What is a fatty liver?

Has any mommas been told they have a fatty liver? I had what I thought was gallbladder pain. It just kinda comes and goes. Not significant pain were it hurts real bad just kinda uncomfortable on my right side. My doctor ordered a hida scan and ultra sound of my gall bladder. That all turned out good. But I was told I have a fatty liver. Now my doctor wants a ct scan of my liver done, so she can see it better and I guess to see the extent of it. I asked what would cause it, she told me drinking alcohol or taking Tylenol. But I don’t do either. I never drink. I don’t take tylenol. I use to take a lot of ibuprofen for migraines but I’m on medicines now for migraines. I’m only 24 almost 25 if that makes a difference. Everything I’ve read about a fatty liver says “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease”. I’m just stressing over it because I don’t know if this is something serious to worry about or not. I guess I won’t find out more until I get my ct scan done. Has anyone had a fatty liver before? What happens if you have one? Do you get put on medicines, do you just have to change you diet? I’m just so lost. I need someone to ease my mind until I can get my ct scan done and get my results back.


My sister had it and fixed it with diet

I have a fatty liver. I also have gallstones and need my gallbladder out. Change your diet. I dont eat oils or fats anymore.

My ex has it, but he’s had it since he was 18 or 19 from medications for bipolar and stuff and also has hemochromatosis

You’ll be fine a slight diet change and maybe a prescription.

You want high antioxidant values because antioxidants flush toxins out.

Everything you put on your skin your liver processes, dont make it work hard. Use coconut oil for moisturizing or olive…buy organic soap and household products from the health food store.

My husband has it. We were so scared at first also. We did a diet change and he lost alittle weight and even though he still has it its not that bad

Go to the health food store and purchase some chlorella, spirulina, or a food based organic multivitamin and drink lots of water everyday. Start and excersise routine. Losing the weight will help cure it but the easiest way to change your diet is to switch to prinarily whole food organic ingredients. Cut out all processed, sugary, GMO foods.

Save these photos to your phone to help you :slight_smile:

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Lots of starches will also cause it my husband was told the same thing when he was 25 and the dr said not so many sugars so less soda less beer less pasta and breads and any carbs pretty much

My son is 13 an has chd he has fatty liver since he was 10 they put him on a diet an exercise program my sister has it to doctor said it is genetic as well

My husband has a fatty liver. His is from tylenol PM just had a cat scan done dr said lose weight and eliminate carbs

I had it lost weight it went away

I was recently told that I have it and my Dr. just said to switch to a low fat diet.

My son had a fatty liver and when he had test done it was his liver.He did not drink or do drugs but has since had a liver transplant and is doing well. They called it Non alcoholic Serouis of the Liver.He is 65.

Go to either a health food store or even Amazon has what’s called NAC
N- acetyl cysteine. It’s worked tremendously for mine. I also take floragen 3 which is a probiotic.

I have a fatty liver and yes it could be serious they tell me.

Do you drink lots of water???
A lot of people don’t consume enough

I use to have a fatty liver and damaged from Ibuprofen. I have Menorrhagia and was prescribed a lot of Ibuprofen but since stopped bc of the damage it did to my liver. I live with the pain now.

I had a Hida scan they said it was fatty liver. I had an endoscopy and they found nothing. They opened me up and I had tons of adhesions coming from my gallbladder so they took it out. Nothing was wrong with my liver.

Also cardiologist tell patients to never take ibuprofen becace it effects and the kidneys

I had fatty liver when I was 28 but I was also overweight…lost weight and it went away. Don’t worry too much about it all will be good. GOD BLESS