What is a cute way to announce a pregnancy?

So I’m pregnant with baby #4 and am trying to think of a cute way to tell my mother & grandmother what I’m having. I find out next week & really just want to leave something in the mailbox that says “it’s a boy!” Or “it’s a girl!” And have them scramble to figure out who it is lol. I don’t want to do anything big just something simple do y’all think that is simple and funny? drop more ideas so I can skim through them lol.


Make a crossword or word find

Actually think that’s cute x

Draw a pink or blue balloon on a post card write It’s girl or boy on the balloon and either mail it or pur it in their mailbox, mailing it would really have them wondering :thinking: :thought_balloon: :heart:

Could see if a friend could deliver the “tell’ya gram”

Pink or Blue Balloons and flowers

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Have a cake or small flower arrangement sent to your mom and have it say something about her being a new boy/girl grandma and sis idk. Or just do flowers for each with just the note it’s a boy or it’s a girl and have flowers be the same color