What is a good age to start potty training?

what age do you start potty training? she’s a year & 3 months. she’s still on her binky for bedtime !


When she shows signs of being ready

When she tells you she’s wet or dirty and showing interest in going to the toilet

I’ve been on and off since my daughter was 2, she’s 2.5 now and still not ready, each child is different, my first was 19months and fully trained, this 2nd child is pushing way past that now…

A year and 3 month I’d say too young tbf but it’s when their ready, don’t force it on them.

My eldest was 1 and a half when she came out of nappies and she did it straight away day and night altogether. My youngest Is 3 and a half now and she’s currently still in the process of day time (she’s still got nappies on at night time though) but I’m not rushing her, she’s been in big girls pants for about 2 months now and she was doing great then recently had a step back and having loads of accidents but the past 3 days she’s not had 1 accident. Tbf I thought I would of reallt struggled with my youngest because she only been speaking properly for about a year and her understanding isn’t the best sometimes so I thought it would be harder but it wasn’t, she was the one that told me she wanted to go nursery with big girl pants on and so she did and she’s never wore a nappy in the day since

I started around 2 for all four. All three boys got it pretty quickly, but my girl… she just turned 4 and is still refusing. Every kids different. They’ll let you know.

When she starts letting you know she’s wet/pooped, is uncomfortable with it, can tell you before you ask her, says toilet ahead of time and is mostly dry thro the night. 15mo is early but it’s a chemical development in the brain that needs to happen or it won’t work. If she’s not telling you then she’s not ready

Now I started both my kids at 12 months and they both were fully potty trained by 18 months my youngest is 2 and is fully potty trained it took a few weeks but it’s worth it my oldest is 4 and he was good to go after a few days

When babies can jump and land it in one place. That nerve is attached to the same nerve associated with potty training in the brain.

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Start now . Introduce the potty chair and make it fun for them get excited too !

first birthday for mine. pacifiers are taken and potty training begins.

I’ve always started around age 2

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My daughter is 20 months & we are potty training now. She loves sitting on the big girl potty. We also don’t use the baby toilets because I feel like that’s double potty training. Straight to the big one they all go.

Between 2 and 3 every kid is different yours might be sooner they’ll give you signs when they are ready