What helped you through morning sickness?

Ssoo… I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant my doctor prescribe me a generic version of zofran but my question is what helped you mamas thru morning sickness I can’t keep anything down and constantly vomiting. Thank you!


I used it and it worked amazing. Fast and lasted me to get through my day. Thank God :rofl:

Bananas, butter round crackers (Rits) and Gatorade

My midwife told me to Eat protein every couple hours doesn’t have to be alot but some. I kept different kinds of nuts, peanut butter , crackers and pb with me. It really helped.
Ginger chews also help

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Peppermints were my life saver for morning sickness.

I was on diclectin. Took 2 in morning and 2 at night. No problem after I got that routine. My first I was really sick too and I wish I had tried it that way.

Ask for Diclegis. It’s the only thing that helped me!

preggy pops you can get it at any store that sells baby stuff

I only took my prenatal before bed - if I took it in the morning I’d feel nauseous all day

Zofran & flat Coca-cola with ice.

Saltines and 7up before you get up. I was sick all 9 months with both of my kids. Pregnancy should be a beautiful experience but it wasn’t for me unfortunately. Blessings to you and baby

Lemon with a touch of salt on it

Good ol fashion saltine crackers by the bedside

I had it for the whole 9 months and was on omeprazole for severe acid reflux and am still on it 5 years later.

Sparkling water helped with nausea for me. Dramamine helped for like a day but has helped others I know with morning sickness. Sucking on hard candy helped… hope it gets better for you!

Crushed up green bag of life saver mints, water and crackers.

Ginger chews, ginger ale and eat little amounts often.

I lived off fresh fruit and smoothies! The only thing I could keep down!

My girl used ginger gravol

Oyster crackers and lemonade. Someone told me to take a shot of lemon juice to settle my stomach. I couldn’t bring myself to do that but drinking lemonade and eating lemon popsicles or lemon ice did help. I was sick my entire pregnancy with my oldest. It didn’t make it go away but certainly helped.

I’m 25 weeks and still taking zofran, and just started taking Promethazine with it.
Still having issues with nausea.
Honestly just depends, this is my 3rd baby.

My first morning sickness was gone by the time I was 12 weeks, my second I was on zofran most of the pregnancy.

Diclegis- it’s prescription only and just recently went generic. Saved me!

My daughter has ginger drops and they help her when she does have sickness

smoothies can be a quick way to get nutrition in. you don’t have to take time to chew.

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Magnesium. Make sure you are getting enough. A supplement could help.

I was so lucky I had three kids never morning sickness

Preggie Pops (Amazon) were super helpful. Poor momma. I literally puked for 9 months straight :nauseated_face:

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Diclectin… Literally the only medication that worked for me and it is specific for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy!

Fried pierogies & I was morning sick for 9 months.

Starburst. Anything with a lot of fructose

Small snacks constantly to avoid an empty stomach, crackers, grapes, etc. ginger ale

eat small easy meals
crackers 7 up

Soft peppermints helped me SO much

I would have something with spearmint like gum, mints, or mentos. Or, I bought wrist bands called Sea Bands and they seemed to work for me. I hope you find something that helps you. I’m 29 weeks and it has struck me again.

I did apple juice or ginger ale with some type of crackers or plain cheerios. One pregnancy it didn’t matter what I did.

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With my children I had to eat something before I hit the floor. That always helped me


Peppermints and Minty gum

I used Unisom. Helped with sleep and nausea. But check with your doctor first

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Vitamin B6! I have 8 kids & had horrible nausea 24/7 with ALL of my pregnancies until my third pregnancy when I was recommended to take B6! It was a life saver! I was finally able to stop throwing up & keep food down. I still had SOME nausea from time to time, but it was minimal & not constant! B6 50 mg 3 to 4 times a day!

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Nothing. HG momma here. I just didn’t get better until my babies were born. :frowning:


Saltine crackers,dry toast,mint

Natural HERB and crackers before my feet even hit the floor

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Peppermint tea. 7 up and sprite. Crackers. Popsicle

B6 and Unisom every night about 30 minutes before bed. As long as I did it every night, I was okay the following day, but if I missed even 1 time it was horrible. I was so sick for 15 weeks that I busted a blood vessel in my eye from vomiting.

Regular Crackers and 7up.

All the crackers and frequent snacks never helped me. Don’t waste money on those preggo pops either. They don’t work at all. The only thing that worked for me was having ice pops or popsicles before every meal and snack, and right when I get up in the morning. Give it a bit to settle in your stomach and then try eating

I just got over the worst a few weeks ago, I had to do zofran 3x a day, plus two unisom at night and 3 vitamin b6 during the day everyday to get relief

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I was sick 24/7 the whole pregnancy and What actually helped me the most was to sip on room temperature (flat if possible) coke (cola). The heavy syrup coats the stomach calming the stomach acid.

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Crackers first thing upon waking up. Goldfish, saltine, cheese it’s, peanut butter crackers. Small/light snacking through the day. Oh and pretzels

Sniff an alcohol swab to get through waves of nausea

Before you get out of bed have something to eat. In the UK I had ginger biscuits not sure what you have in the USA. Ginger is very good for nausea.

Zofran is the only thing that kept me out of the hospital. This last time they tried to give me some like B6 with sleeping pill and it was a complete joke. I always end up on a PICC line with IV Zofran.

DOTERRA PEPPERMINT BEADLETS. pop one in the second you feel nauseated, takes it away almost instantly everytime. I was at a friend’s baby shower, I started to get nauseas, then this other pregnant lady pulled them from her pocket and offered me one. I bought some the next day, and I tell every pregnant person I come across about them :rofl:

Watermelon and pregnancy pops

Nothing. I was sick for 3 months.

Preggie pops they sell them at walmart and Amazon!:tired_face::pray: Also b6 and unisom at night helped relieve the nausea

Peppermint, ginger, and the smell of alcohol wipes/plain sanitizer.

I read watermelon :watermelon: helps with morning sickness / nausea

Nothing worked for me, not even zofran. I had terrible 24/7 morning sickness for 5 months. I just had to wait it out

Popsicles were a life saver. Also my doctor put me on a vitamin and Unisom and it helped so much. I think it was vitamin b6 but idr for sure

Warm vernors or anything ginger, ginger snaps, candies, etc. saltine crackers and water by your bed for in the morning before you get up and walk around. Make sure you take your prenatals right before bed because they can cause morning sickness during the day.

Zofran and Pepcid are the only things keeping me alive at this point LOL. Which I don’t think you’re actually supposed to take together but “it be like that sometimes”.

Had for the first 3 months…felt terribly bloated and nauseus but nothing came up…just a miserable feeling the whole time. I took probiflora everyday on the days when i felt really bad, and other days I drank warm water with freshly ground ginger, honey and a slice of lemon…I drank this concoction after supper everyday and it really helped me feel better, as mine was worst during the evenings! If you’re feeling tight and bloated- uncomfortable, do some pregnancy stretch, these were a lifesaver for me as they helped create more space in my abdomen hahaha. There are plenty pregnancy stretches available on pinterest.

Zofran didn’t help me, and even tho I lost 25 pounds in the first trimester, they didn’t particularly care since I was plus size. I lived on peppermints - like the kind you get when you leave a restaurant that are red and white. Also, only water but never more than a few sips at a time or heartburn.

I wish i knew that a 24 hour antacid would help me. Didn’t know until about 6 months in. 32 weeks now. Can’t go without it.