What is a good age for kids to start sports?

At what age can kids start playing sports? I have an active two year old and want to get him involved in something, but my husband thinks he is too young to get into anything organized.


They say 4 that’s the normal age for like t ball and sports

Soccer is perfect at that age… my twins started soccer at 2

Honestly i started my daughter at 5 in rec cheer but had her in dance classes

Soccer or baseball :baseball:

Gymnastics, gymboree Mommy and me class, music with dance, volunteer at a church where other mommies are getting counseling and need childcare,

That’s a great age for gymnastics. Not sure if there’s much else for a 2 year old.

Swimming lessons are great for any age

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My 3yo is obsessed with Dad and his soccer so next year we are putting him into it

Football, judo,karate

Soccer is great to burn off some Energy. Swimming is also good that age and will use it later on

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That’s a really great age to start in gymnastics!
Now I think I’m going to see about starting my little in something, too!

Usually about 6 ish is the age in Oregon. Except for gymnastics and things like that where they have a lot of 1 on 1 attention from a teacher.

My daughter started gymnastics alittle before 3 and she started mma class at 4

We tried soccer but the coach wasnt that great my child learned nothing. We put her in tball and she loved it

I started playing baseball at 3. I was even younger when my parents put me in swimming lessons. So those 2 things would be a good start

My son started soccer at 3 and my nephew just played too at 3

Swimming or gymnastics are the best activities at age two. They are to young for group activities rules.

Most sports it’s at 3 years old but it also depends on when is there birthday cause there is a cut off date. I started at my kids 3 years old first sport for them was flag football

My daughter started travel basketball at 6. She went to college on a scholarship and is in the Basketball Hall of Fame through the Elks Free throw competition. Finished first in 2012

Soccer is great to start that young. It will help them with any sport they want to do when they are about 5. They will learn coordination and balance. I started my oldest daughter in what was called soccertots at almost 2, then switched to ballet at 3. At 5 she started playing basketball and now at 13 she’s been playing AAU basketball with a varsity high school team.

I think they at least hv to be potty trained first; then the field for any sport should be available…

My son will be 3 in October and we signed him up for gymnastics. Where we go, it’s only 6 sessions and we are on our second sign up of it.

I started mine in tball at 4. Each sport has different rules

My child started cheer at 3, now is in tumbling,cheer, dance and gymnastics at 6.

We take our little girl to Gym tots,maybe u have something similar in your area?At that age it can be difficult to get them to engage in something organised but it’s a good intro. She gets to experience all the gym equipment,climbs,jumps on the trampoline and we play games with bean bags and footballs.

Go outside and be active with him.

I dont think its ever too young. Then you can try different sports and see which ones they really like

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I believe there are soccer programs for toddlers

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When he’s potty trained, you can start like a dance or gymnastics toddler class. He really doesnt have fine or gross motor skills for organized sports.

I would get involved with Parents as teachers in your area. They organize playdate, etc.

Right now just look for things like playing at different play grounds, and riding tricycles.

My kids started with soccer once a week when they were 2/3. But as a family we would play little games of baseball and went to the driving range to practice golf. At three they started skating and then playing hockey by 4. They are now 25/20 and they both were great athletes.

We have sport ball here and it starts at 3 I believe. And little kickers. Our two year old loves to kick a soccer ball

Toss a ball back and forth. Maybe a lightweight plastic one. Maybe get a lightweight plastic bat to go with it. Or a baby sized football or nerf ball. Or throwing a ball into a raised waste basket on a chair. It will become apparent whether or not that is enjoyed by your child. Maybe there is a park nearby with playground equipment he can safely climb on. It’s a good place to meet other little kids and see how they play.

Why don’t you look online and see what’s available in your area??

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Soccer, swim classes, dance or gymnastics…

My daughter started gymnastics at age 2 and swimming lessons at just age 1.

He’s too young to start sports. As parents if he wants to play sports you should support him & go play with him.
Once he is in Pre-K if they offer a program then he should start sports.

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Swim lessons perhaps? Local YMCA?

Get toddler spirts equipment at dollar tree, find friends in park and play sports! Thats what i did as a child.
Also t-ball, toddler ball, is around 3-4 if im not mistaken. Its pretty expensive for the uniforms and HONESTLY it really is just the kiddos in uniforms standing around playing together, some are more advanced and miay hit a ball, some are in the outfield picking their nose :rofl::woman_shrugging: i think its more for the experience not the seriousness.

We did toddler gymnastics and swimming lessons at that age.

Team sports don’t usually start until around 5 yrs old. But that shouldn’t stop you from going out and teaching him how to play.

Try have him hit golf balls in the back yard. Or just play games with hi outside.

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2 good luck that’s way young

Just signed my 2 year old up for basketball :basketball::raised_hands:

I started T-Ball as soon as I could walk and continued until I was 17. Forever glad my mom started me in TBall

At the age of two there’s no organized any thing. My opinion I would set up play dates 2-3x a week with friends. Boy’s have
a lot of energy the park if you have time community pool swim lessons.

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Im in Missouri and where I live we have a bunch of sports for kids that age t ball soccer and stuff like that but they dont play against other teams like older kids do they kinda play for fun against each other I honestly think its a great idea it allows them to make friends teaches them about taking turns and team work at a young age not to mention gets a lot of energy out of them

Most I’ve looked at are 3 and up. Mine just turned 3 and he’s going to be joining his brother in taekwondo. Plus he wants to do soccer.

Two or three is a good age to start sports, dance, etc. They can handle it and love it. The coaches and teachers make it fun, and not disciplined at that age. They get out of the house, get fresh air and sunshine, get exercise, learn socialization skills, and learn a sport (etc.). At this young age, the kids just play and the teacher goes over some soccer stuff, but makes it fun. It’s basically playing. Not a true structured sport a this point. That doesn’t happen for a few more years down the road.

I would just search and see what is available to you. If something is available for him, start him with it. But in the meantime, work with him at home a little. Working on his motor skills a bit.

My mate put her kid in swimming classes and rugby tots from a very early age, she is such am active kid, shes now doing gymnastics x

I don’t think they offer sports at 2, 3 and above I believe. But, maybe a local mommy group that go on trips to the park, splash pads, things like that. Maybe even a local church has something going on to join.

I say 4 for team sports

Idk about 2, but I was in soccer at 4 years old!

Tumbling, ninja classes for toddlers, martial arts, gymnastics, swim lessons, open swim time just for kids.

We have tiny tots for rugby here in New Zealand, made specifically for babies. Teaches them how to catch (obviously a softer ball). We also have league which is similar to rugby but you cannot play until you’re 4/5. Netball ranges as well. We have primary ages which would be elementary aged kids but they can play at 4 as long as they’re turning 5 that year

My youngest started wrestling at 3. Was a State Champion at 5.

2! Soccer or t ball. Gymnastics. Dance. Swim. Music.

Not sure what age they start, but Tball would be a good one to start with.

Whenever they start showing interest


When they want/show interest

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I started my son with tball at 5 then he liked soccer so weve been doing that hes 6 now

I had my son in swim lessons, soccer and Gymnastics at 2.

As soon as the program allows. Keep your expectations reasonable. At this age, all they want is the gear and snacks. :rofl:

Mone started soccer and t ball at 3

When they show interest.

I started tee ball at 4 yrs old . I played softball n softpitch until i was 16

My sons been in football since he was 4. He’s 16 now an so good.

I put my daughter in soccer at 4. It was a train wreck. Her last two games she sat in her fold out chair and watched her team… :woman_facepalming:t3: I asked her if she just wanted to stick to golf and she said yes lol she’s like me and an introvert. My son will start a sport next year at 3. He’s his dads, both extroverts :joy:

Both my girls started cheering at 2. My daughter’s karate starts them at 3/4. At 5 they both started other sports through the local rec program

My daughter is 2 and does gymnastics & my son is 4 but started tball at 3 . They love it

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As soon as the sport allows, my 5 year old did soccer last year. Also same time my oldest started

My daughter started t-ball at 3

My son started soccer at 4 played for a while til the league closed. Then last year at 8 he started baseball. Hoping to get my daughter in softball this fall she will be 7

We did wee ball at 3 it’s basically tee-ball but no outs

My daughter started gymnastics at 4, we chose that because it’s a GREAT base for any future sport since it teaches balance, flexibility, stamina, etc. She did Tball this summer (she’s 5 now). Idk that I’d call it a sport but she also has done swim lessons.

My daughter is 3 & does soccer.

Many of the pros started at 2. We’re getting my 2yr old in basketball and soccer

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The sooner the better.

I think depends on child… the earlier the better for most…

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Tumbling and gymnastics or even karate

I started my son is rookie youth hockey programs at 4. It gives him a chance to get the idea of it and just be on the ice right now and then when he’s 6 it’ll get more organized and he’ll actually be playing.

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Check out your YMCA. HERE they could do swimming, soccer gymnastics

I started my son at 4 in tball

When they want to, you force your child into sports they don’t want to do then it’s not a good experience for them


Just be ready for injuries and make sure you get medical assistance if needed I played sports all my life had a few injuries 12 broke bones in my right hand alone knee injury ended me in sports they had to transplant a ligament from my thigh it was 2 inches wide 13 inches long drilled a hole in my top leg bone tied the ligament in it wrapped it around my bottom bone in my leg just so I could walk I was just 23 years old at the time and I would go do it all over again just have your child be careful and take care of them

Two years old is pretty disorganized in general. And their attention span is like a gnat. Maybe a tumbling class?

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Soccer would be great! It will wear him out running!
Gymnastics also! My granddaughter is 7 now but started at around that age and she is doing competitions now!

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My kids started bitty ball at 2.5. It was a complete shit show but they were 2 and they had fun

My son is 3 and will start tball next month!

Soccer at age 3 and I believe flag football

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Soccer would be a good option.

My daughter started tball at 3. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In my county we have tee ball and soccer for 3 yos. It is very disorganized and chaotic, as it should be, but running around and kicking gets the wiggles out. It’s super cute watching them too bc they’re all going in different directions :joy: for 2yos, there may be tumbling classes or toddler play times at your local cheer camps or trampoline parks, so the big kids don’t hurt the littles

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Start teaching to catch/throw/hit/kick ball then worry about team sports.

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My daughter started T-Ball at 4. She’s now 9 and has played every season and is currently on a travel softball team!

When our son turns 3 we are trying him in hockey and T ball :slightly_smiling_face: he just turned 2 and he likes T ball already (he has a toddler set he practices hitting the ball on currently.)

Around 5 is a good age. I raised three active boys! I started them all in football, t-ball, and basketball. They loved it and it’s good for them too!

My girl started gymnastics when she was 2

I put my son in dance at 2 which was just games and obstacles, but helped with waiting in line and balance and he had fun. He did it until 5, and started soccer at 3…he’s 6 now and does all the sports he can and does a great job.

My 18 month old has an incredibly accurate throw. I want to know the same thing lol