What helped you get pregnant with PCOS?

What helped you ladies get pregnant? My doctor has diagnosed me with PCOS but will not prescribe anything like clomid. Tips? Tricks?


Diet, exercise and following a specific plan from an OB/GYN.

Clomid was a miserable med for me. I was always able to actually feel on one side or the other when I ovulated. (I don’t have PCOS) my husband and I were TTC and the issue was on his side so I did several rounds of Clomid to produce more eggs. I swear it felt like I had heavy oranges inside my body instead of tiny ovaries. I hated it.

I was diagnosed and put on metformin

I found out last year I had PCOS. I had a baby 06/2022 but I wanted to try for one last one. After I finally got my first cycle after that they were so irregular. My Drs kept saying it’s cause I gained so much weight but couldn’t figure out why.i had gained 50 pounds after having my last and moon of my babies changed. They prescribed me metformin I took it for a little but honestly I don’t recommend taking it at all, soI stopped taking it. I found out I had plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. My podiatrist prescribed me an anti-inflammatory. I took it for two months then my cycle became regulated and now I’m pregnant with twins. Honestly I don’t think it would have happened without me taking the anti inflammatory. I do have 3 children already but this is my first pregnancy since being diagnosed with PCOS. Honestly it sounds like you may just need to see another doctor.

Metformin and letrozole (egg stimulant)

Why won’t they prescribe you anything? That’s odd

I used the kegg, part of PCOS is an irregular cycle, so this will help you narrow down when you are ovulating. My doctor gave me some meds, but didn’t tell me the accurate days to take it since your cycle is different with PCOS, wasn’t until I had the right days with the Kegg that I got pregnant. No meds.

I’d ask for clomid if you’re actively trying. Sometimes also people are given metformin. I’ve gotten pregnant 3 times (twice since PCOS diagnosis.)and no intervention, but each one took a long time in between so they may just make you try a few months first to make sure you’re actually having infertility issues.

Vitex/Chasteberry. I took it as a supplement for reproductive health. I was told in 2014 that I couldn’t have kids due to scarring. Started supplement in 2015 and pregnant in 2017. My friend started taking last year after hearing no babies from the doctor and she’s now almost 20 weeks. Ask your doctor if it could be a safe supplement.

Find a new dr.
Lose weight.
Track cycle with blood work since opks are always accurate for us.
Advocate for yourself.
It took me 4.5 to get my daughter. Lots of shots and meds. Lost weight.
This time we’ve been battling 3.5 years about after shots meds and iuis we are moving to ivf.

I was given metformin beginning in 2013 for my PCOS and the stomach side effects were horrible. It never helped to regulate my cycle either. I finally decided to stop taking the pills in August 2015. Found out I was pregnant October 2015. My story probably won’t help you but I really hope you are able to conceive.

Long story short I was TTC for 10 years 5 years medicated and my first dr just a reg ob put me on birth control only for 3 months provera to Jump start my period and metformin. My cycle got regular i stopped taking the birth control after the 3rd month but kept taking the metformin after a year my dr sent me to a RE he first tried clomid i got pregnant on the 3rd round but sadly haf a m/c at 6 wks tried 3 more round then he moved me onto femara then added gonal-f and trigger after a few round of nothing he said our only option was IUI or IVF. So We took a much needed ttc break but i continued the metformin and 2 months later i was pregnant had a beautiful healthy baby girl. Then me thinking it would take that long or longer i didn’t get on any form of bc and ended up pregnant with twins when my first was 13 months old then i had got the arm implant in after my twins it was hell so i had it removed and got pregnant with my son a month later now we got 4 beautiful babies :mermaid:t3::dancing_women::weight_lifting_man: