What helps with morning sickness?

I’m 11 weeks and 2 days pregnant and I’ve been having a different experience with this pregnancy, yes I know not all pregnancies are the same, with my first I was told it was a high risk pregnancy due to being rh negative and having severe morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy where I ended hospitalized for vomiting blood and a few other things as well, with my new pregnancy I know I need to get my rh shot and all but for the last couple of days I’ve been waking up to intense pain in my belly and back pain like never before and bad migraines along with joint pain and I’m not able to keep any liquids other than a coke or Kool aide both with ice because everything tastes like my shampoo or just really sour and gross to where I throw it back up and I know water is important I’ve tried everything like drinking it with ice, putting it in the fridge to get cold, even nibbling on ice cubes throughout the day, drinking it warm and it all makes me throw it back up, I have my appointment on Thursday and I’ve called the after hours and they said that I should just take my nausea pills and some Tylenol and drink plenty of water. Has anyone had this happen to them? Any recommendations on how to drink more water without wanting to throw it up? Or what can I do to lessen the pain I’m having since Tylenol isn’t helping? I have tried hot baths and showers and heating pads, but nothing even my SO has been giving me massages to help, but nothing is helping. Please keep anonymous


Unisom and vitamin b6 are the only thing that helped me. Make sure the unisom is in pill form and not the gel tablets.

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pretzel sticks the fat ones helped me

Bananas. Sour jolly ranchers instead of the over priced preggie pops. Sea band. Eat dry cereal before even getting out of bed. Lots of water

a prescription for Zofran was the only thing that helped with both my pregnancies.

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I never had to do this but they salted crackers work.

They have a Mama tea and pops for nausea at walmart walgeeens cvs

Aroma therapy helped me, peppermint in particular

Ice cubes made with powerade and B6. Only thing I could keep down for the first 4 months was mashed potatoes.

Maybe try drinking some ginger ale to settle your stomach or you could try ginger chews. I haven’t tried ginger chews but that’s something my doctor has mentioned to me. Ginger ale seems to do the trick for me. I also have a small snack when ever I wake up in the middle of the night and it kinda eases my nausea feeling in the morning. I don’t feel as sick. I hope this helps and good luck girl!

The only way I keep water down with this pregnancy is to add lemon juice. If I drink it plain, it comes right back up

Many yrs ago I used to have ginger nut biscuits. It helped me.

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Sip not drink iced tea

Ginger root pills, peppermint and sour stuff helped me.

Never morning sickness with all 3 had headaches but was told never take anything for headaches I have a 25 year old 10and 8 and was told not with headaches. Nausea was told eat saltines if had nausea

I always ate watermelon. It helped me a lot

Ovaltine saved my wife (and baby’s) life during her 2nd pregnancy, it was the only thing she could hold down for 2 months

Unisome and B6.
If that doesn’t work go see a dr.

Lemon ginger tea worked wonders for me. I had such bad morning sickness with all three of my girls. I also had a hard time getting myself to eat anything even late in the day…eventually I went and got chocolate flavored boost drinks and chugged them as fast as I could in the evening or whenever I knew/felt I wasn’t gonna throw up. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!

I would sit on the side of the bed before getting up and slowly eat a couple of plain saltine crackers with some coke. That helped me. (something about that little bit of salt).

I had hyperemesis gravidar during pregnancy which sounds a lot like what you’re going through. They said any food and drink you can keep down is beneficial. If all you can drink is coke right now, that’s better than nothing. Same with kool- aid. Good luck.

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Saltines and/ or unbuttered popcorn

My doctor gave me permission to take a ginger root supplement. It comes in capsule form. Can buy it at walmart. Worked wonders for me.

I didn’t eat or drink for what felt like weeks :tired_face: couldn’t even sleep it was so bad. Finally around 16 weeks it got better. Hope you find something or it ends in the second trimester :blush:

Unisom dissolvable and b6 is what they told me to do they did not work helped but I still puked at least 5 times a day. I got Zolfran an still puke that up. If I only puke once a day I call it a win :joy: good luck ! Feel better

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Why haven’t you gotten the Rh shot yet. You can have a miscarriage if you dont

Ginger and B6 vitamins during the day and unisom sleep tabs at night

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This is everything I’m going through right now an I’m about the same far along 11 weeks but I can only keep water down an it’s baby number 4 my body aches an pains as well an feel like im going to faint throughout the day

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McDonald’s frozen coke!

I know its super hard when everything comes back up but continue to try and drink water because dehydration makes it so much worse!

I survived on Carnation breakfast powder and milk. Some crackers. Zofran and trips to the hospital to get hydrated. I usually threw up all that as well but I tried to keep it in as long as possible to get the nutrients from the drink.

From 4 weeks until 13 weeks I was super sick. What ever I could tolerate I just kept doing what worked. I’m 14 and 2 now and don’t have as much of a problem keeping things down. This is my 2nd pregnancy and it’s been different as well. Do what you can. Hopefully it will pass as for the pain I hope it gets better :green_heart:

Iv had 3 girls and i had morning sickness every morning for the first 12 weeks like clock work !!! Definitely sucks … I just had my babygirl 4 months ago . there joy but damn the shit we gotta go threw good luck

soda water, gingerale

Maybe pedialite or Gatorade

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Smelling rubbing alcohol!


Constantly have a mint or candy to suck on

Saltine crackers and ginger ale

Blow pops. Especially the green ones

I had morning sickness where I couldn’t talk would get nauseous my dr said to take a b12 pill and a unisom pill! They actually make them both in pill form together but insurance doesn’t typically cover it !

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That greenery you will be eating full meals in no time I suffered from morning sickness my whole nine months some days I will lay in the bed crying of pain good luck sweetie


Get some B6. And take them daily. And I also got the preggie pop drops off Amazon and those things were great! Good flavor and kept the nausea away long enough for me to eat something small. Also peppermint candies help too.
Good luck momma!!

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Diclegis! Look it up-you can take the combo over the counter if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Talk to your doctor or midwife.

Drink water with lemons in it! I recently started and haven’t gotten sick since

Honey chamomile tea was my best friend during my pregnancy.

Did the doctor prescribe nausea medication? I’m taking Zofran and it has worked wonders. I am in week 16 and I still get nausea really bad. It helps me be able to keep my fluids down and be able to eat something through the day. Some days are bad even with the zofran to where nothing tastes good and I end up throwing up anyway.

Seriously Unisom!!! Before bed do not try to take this in the day time. I thought since I was using for nausea and not sleep I could just take it whenever don’t do that epic fail. Really helped the nausea though although it caused me to sleep walk. But best otc for sure. If it becomes unbearable Zofran can be prescribed by your doctor.

Acupuncture! Acupuncture can help with nausea as well as support you throughout your pregnancy and help prepare the body for labor and delivery. If there is someone in your area that is part of the ABORM fellowship, go with them!

A combo of vitamin b6 in the am and pm and unisom in the pm. Every day don’t miss a dose

Unisom at bedtime and drink pickle juice!

Are you taking the medication for nausea?

Body armor!! I would feel so nauseous but after I’d drink a body armor I would be fine.

Eat ice lollies ice cubes can cause bad belly xxx

You can get tablets from dr if its that bad :slight_smile: i had morning sickness all the way through and they helped me so much

I suffered shocking I would eaten all pieces of cooking appples cold

Ginger biscuits to nibble on or dry biscuit like arrowroot try small sips more frequently rather than a big drink x sip Lucozade x

8 months pregnant and still struggling with sickness I can not drink water at all or many other drinks and food :weary:and tried all the anti sickness tablets none worked​:weary: I just eat ice lollys and crisps and toast :blush:

I lived on pickles u could say I would soak cucumbers in vinegar n water over night eat them with Greek seasoning…I could only keep gree. Stuff down anything orange or red. After awhile I’m like just puke n I’d feel better I tried to stop it n made me miserable. Might b dehydrated if u can’t keep down which cab cause pain. Might need a bag or 2 of fluids

Best to get checked out by your Dr. We can all give advice but none of us are medical experts. Please see your Dr

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Freeze gatorade or pedialyte to eat for hydration. Check with dr b4 taking any medication. Sip on peach juice , little sips, for nausea. No sugar added juice.

Dehydration: You might need to visit your hospital and get IV fluids. drink Coconut water.
Nausea: don’t skip breakfast, eat at least a few saltine crackers or bread.
Pain: hot showers, stretching exercises.
Best of luck mama💓