What helps back pain from an epidural?

Can you ask if anyone has a remedy to help with back pain from the epidural given in the hospital due to cold weather? I got one on January 6th and it hurts so bad today with cold weather.


I got an epidural 2 years ago and my back and hips still hurt every day. Let me know when you find out lol


Following cause same!!

Try a heating pad. Unfortunately, nothing has helped me much. I’ve had 1 epi and 5 spinals😩

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Chiropractor saved me :raised_hands:

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Ya they don’t work! I have had a combined 11-12 facet blocks and epidurals on my back and they did nothing to help me and just made it worse. Please don’t do it again. Try a heating pad or ice or both. Sorry, I feel ur pain.

I smoke/eat weed. It’s the only thing that helps besides prescriptions and I don’t wanna be on those.


Pain everyday…it’s been 3 years since

I had an epidural with my son. He will be 3 next Tuesday and I still have pain and nerve zaps :zap: where they stuck me.

Honestly after I had an epidural the second time I didn’t want it anymore because I think it actually hurt me I had constant pain stealing constant pain don’t quite know what to do I did have only one physical therapist that actually help any pain whatsoever and I have gone to about eight different ones. I smoke weed and keep moving it actually helps a lot better

Mine hurts all the time. I’m never getting an epidural again. Yea it stopped the pain but I gave birth an hour later.

I never had an epidural but I was a momma who had her contractions in her back. Which of course pinched a nerve and I had static pain for the next 2 years until I ate 1 edible and the pain went away for a year

Yooo I had an epidural 13 years ago and still have terrible back pains from it!

I’ve had 3 epidurals and completely understand your pain! If my back gets really bad I go to the doctors and request codeine, that dulls the pain for me! Hope this helps x