What helped your baby sleep through the night?

What helped your little one stay asleep through the night? My son the closest he’s been to sleeping through the night is waking up 3 times and he wakes up at 6am every morning. My daughter was a perfect sleeper this one not so much. Please send help. He’s breastfed exclusively. Please help me


If you find out the solution let me know. My kids are 2 and 4 and I have yet to wake up past 6 am in years. Becoming a parent comes with the acknowledgement that you will not sleep for years and years. My oldest is 11 and I always wake up by 6


Swaddling, they feel secure so they sleep better

Nothing!!! Sleep regression kicked in at 10 months, still happening at 15 months but gradually getting better- nothing helped, just reminding myself that it’s just a phase :rofl:

Puffs and a little bit extra formula/bm. Wasn’t till about 6/7 months old. Honestly you want them waking up through the night. They are still little and through sleep they stop breathing. Instincts wake them. I’d not…well we know what happens :disappointed:

Not sure how old your baby is. If he is under three months, it’s good that he awakes during the night.
If he’s older try a lovely warm bath and a good firm massage just before feed & bed. Swaddle real cosy. Playing White noise (CD’s) are great! It will put you right to sleep, as well😆

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My daughter (youngest) is 9 and still wakes up, lol So I’m reading all of these comments. :yawning_face:

It’ll pass. Only suggestion is pump and have dad or someone stay over so you can sleep? My 2nd born did this. Didn’t sleep all night until she was 2.5 :sweat_smile::sob: Goodluck

Neither of my kids slept through the night until they were 2+.
Some do and some don’t.

How old and are you open to giving breast milk in a bottle? Do you have any idea how many ounces he gets in 24 hrs?

All babies are different. Do not do something to try and make baby sleep. They are biologically wired to wake up. It also helps with reducing the risk of SIDS.
It will get better, but for now you sacrifice your sleep and be grateful for a healthy baby.
I know its a struggle, but it’s what we do as parents.


You just gotta ride it out baby.


no one can help without knowing the baby’s age and medical history. Waking at night is normal and developmentally appropriate. If it seems not so, please reach out to your pediatrician, and good luck! we’ve all been there! it is hard!


Well that depends heavily on how old he is.

White noise/ sound machine!!

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Add cereal and get some sleep from a mother of three breastfed babies amen

Sound machine, PITCH black, quiet low lights before bed. Then age appropriate of course, Ferber method!


I mean - babies are suppose to wake up during the night. It really depends on the age of the baby


Wear them out as much as possible during the day with less and less stimulation as bedtime approaches. Babies: Cycle their little legs, give them stuff to bat at, toss them a ball & take it back, give them lots of stuff to explore, like different colors, textures, sounds, read to them etc. so their tiny brains are engaged. Toddlers: Jolly Jumpers, push walkers, playgrounds where they can exhaust themselves. Sing-alongs, books, dancing to music, helping you do stuff as much as possible, chances to run around, playgrounds, pools, baby gyms, McDonald’s Playplaces. Introduction to sports like T-ball, soccer, etc.

Everyone sleeps better when worn out.

It’s biologically normal for babies to wake up. I wouldn’t do anything to “make” baby sleep.


A schedule. My 7 y.o still sleeps thru the night, since 8 weeks old. We did the same thing at the same time at night to “sleep train” her. Our schedule was night feeding, bath, lotion, lay her down, swaddled, turn her mobile on, have a TV playing to adjust them to noise while asleep, and turn lights out and lay down. It takes a few times, but it works. It has to be the same routine. And around the same time.

Graham crackers around the edge of the mattress.