What iron supplement can I give my baby?

Any advice appreciated. My boy started blw at 6 months. He has always done well with eating. He is almost 13 months now, and his pediatrician wanted to start him on a short round of iron supplements due to his iron being lower than the normal range (not significantly). I really want a chance to step in and pay more attention to his diet, and I would also plan to get his iron checked again before his 18 month appointment for his own safety. I know I can do something to help him, but I am looking for kid friendly ideas with high iron or iron in general, plus vitamin C (although I know I can just do oranges or OJ). Thanks in advance.

My son’s iron was low around that time as well, he was and still is a very picky eater. I gave him vitamin gummies and by his next appt his iron went up. You can also try veggie / fruit smoothies but I feel like if you want quick and easy gummies definitely

Biogaia plant force
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