What helped you with this?

I have a 5 week old daughter & I’ve noticed lately all I can think about at night is worrying if she is breathing. I worry about Sid’s so much, I know it’s every mama fear and it’s absolutely nothing us mamas can prevent but has anyone done anything to help ease there mind? I have been thinking about maybe a baby device or monitor she can wear while sleeping to see if that would help ease my mind.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What helped you with this?

There’s angel Mats you can get that go under them when there sleeping in there cot, it’ll beep if they stop breathing. There’s also a device you can get that clips onto there nappies I can’t remember what it’s called but if you Google it, I’m sure you’ll find it. It’s totally normal to worry about these things but hopefully you can get some peace of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Completely normal concern. We placed the basinet right next to our bed and I think I peaked in there 45 times a night. Maybe place the sleeping baby near you so you can check. The owlet is an option, also here’s more info: https://www.babyadvisor.org/baby-breathing-monitors/

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I used an angel care monitor with both of my kids. It had a little pad that went under the crib mattress, the pad sensed their breathing. If it didn’t sense any movement for x amount of time then it would sound an alarm.

I am still that way and mine is 3. I’m uo every 5 or so hrs to check on her

I went through this with both my boys ! It’s common with new moms.

I used the angel care monitor that goes underneath them to detect breathing (sounds a loud alarm if baby stops breathing) along with the owlet sock. I still worried so much :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: hang in there mama, big hugs

A baby monitor is always a good idea.

I feel this. I still check on my kids breathing at night and my oldest is almost 11.

We got the miku baby monitor and it helps ease my mind a bit.

I went through the same thing (still do actually, and he is almost a year). We use the Owlet, it’s expensive but is 100% worth it!

Anyone know if the recalls on owlet have been resolved?

You are not alone, I think every Momma goes through this. My son just turned 18 and I still look in on him while he is sleeping. Same with my 8 year old daughter. That worry never goes away


Through all the studies heat has been found to be the main contributor to SIDS. It’s recommended to never have the nursery over 72°. You can set it at 65° and put your baby in a sleeper. The heavier the sleeper the lower the temp and never put a blanket to cover them. Children can more resilient and handle the cooler temps. I know because I caused my baby to have pneumonia at 2 months old trying to make sure she didn’t get cold.

We do the fan, humidifier and an owlet sock. A similar device like the angel pads, nanet from Amazon, and a few other products would have also helped me sleep better after my baby was on oxygen in the NICU it was impossible until I had something that let me know she was breathing well. When she’s sick it’s a huge help too. I hope you find a product to ease your mind a bit. Find what works best for you mama.

Me I did I was a 35 year old first time mom and when we brought our daughter home I would sit up all night and just watch her breathe I did this for like 6 weeks I was emotionally exhausted physically exhausted and finally my husband was like babe we have to go see the dr immediately and ask her what we can do to help you relax and feel like our baby girl is safe it took us years to have our 2 daughters the one im speaking of we adopted I cut the cord on her and she was mine from that moment on and then after years of fertility treatments and being told it just isn’t going to happen when our girl was 4.5 months old we found out I was 14 weeks pregnant with our now 10 year old anyway it is so hard to be able to feel at ease the dr suggested we get a monitor that let’s us know if she stops breathing there’s one that’s like a sock that’s the one we used and it was amazing I felt so much better and I could have it right by my head and an alarm would go off if her breathing stopped for any amount of time it would sometimes come loose or something we would just readjust and it was fine that only happened like 3 times hope this helps hunny

My kids are almost 17, 14 and 5… I STILL worry about waking up and they’re not breathing… I often check. It’s just something you live life with.


My son is 2 and my daughter is 7 and I still worry (anxiety is the WORST). I wake up and make sure they’re OK and breathing all the time. I know owlett makes a device you could use and their reviews are great

There are some types of monitors they have now

I’m like this with my 6 month old. He likes to cover his face with the blanket. When I wake up at night to make him a bottle. When he wakes up. Then goes back to sleep before I start going back to sleep I see his face covered a bit over so I quickly uncover him. And just tuck the blanket into the crib. Even tho he moves so much.

This. Get this.


Snuza hero monitor was amazing for us. I could sleep without worrying.
I read reviews of the owlet that said it gives alot of false alarms. But I used the snuza for 6 months and only had 1 false alarm.

I have 6 kids, I still check on them while they sleep and my oldest is 16.

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It’s normal momma your not the only one my oldest is 15 and I still catch myself sometimes checking on her at night

Normal I think I worried about things like that for each of my kids up until like 3 years old lol. I almost have an internal alarm system that wakes me up every hour or so to check on my 6 month old.

My girls are 9 and 12 and I still check both of them every single night x

An owlet smart sock they set off an alarm is somethings abnormal about baby heart rate oxygen ect

I co slept with both my girls as that is how we Indians do it and the grief I had was unbelievable!!
I wouldn’t sleep the entire night worrying that I would accidentally suffocate them when I turned over in my sleep… even now, with the older one turning 14 and getting her own room, I make sure that she is breathing ok in her sleep :hot_face:… must be a mum thing and worrying about them must be something we have to live with


There is a breathable mattress too. Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed - 100% Breathable Proven to Reduce Suffocation Risk, 100% Washable, 2-Stage, Non-Toxic Better Than Organic, Removable Cover - Deluxe 5.5" Thick- White https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WR958TA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_YP3KWSAXBXDQF4RB5H45?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I was exactly the same. Have you got a next to me crib or a crib with netting you can see through? This helped me, id lay down and could see my son and eventually I’d nod off. I barely slept the first month he was born I watched him constantly.
I have to still check on my kids now at 12 and 2 to make sure they are breathing before I can go to sleep.
I’d recommend speaking to your doctor if it gets really bad.

There’s probably something better now, but when my oldest was a new born (2008) I had a monitor that had an attached pad that went under the baby mattress that monitored movement and breathing. If something wasn’t right an alarm would sound on my monitor. It helped put my mind at ease a lot, especially when he was in his own room at 3 months.

Downside: As he got older (7 months +) he would sleep curled in the corner and the sensor didn’t quite reach that far :woman_facepalming: so a lot of false alarms. Stinker.

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We used the owlette with my youngest! Eased our minds a lot but I’ll tell you the checking on your child never stops! I still check on my 8 year old a few times during the night!

I would keep babe in your room so you Can look in on your little one as often as you want. It is a generalized anxiety that comes with being a mom. I still worry and my daughter is 3.5.

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I was a zombie the first yr with my 1st. 1 I was a new mom and learning everything, 2 she would not sleep unless on her belly which I knew was a NO NO. Like I said I didn’t sleep very much that first yr. I’m glad that’s over as she’s almost 14 now and calls me “bro”. Lmao


I checked my kids right up till they left home. Its natural to worry and there are so many rules now they make the stress worse.
Get yourself a baby moniter if it will ease your mind

Youre not alone…My kids are 15 and 17 I still check in on them every night …

SAFE sleeping space always…. nothing in her bassinet or crib… not even bumpers or extra blankets /stuffed animals . anything she is sleeping in dont altar it… Although Co-sleeping is what we may think is best to watch it is dangerous. Keep her in the same room as you just not sleeping with you… I was in a safe sleep group and I learned so much there.

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I was really worried about this when my kids were babys. It dose get better, but I still cheak on mine now and there 10 and 12

I felt like I was going crazy with my first. Always super paranoid about SIDS and could barely sleep. Get a bassinet so the baby can sleep next to your bed or co sleep if can do so safely. That helped me a lot. With my second I was super paranoid too but I had a medical issue so while I was at the hospital my boyfriend put him in his crib and we had a monitor and he’s been in his crib ever since. I still check the monitor a lot but my anxiety has gotten a little bit better. I know there’s a device called the owelet that is a sock you put on them and it monitors breathing and everything but you can’t use it with an iPhone now.

My kids are 11 and 5 i still check on them at night :rofl:

I have a camera above my son’s crib and I keep the monitor next to my bed, even though he is in the same room as me. It gives me piece of mind that I can check on him without having to get up a million tines at night. He is almost 7months now and I still worry about SIDS.

A pacifier reduces the risk of sids by almost 50%.


Do you have a bassinet? I bought one that can come down and you can put right beside your bed! It’ll ease your mind knowing she’s right there!

I kept a bassinet right by me for the fist couple months. Then a baby monitor. But there’s a lot more tech now.


NORA Smart Sock Baby Monitor (Latest New 2023 Long-Range). Birth to 3 Years. Heart Rate, Temp., Sleep Position & Tracking. 60ft Long-Range Necessary for Independent Sleepers. White Amazon.com


My niece uses a owlet. Mine are older, but I purposely got mine to take a paci for this reason.


My best friend uses owlet. I did co sleeping

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Angel care sock or an owner might help ease your mind, also belive it or not a pacifier helps reduce the chances of sids.

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You will worry about your child the rest of your life part of motherhood


We used the angel monitor clip with my third son. It was more of a pain in the ass than anything else. He would move and it would beep constantly. So I just did what I did with my other kids- became a zombie lol.
My niece was taken just before she was 3 months old by SIDS. So I constantly worried.
I’ve had four babies, they all stayed in a bassinet beside my bed. Swaddled until they could break free, and then just a cozy sleeper. Nothing in the bassinet, no babies in my bed, they each had a bink ( pacifier) until they were 8 months to regulate breathing. When they were 5 months they went into a crib.

I used the owlet sock for my daughter. My 1 month old I have the sock and I have the beside bassinet that folds down.

I slept on the floor in my daughter’s room and my son slept next to me and still does. I don’t think I actually slept for the first 2 years of their lives :woman_shrugging:

I had an AngelCare monitor for my son. It gave me a lot of peace.

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I used the owlet. Such an anxiety easer. I wouldn’t sleep thinking he’s stop breathing etc and I started sleeping better after. He grew out of it but as they get a bit older the risk drops. Just make sure you don’t have anything in their crib like blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and you should be ok.

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I had the baby in the same room as me until she was close to 5 months old, made me feel a lot better and helped me sleep. Also the worrying you are getting shows you are a very loving Mommy :heart:

I was exactly the same. I couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted driving myself crazy! And my husband. Finally I spoke to his pediatrician about it. He said it’s normal for a new mom to feel that way. Yes he told me to get a monitor. And to do something relaxing before my bedtime. It helped tremendously! I promise it’s normal

I also have even slept on his floor etc. in the beginning. Or bring him to my bed which is dangerous. His floor was uncomfortable.

Owl sock!!! It alerts your phone and monitors heat rate oxygen levels everything!!!

Trigger warning…loss of child.

When I lost my 22 month old to covid in Dec 2021, I also had a 6 month old son. I bought him a owlet sock that sends his vitals to your phone and goes off in oxygen levels get low. It helped me tremendously as i constantly worried about losing him too i didn’t sleep for 5 days after losing my daughter.


Sids alot of the time is undiagnosed sleep apnea in infants and toddlers.

My baby girl is 3.5 months old and I still struggle to get to sleep every single night because of this :frowning:

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My daughter almost died she quit breathing several times and spent most of her first 4 months in the hospital. I recommend getting an angel monitor it monitors so much and it was the only reason I got any sleep.

Honestly I didn’t really sleep for month’s. My son didn’t really have a breathing problem, but it was really just the way he sounded when he slept at night. I would stay awake till I couldn’t watching him sleep. The first sound he would make I was up and by his side.

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A baby monitor with heart rate sensor or movement sensor may help. The Owlet sock was pulled from the market for reasons not related to safety but other brands of sock monitor are still available too.

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Totally normal. I stayed up days till I realized I was doing it all right and just need to go to sleep lol. It’s not something you can prevent 90% of the time.

So normal! Sadly my kids are now 27, 24, and 22 and I have (almost) 5 grandkids and I still worry about them all and have trouble sleeping! Lol

AngelCare monitor really helped. Then when older and moved to own room, ensured the light flash could be seen by the video monitor if I ever woke up worried.

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If you can afford it PLEASE do ! , I still check on my son and he’s almost 5 … give yourself that peace of mind and you will also get rest

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Owlet sock, HERO diaper clip on, angelsense crib monitor (breathing) and NO stuffed animals, no blankets, no crib bumpers (pads) and no pillows in the crib. many babies that are “SIDS” acutally passed due to blankets, stuffed animal, pillow or crib bumpers.

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Device monitor will help soooo much!!! Owl or snuza. It alerts you if the baby stops breathing… sometimes it beeps if it falls off or not on tight enough and that’ll scare the shit outta you. But they’re lifesavers

My daughter’s going to be 2 in April and I still constantly worry about this :see_no_evil:

I highly recommend a snuza hero, it clips on to their nappy and tells you if they stop breathing/moving.

My daughter wore it until she was about 15 months old, after that she’d just keep taking it off in the night and would play with it, so she doesn’t wear it anymore.

We had a few occasions when she was newborn/very young that it went off and the vibrations/alarm roused her and woke her (and us). I don’t dare think what may have happened if we didn’t have it and weren’t aware that she’d stopped breathing.

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I still worry and my boys are 9 & 11
I literally wake up and check them to make sure they are okay.
Being a mother is torture! I never knew I could love someone as much as I love my boys :sparkling_heart:

Edited, my point is you never stop worrying, I fully understand older children don’t get SIDS but that doesn’t mean that nothing could happen to them.


You can buy a device monitor to put under the mattress(?) that will alert you if the baby stops breathing.

Mia Walker read these comments

I’m not a huge fan of anything electrical or battery operated that attaches to the baby. I’d worry more about them being burned from a faulty device. I understand that using a pacifier is one of the best ways to help with SIDS.


I worried until the baby got bigger like 20 pounds I started feeling less worried because by then the baby had a big healthy cry was more solid

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They sell something called the “ owlette””. It attaches to the baby’s foot and has an alarm if anything happens Myvdaughter has been using it to for years Def eased her mind !


Yes get a device !!!

I had a crib mat detector. It malfunctioned multiple times and gave us the worst scares of our life. On the 3rd or 4th malfunction we had her in the bassinet and could see her and she was awake, yet the alarm went off for her not breathing. I wouldn’t recommend any of them.


The devices mentioned above do not give accurate results and provide a false sense of security in my opinion. Put baby on back to sleep, use a pacifier and only fitted crib sheet. No blankets in the crib! If that worried bring crib into your room so baby is close by.


There is some kind of device you can clip onto their diaper and it monitors their breathing…if they stop for longer than 10 seconds, an alarm activates. Not sure what it’s called but definitely worth looking into

Owlette monitors the baby and sends an alarm if the baby stops breathing…they wear it in their foot

I was like this with my first born for months , I got the owlet socket for my second born helped ease my mind so much , and helped me when she got sick , definitely eased my mind so much she’s 6 months old and I use it every night , I definitely sleep 100 times better this time around !

I don’t know of any ways to ease this fear, but I wish you peace mama. :pray: those days feel like yesterday, truly. It was a very hard time and I am sending you and baby so many prayers of health and safety- physically, mentally and emotionally :pray::heart:

This is very normal. No you can’t prevent sids but you can prevent suffocation. Put baby in a bassinet right next to your bed so you can see and hear baby better. Nothing in the bassinet no blankets pillows stuffed animals nothing. You can swaddle baby safely to sleep. Place baby only on their back.

Therapy & a camera.
Fears can become irrational & debilitating. Some ppl don’t realize this & it makes their children fearful of the world.
Safety & caution are great lessons. Not fear. :black_heart:

relaxing a bit might help. paranoia will be the death of you

No blankets, no pillows, no toys. A blanket sleeper. They are plenty warm enough with just that. Lay them on their back to sleep.