What helps with stretch marks?

So I’m 33 weeks with my second and I feel HUGE. I also had dark stretch marks which I didn’t get with my first and I hate looking at them. Is there anything that y’all used that actually helped with the stretch marks?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What helps with stretch marks?

Cocoa butter and oil

Bio oil, tanning beds or sun, that will lighten them up.

coco butter formula for scars and stretchmarks at clicks

They will lighten up with time. But they won’t go away.

Vitamin E oil and Bio oil

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Nothing, honestly!! You’re now a proud owner of a beautiful mama body. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Baby oil coconut oil coconut butter

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Bio oil actually worked for my stretch marks. You just need to keep the skin hydrated and stay hydrated yourself. Stretch marks will happen. They will fade with time but will never go away completely. The best you can hope for is white stripes but it’s really not that bad.

They are genetic unfortunately


They are your tiger stripes, wear them with pride :innocent:


Stretch mark Minimizer and coco butter. 2-3x a day. Mine are barely noticeable. Gotta keep your skin hydrated.

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They can lighten with time and moisture usually but if deep they will always kinda stand out…also keeping them moisturized seems to also help keep itching to a minimum. (If they get dry they can get SOOOO itchy!)

Coconut oil and never stop applying even months after you have him. Also shea butter !

Palmers works the best for me

Drink plenty of water daily, helps the elasticity in our bodies and coconut oil! You can find it in pump bottles on Amazon.

Lots of lotion. I used palmers/vit e. Palmers made vanishing label product too back then. Ive used all 3.

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Cocoa butter lotion worked wonders with me…

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Biol oil works amazing

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The coco butter never helped me keep moisturized enough

I’m 33 weeks with my second too! And same! They itch like crazy. I just use cocoa butter. I don’t really care about the appearance cause, well it kinda comes with the territory haha but they itch something awful. So I just cocoa butter everyday and it seems to help a little bit!

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Once they are there they will never fully go away they will lighten over time but it’s genetics. The skin has tore and caused the mark. You can’t untear it.

But you could have possibly helped by cream etc early on threw out to help with the skin pulling and streatching

Cocoa butter i used to hear how it helped them go away but in my experience it only made them much much lighter and faded them. Stretch marks dont go away at all but they fade and become lighter over time.

Nothing usually helps with them unfortunately only time makes them less noticeable. I still have stretch marks on my thighs since high school and I’ve tried everything suggested. :weary: Maybe something can be done professionally but I never cared that much lol.

I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and with both pregnancies I didn’t have any and I thank obsessively moisturizing for preventing that lol.

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Dr told me they’ll never go away. They shrink and eventually look like a thin line.

Sorry to say there is nothing you can do about it, As you get older, & I am older, they slowly will fade, Mine don’t seem that bad now that I am 69 yrs old (daughter will be 51 yrs old) :slight_smile:

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Nope I learned iwas going to get them no matter what so I embraced it 3rd full term pregnancy here at 33 weeks and my existing one have grown a little but it is what it is my under belly button is covered. :sweat_smile:

Laser treatments after baby is born

I put baby oil on my belly a few times a day… I gained 58lbs with my daughter and didn’t get any stretch marks on my belly but my thighs are covered!! They will fade over time to a white color… Wear them proud!!! You earned those tiger stripes!!!

i used Rose Hip oil during and after pregnancy. i swear by it.

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All these women saying there is nothing you can do about it is FALSE. Does it take time and multiple treatments? Yes. But it’s not impossible.  The best thing to avoid stretch marks is to prevent them early on but seeing as you already have them there are other options for you. After pregnancy you should definitely seek out a local medspa who offers a small variety of treatments to diminish the appearance of stretch marks.  it will cost you money and multiple visits but it will definitely make them more faded. You can get laser therapy, micro needling, and chemical peels which will all help make them fade away! Good luck 


Only time will let them fade, there is no solution to Erase them … all you can do is be proud of your Accomplishments of giving birth


Vitamin E. Oil apply it like lotion

No amount of any product is going to actually get rid of them. Just something you’ve gotta learn to embrace

Vitamin E gel tablets open small hole in the pill then squeeze out gel and rub onto stretch marks

I used pure romance’s stretch mark lotion as well as coconut oil. But it will just make sure it’s not itchy and will dull the mark. Be proud of them… I’ve got 4 kiddos and they have faded over time.

Palmers skin care set for pregnant mamas.

Nothing actually will take stretch marks away
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Bio oil 2 times a day. They’re not gone, but have lightened in colour and size.