What is a doula?

Wanting to get the schooling/training to be a lactation consultant and/or doula.

  1. what is the difference?
  2. which is more common and would be more likely to get a job with?
  3. where are some online places I can look at applying?
  4. any scholarships or loans or grants available?

Doula would probably have more opportunities because many lactation consultants have dual jobs. Like many nurses add the certification, so it is not really their main job.

Neither necessarily require formal training (government oversight varies from state to state). I recommend you find the local chapter of La Leche League and begin to attend meetings. The path to become a LLL leader is inexpensive and will help you meet many of the requirements of an IBCLC, if you so choose.
If you want to become a doula, see if you can attend several births for free first. Aim for both home and hospital births. Be the one who washes the dishes, plays with the toddler, changes the sheets with poop and vomit on them. Be the one to bribe the nurses for the code to the hidden snacks room to fetch the ice chips for the hundredth time. Be prepared for this to cost your family at first; daycare expenses, gas, etc. Plan to be out of the house for at least 24 hours at a time. THEN invest money in a training program, if you wish. :slight_smile: