What is a good age for kids to start sports?

My oldest did soccer at 2 started dance at 3 and now she is 5 doing cheer, it helped socialize her and helped making friends

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It depends on the sport.


The little types playing Tball are adorable-running the world direction to the bases and all. There are also gymnastics and ballet classes for that age group.

My 2.5 old is in tball, he plays at home, but when it’s time to play at his games he won’t yet, but we still have him get dressed in his uniform and sit and watch the game to help with structure. I have noticed that with his team, 3 yrs seems to be a great age.

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We started soccer at 3.

I’d say soccer, swimming, or a tumbling class.

My boys were so active at that age…we started gymnastics at 2! I found out that gymnastics helped them so much once they got into other things, they were much better athletes because of gymnastics!!


At 2 my son did mom and tot tumbling and at our local park district nerf soccer and basketball.

My grandson started flag football in soccer at 6 and baseball at 7 and to be honest everybody on all the sports it was already their second and third year he did catch on no problem

We started sports clinics at 2 and at 3 he started do actual sports.

At 2 you could starts gymnastics/tumbling

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4 for tball however my 1 year old is in babynastics & loves it

Whatever age they want. There’s no right or wrong answer here. A lot of sports start at 3… doesn’t mean they have to start at 3. You can try, but if they don’t want to do it, don’t force it and try again next year. My two oldest started lacrosse at 5 and 3, but the 3 year old didn’t catch on so we left it. Then they started hockey at 5-6. Baseball at 9, etc…
My 3rd, who’s 5 now, started gymnastics and softball at 3, Covid hit and stopped that and also stopped her hockey at 4, but this fall she will be in hockey. As a child I always wanted to play hockey but only started at 16, and I’m almost 38 and still play. I started softball at 9, and still play.

Play with him at home out side or in apark

My kids have both done gymnastics starting at 1…soccer usually starts around age 3 it’s good to have them get some energy out

My kids started tee ball and soccer at age 3 or 4. You really have to check with the leagues where you live to find out minimum ages. Some places start them real young, some wait till kindergarten or first grade.

Our son started soccer at 2 and is now about to be 8 and loves it! It keeps him very active.

Simple: Look into gymnastics they start of them as young as two

Our rec center starts soccer at 3.5 and tball at 4.

Never too young for sport xx

The youngest sport around me is soccer at 3 so that was what we did first. Then he started T-ball and wrestling at 4 but turned 5 during his first wrestling season. Football wasn’t until 2nd grade.

Most insurance with organized sports will not allow children under 3. You will need to check your local community/city hall for information directly related to your city/state and child’s age.
Also some churches do organized sports like Upwards Basketball.

There are classes for babies. Like mommy and me classes. My youngest started tumbling classes at 6, cheer at 7, and switched to gymnastics at 8. In any sport, the earlier you start then the easier it will be for them.

Depends on the childs ability to listen, cooperate, and participate. Also on where you live.
In my area there are no places for super small children unless one is willing to travel super far. School doesn’t offer it until middle school-ish age.

Gymnastics :ok_hand:. I even have my 1 year old in a class. Also swimming lessons.

My boys have been playing sports since 4 or 5 years old

The sooner the better

My daughter barely started tball at 4. But it’s never too early to grab a bat and ball and start teaching him how to play the sport. We did we practice with my daughter before she turned 4 and by the time she started playing she knew more less what to do

Your have to do it on your own , but alot if the sports have sighn up for 3 and 4 year old

Whenever they can follow directions from an adult who isn’t their parent. That age will vary by individual.

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I see a lot of young boys doing gymnastics

My grandson did tumbling for a bit, until he got bored. They don’t have a long attention span when so young.

He can start swimming lessons and ice skating with you. Volunteer for T ball or soccer after that when he’s 4 or 5. It’s best to do things with them to keep them active and teach them about sportsmanship

4 years old. Normally T-ball is a great sport to begin with


There’s classes for most age-group just find the appropriate one i guess the school or ymca would be good starting points as well and any community center

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I think hes to young to do anything with a team but you can try and get him into something active. Maybe like a mommy and me group or something. My girls started sports at 4 with soccer


My son started riding a mini bike when he was 2, he was rocking it at 3. He switched over to side x side Baja racing and his kids followed right behind him.
If you are looking for something organized for 30 minutes 2 or 3 days a week talk to a martial arts studio. They start with learning to pay attention and proper falling. Not much of sport at that age. My youngest son loved it. My grandsons were doing it at 3. One went on to black belt and one granddaughter changed to softball after her Jr black belt. It’s all about the amount of energy your toddler has. Spend some time taking him to different activities. You’ll know if he has any interest in participating. In the mean time, it will give you something to do with him.

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My son started in the “Lil’ Kickers” soccer classes at 18 months old. It’s just for fun and to run out the kid’s energy, and he loved it!


T-ball is great for active coordinated 2 year olds.

Mommy and Me gymnastics. Great for boys and girls. Started my son when he was 16 months to get his active little self and me out of the house to burn some energy. He’s almost 15 now, is a Level 10 competitive gymnast, and will probably end up on team in college, hopefully with a scholarship! Was not my intention…he fell in love with the sport and the rest is history. Helps with every aspect of life. Time management, discipline, becoming coachable, learning to function as an independent athlete within a team, learning your body, better prepared for other sports…the list goes on. Highly recommend.


2-4 is a good age! It seems young but sports are a great way for kids to become more coordinated, exercise, socialize, and learn discipline. As long as you’re not forcing your child to participate in a sport they don’t want to play or forcing them to practice all of the time, I think sports are great for children of all ages! Plus starting kids at a younger age typically makes them better athletes in middle school and high school and can improve their confidence.


Grandson is 2. He does soccer, gym class n swim class. Not competitive at all, just getting him used to it.

Tumbling and swimming are good sports for his age. You can also buy a Tball kit to have him do in the yard

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Every child is different. You have to determine his or her interest level, ability to folliw instructions, share the ball and play with teammates, etc. You know your child best, and its OK if he or she waits a year or so after peers if not mentally or emotionally ready.

According to you and discussion with husband Your child is very smart Gradually explore what he can do and both be his side He’s has a great feeling for exercising games Have fun with him

Mine all started rag ball or tball at age 4. Two daughters went on to play softball and my son played baseball throughout high school. One daughter is now a high school softball coach. All three of mine had a natural love for sports from early on, having watched and been around all types of sports since birth. Of course, start them only if they show a genuine interest in whatever sport they will be playing. It has to be something they enjoy. If they have no interest, it will be a waste of time and money and a source of stress for both of you. Any earlier than 4 or 5 years old though is too soon. Until then stick with play dates and such to let them get accustomed to playing and getting along with other kids

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My 2 1/2 year old grandson took a class this past school year called Tiny Tykes that had 3weeks each of 4 different sports! He loved it! Now he is taking gymnastics once a week and a swimming class. He is so excited and loves these classes! Not too young at all, but if you don’t feel comfortable starting him that young, that’s ok!

Agree with your husband! Let him play with other kids his age.

They start kids in our area in soccer about 3-1/2 to 4 and it’s generally coached by parents to start with!

As far as I know, there are no organized sports for two year olds since they can’t be depended on to follow directions yet, and attention span is about 7 minutes. Sports that are done on an individual basis are best at that age, such as scooters, or little bicycles that have no pedals but are simply pushed around by the legs. Supervised swimming is excellent, as is a T-ball set up, and/or a toy basketball net.

Preschool age is great for T-Ball

Tee Ball is organized chaos and perfect for toddlers to get a foundation in sports. There is no real pressure, it is all about fun and an introduction to learning about sporting and teamwork.


Soccer age 3. T-ball 4.

My granddaughter had her first course in dance at age 3. She loved it!

Started my kids around 3 or 4 yrs

Your husband is right he’s too young wait awhile

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They look cute running around out there in the field don’t they? I side with your husband. Kids need have play dates, learn how to interact with other kids before joining organized sports. I put my daughter in gymnastics age 4, tap ballet and jazz age six. And so on with skating swimming and such.

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Around 4 will be good so he can tell you how he likes it and if there is a someone being mean to him, also it will keep you busy, ENJOY💕

The time is! When you think his ready.

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My son started tball at 3

Ice skating then hockey they have the chair things to help them stand before you know they don’t need that anymore

While they are younge

Try getting him to a Karate class

I think before they’re in school is ridiculous… but they have teams for I think 2-3 y.o… just let them be kids playing, using their imagination because putting them in sports and having them busy so much grows them up sooo fast then they won’t learn to be content as a child.

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Guess on the child’s ability.

My kids started at 2

My son got.into.kinder soccer.at 4 and he’s 33 now and still.plays in a men’s league…my grandson is 7 and he plays.soccer too.and started at 5 …its.more for fun.and to.learn basics of the sport at that age…its all.for.fun.and burns off energy…if they enjoy themselves at that age…let him play something…good.way to make friends.too

Toddler. Saw Tiger on tv when he was
Like 3-5. Mike Douglas show at Aunt Dora’s…swinging his brains out!

My kids started at 3 at the YMCA

5 yrs at the earliest


Mommy and me gymnastics is good and dance starts at 3

Gymnastics. This will help him build coordination and strength before organizes sports

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A lot of city’s have a public recreation department. Call and see what they have for young children. My boys loved t-ball and as they got older some of them loved little dribblers (basketball). Many cities offer more options. We are a tiny town of less than 500. You may find more where you live. Also, if your child doesn’t like it after the first season don’t push them. I’ve seen too many kids burned out by their parents ambition to have them in sports they don’t like. A lot of public libraries have kids activities as well. Check your local listings and give them a call.

Gymnastics. Great use of energy for that age

Put him in a class with other kids his age like gymnastics, or even dance. Yes boys can do dance. I don’t really think they do sports that young anyway

Martial Arts is always a popular choice. Great exercise, learn the importance of respect and discipline. All while learning that rewards come from hard work. Nothing given, everything (good and bad) is earned

Yes he is a little young but there are programs out there call a day care and see if they can help you.

4 or 5 as early as that particular sport will allow. If you wait until the child actually shows interest they are too old and behind. Unfortunately coaches won’t give playing time. Unfair absolutely however it is reality

As a toddler 2 _ 4. Their attention span is very short

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I’d say 4 or 5. That’s when my daughter started dance

Depends on the sport and the child