 14 13 and almost a month old I didn’t experience pre E so I can’t help u with that but congrats and good luck

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mydaughters 2 are 12 11 10 Feb 09, march 10 n 11

So I’m assuming pre e is preeclampsia… I had it with my son two weeks before he was due and they ended up inducing me. My OB said this time around that I will take 81mg of aspirin a day to prevent it. It sounded weird so I looked it up and it actually has proven to have great results that they have been debating making it a regularly recommended addition like prenatal. If you’re worried about it talk to you OB about it. I’m supposed to start mine at the start of the second trimester


My kiddos are 13 9 9 6 and 19 months. My two 9 year olds are 11 month and 3 days apart. My daughter was around 2 months old when I got pregnant with my son. I like the stairsteps sometimes they fight like crazy and sometimes the best of friends.


Wow that’s close together

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There is a 25 to 30% change of reoccurance once you have preeclampsia in any follow up pregnancies.

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Mine were planned my kiddos were born 06/2017, 11/2018, 01/2020. I have kiddos in less than 3yrs and honestly I’m glad it did it this way. I couldn’t imagine waiting to have another baby I’m glad I had my three real quick. :heart: My oldest is 4, my middle is 3, and my daughter will be 2 next month. I think it’s so awesome so see how they help look after eachother and how close they are. And they’re all in different stages, it’s so awesome to see and be apart of it. I always get props for having them back to back and have them all be babies at the same time but I give you mamas who wait and start over after years. Y’all are awesome!! I could not restart after these kiddos are out of diapers. lol :heart:


Lol this was me too. Mine are 23,21,20,18, and 14. Four girls and one boy.:sob:


I have 8 kids, and my 6th and 7th are 10 months apart. I had pre e with my first, induced a month early, 2nd was fine, no problems, 3rd I was starting to get high blood pressure, was induced at 37 weeks, 4th had pre e and ended up in the hospital at 32 weeks for hospital bed rest and ended up delivering at 33 weeks and 3 days and labor was only 46 minutes from 0 to 10 and had a ruptured placenta. Baby came out with his placenta, Dr said I was lucky we didn’t both die, 5th was fine, delivered at 37 weeks, 6th was fine delivered at 37 weeks, 7th was 37 weeks as well and ended up delivering because baby had low fetal movement, now number 8, I was admitted to the hospital at 29 weeks and 1 day due to full blown pre e, ended up needing an emergency c section at 29 and 5, baby was 3 lbs 1 oz and only spent 41 days in the NICU. You need to talk with your OB and they will probably end up sending you to see a maternal fetal medicine dr as well for extra monitoring in case baby does end up being early. Take care of yourself and follow all doctor’s orders. With my last one I was knocking on deaths door. It was awful. Best of luck to you.

I would go crazy, but my mom did fine. She had 6 of us, but first 4 we’re back to back. I am May 86, then April 87, Nov 88 and Dec 89. I guess you never really know how you would handle it unless you go through it.

I got pre eclamsia at approx 34 weeks. Stayed in hospital until they induced me at 37 weeks but had him 37/4. I took appointment all the way through. They said if I was to get pregnant again soon after. I’d probably get it.

I had them back to back they are now 16,15,14,11,9,8,5 will be 6 next month

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My kids are 15,14,13,11,9,7 and 1. I love that they are close in age. But I also love the age gap between the last 2 because having a baby in the house again brings so much joy​:heart::heart:

My son has a friend that has 3 children that are all 9 months apart no lie. The 2nd is 20 today

I’ve got 5 back to back. My girls are 5, 3, 2, 1, & almost 5 months. Honestly it’s a lot easier than you expect because they’re all into the same toys & such. I had preeclampsia with my 3rd & 4th, but not my 5th.

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My mom had us like that.

I had pre eclampsia all three times. My mother had it with me, but not with my sister 17 months later.

You’ll be fine. Mine were all really close in age. I don’t think that 3 was any harder than 2

I had pre-eclampsia with all 3 of mine.

It will probably be very rough on your body. Listen to everything your OB has to say. Talk to them about any and all concerns.

My mom had 7 kids…53, 54, 55, 56, 60, 68, 76


I would think that your Obstetrician would know the answer to that question…


I had pre e and HELLP with my first. She was born 5 weeks early. With my second 5 years later, I went into labor at 38 weeks and my blood pressure started rising during labor so we did another csection. My third was born 13 months after my second, and my Dr didn’t want me in labor so we did a csection at 37 weeks to be safe. My pre e didn’t show up thru any of my pregnancies until the end. My Dr told me if you have the same partner for all your kids, every pregnancy is less of a chance of getting it everytime. Good luck!


I had 3 back to back march 2019, April 2020, June 2021. First 2 had horrendous morning sickness. The 3rd only 5 sick days the whole pregnancy. Every baby is different. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world

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I had pre eclampsia with both my first 2 & now pregnant with twins I haven’t gotten it yet which it’s still pretty early but at a high risk considering it’s twins & I’m 26 weeks but allergic to aspirin.

I had pre-eclampsia with my first one had him at 30 weeks (complicated with hellp syndrome almost killed us both). My second i didn’t have it with thankfully was watched extra carefully with my second extra doctors appointments and all I was going to the doctors 2-3 times a month if not more

My kids are just turned 13, 11 almost 12, 10 almost 11, 7 almost 8, 4, 3, 1 1/2 and 5 almost 6 months. :sweat_smile: basically a majority of my kids have been back to back. I’ve been pregnant 15 times, 8 live births and 7 losses. Pregnancy back to back multiple times is kinda harder on the body. But I will also say I preferred having my kids back to back because it was easier than big age gaps were.


18 May, 20 June, 21 July babies here. Each pregnancy is different. Your body is going through a lot so listen to it. Relax when you can (if you can). I found looking at the positives helped me day to day :purple_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


I was always told it gets worse with each pregnancy. In my experience that held true as well. I had to be on bedrest in the hospital for months almost immediately with my second child but with my first it didn’t get recognized/start until 28 weeks. My Dr even recommend I have my tubes tied due to worsening pre e

I have a 17,16,15 years 2004,2004,2006 definitely challenging but you can handle it one day at a time❤️

My first pregnancy was twins. I carried them to 39 weeks and would have carried longer but their fluids were low, I had 0 issues with that pregnancy but when I was pregnant the following year with 1 baby I had so many different issues I think each pregnancy is just different so maybe with this one you won’t have pre e! And having 3 all young it’s easy when they’re little!! Mine are all teens now and the main issue we have is they don’t get along, they literally bug the piss out of each other until they’re so irritated they’re screaming or trying to physically fight! But when they were little it was easy! They got along so well! Played with the same toys could share clothes. All of that!

My kids are 13,11,10,8,7 and 3. I had full blown eclampsia with the last 2. I got it after I had thrm. I also have hypertension so that didn’t help! Mine got so bad I lost vision in 1 eye and had a hospital stay in ICU for 3 weeks. God bless mama!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I had three kids back to back. They have the best bond. They also teach each other a lot. It was hard to get used to but we made it and now my babies are 13,12 & 11.

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My daughter had pre e with all 3 of her kids the 2nd one was so bad they did an emergency c-section. They are 5, 3, and 1 now and play together just fine.

Every pregnancy is different, but the chances are if you had preeclampsia with the others, you will most likely develop it with this pregnancy. I’ve never had preeclampsia, but have kids very close in age, you’ll be alright, take help from others when it’s offered.