What helps with morning sickness?

I was wondering if any mommas couldn’t keep anything down not even water or a popsicle. I’m only like 7 weeks I think I’ll be going to first ultrasound on Monday the 6th. I tried saltine nausea meds don’t work I need something that will help me keep food down i hate puking all day long


Freeze Gatorade in ice cube trays and suck on it.

Nothing really worked for me. :frowning:

I’m almost 11 weeks and I’m still sick, mind you deathly afraid of puking

Nothing got to the point that I literally just finished eating what I was lol after puking up to 38 weeks had 2 weeks of none and ate donuts

I was like that with my first… definitely go to the doctor soon. You may be super dehydrated. I always was.

I’m in my 23rd week and I still have days I can’t keep anything down

I couldn’t eat unless I took zofran till almost my third trimester

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I had nausea in the beginning. What helped is taking my time getting up in the morning. We so quick to get up and go begin our day. I got up, drank some water in bed and munch on a few crackers then got up. Helped a lot with morning sickness

I ate ice and crushed ice in juice or Gatorade and just ate the ice and threw the juice down the drain when i was done… yes it was a bit wasteful but it only lasted a week thankfully and this is gonna sound gross but chicken broth with salt and pepper

Pickle juice helped me I ate alot of pickles also

I did that till I was 23 weeks. They put me on a pill called dicgles which helped but I with drawed Coming off of it also caused my baby birth defects.

Crackers really helped me

I was very lucky and never got morning sickness! Though I did get the flu early on but other than that nothing lol

Pedialyte! I got a script for Zofran too.

You might want to try pedalite. It’s not the best tasting but might help

Ginger candy. Ita disgusting…but works.

I was sick for the first 4 months of my pregnancy for my girls, mints worked with my first one, I took zofran for my second one.

I got preggie pops they are suckers, full of ginger and peppermint. They helped. My sister in law did CBD oil it helped her.

Apple sauce and bananas where all I could keep down

Sounds like you have hyperemesis gravidarum. Ask them for dicgles! It helps me sometimes but I’m also on zofran every 6 hours.

Have you tried b6 supplements? Worked like a charm for me

You might have hg, I had it from week 4- birth. They can give you pills at your doctors appointment. You’re probably dehydrated at this point also, make sure you stress to the doctor you cat eat or drink ANYTHING

Peppermint/ pickle juice

Get a prescription for Zofran. That really helps a lot.

With my first all I could keep down was crackers and ice with my 3rd I couldn’t keep anything down I had to smoke to be able to eat anything

Nothing worked for me until the doctor prescribed me a half a tab of unisom and 10mg of vitamin b6. 3 times a day. It sounds so weird but I swear you it works. I was so sick and couldn’t keep anything down either. It takes a few days to work tho. Hang in there!!!

That’s just part of being pregnant. Everyone is different. I was sick for 2 months. Then 8 months. Then 2 weeks. We mothers put up with so much. They used to have medication for it but it may cause issues with the baby…so I just suffered through it.
Good luck !!

I ended up with a home IV and a stomach pump with meds… they said it was hyperemesis gravidarum. I also went into preterm labor about 10 times and miscarried my son’s twin. Talk to your OBGYN about it

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This may be looked down upon and I might get some haters but seriously tried everything… was deathly ill and hospitalized for dehydration and malnutrition. I was on diclectin and it didn’t help at all… the only thing that helped was cannabis. It reduced my nausea by at least half and allowed me to keep down water and food.

I smoked through both my pregnancies and I have 2 healthy, happy boys who are 9 and 12.


Sea bandz is the only thing that worked for me… they has lozenges and suckers… you can find it at walmart or cvs, probably anywhere similar as well

Suck on a fresh lemon

I had severe nausea and vomiting first 5 mos with baby 1. 6 mos with baby 2 turns out Zantac an antacid would’ve helped a lot but no one told me. So I suffered needlessly.

Vitamin B12
Water with a lemon wedge, sip slowly.
I took diclecten for the all day sickness. Prescribed by my dr.

we lost ours
But I was violently ill from the beginning. I lost weight the entire time. (There is a specific syndrome or just thing that happens to some… not many) but basically its just the worst sickness you can get while pregnant.

I did crushed ice, sour candies. Anything to keep the flavour out of my mouth. It wasnt pleasant.


That was my life for about 14 weeks it’s miserable I have HG the only thing that helps me
Is the medicine dicglise I take two at night one in the morning ask your doctor about it zofan never worked for me and isn’t very safe to take. Good luck hope it passes quick for you

PreggyPops…they helped me…I had morning sickness almost 8 months of my pregnancy and lost a ton of weight…they have ginger which helps ease your stomach…also ginger ale …

That was me I was on meal shakes basically. Let me know if it gets better for you mine didn’t. My first pregnancy and only pregnancy was HORRIBLE everything from severe nausea from my pregnancy on top of gallstone pain and nausea to an emergency c section because of high bp in me and LO where they discovered I had placenta accreta AND SCRAPED MY INSIDES not to mention all of this WITH MY EPIDURAL NOT WORKING after they administered it for my contractions. Lol I been through it all, except death. Wide awake feeling my insides scraped. :blush:

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THC & CBD were my saviours


What Kim Latch said is what I am talking about! I had the same thing! Thank you. It’s been so long, and try not to think about it because of how things ended up.

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Nope. Had to go get iv fluids 3 times a week, 2 bags per visit, at our infusion center to survive.i have HG though .

Ginger!! Anything ginger!!

I had the flu during my first trimester, & wasn’t able to eat or drink much of anything! I lost 17 pounds & my doctor was concerned but encouraged me to take my vitamins when I felt the least nauseous so the baby could still get his nutrients! Good luck! & try those suckers, they have like vitamin b & ginger & they’re pretty good & worked wonders!

That was how I was. Peppermints helped me

Freeze pedialyte in ice cube trays and suck on them

that and drink Gatorade too if you can’t keep fluids down

Nothing worked for me until they prescribed me 2 nausea meds together and that is only thing that helps see if they can give you reglan & zofran together they were my savior but one didn’t work without the other. Good luck

Yup, only thing I could keep down was ensure until doc gave me meds to help.

also make sure you don’t have acid reflux, gastritis, or heartburn

Yep. With my daughter it didn’t stop until about 22 weeks. This baby is 13weeks and some days and still super sick. Good luck

Zofran is starting to have studies done that prove it isn’t safe for pregnancy. I would look in to it.

My doctor prescribed Zofran and life got so much easier! I didn’t want to take meds, but nothing natural was working.

Preggie pops from Target!!

I was like that until 13 weeks with both my girls, boys gave me no trouble; Had to be hospitalized this time around but I love the preggie pops and fruit stayed down here and there. You will gain when you can!!

This is my post … I cant. take zofran due to being allergic and benadryl as well including off brands I’ve tried pedialyte and ginger ale Sprite I had this with my 3rd but not this long here lasted 3 days. My other 2 kids I had nothing I tried chicken broth and beef broth and threw that up today. And I know I’m not dehydrated I went to hospital yesterday Nd they said all my electrolytes are good … I smoke week every night to help me sleep my obgyn suggested me to do so but sadly does not help at alll… I wear the motion sickness bracelet all day and every night it don’t work and sucking on suckers makes me gag and I ate this popsicle and puked it

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Nothing worked for me unfortunately, it just died down after I was about 4 months along. Prayers it doesn’t last the whole pregnancy!

Diclectin is helping me. they’re small tablets, easy to swallow too.

Talk to your dr about Hyperemesis Gravidarum(sp)

Zofran helped me tremendously. Also strangely enough, try 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Eat it at your own pace.

I ate small bits of fruit

Ginger ale was the only thing that helped me.

When i first got pregnant with my 3rd, all I could handle was Ginger ale & pretzels.

Saltines before you get out of bed