What is a good body wash for babies?

What body wash do you like to use for your baby? What is a good one to buy? I’m a new mom and would like recommendations, so if you can tell me what you like to use and why I would appreciate it, I have been looking at all the dove products for babies, but I am not so sure


I used to use Johnson’s vapour bath for my daughter it’s great before bed time or if they have colick warms them. Nicely or for just regular bath time Johnson’s baby soap.is nice

My daughter can only use dove baby sensitive

I bought the walmart brand. My kids never had issues.

Dove, head to toe. With Johnson’s bedtime lotion.
Love it!! Never any rashes or acne like some babies get… Her skin is soft and clean, smells great.

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We started with Dove, but then switched to Mustela. It’s 10000% the best product out there. It leaves no film, leaves his skin soooo soft & smells AMAZING.

Baby Bum. I had a issue with Johnson and baby bum cleaned it up in 2baths

aveeno baby for eczema

Dove is really good but johnson and Johnson i always used and it worked out fine :wink: their lavender night time stuff smells sooooo good, but id start with one free of dyes and scents just in case baby has sensitive skin

Johnson’s night time bath lavender scent. And lotion.

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Mater Mother’s Baby Wash :ok_hand:t2:

My daughter has sensitive skin so we use baby dove and aveeno

Dove or aveeno do us great! We both have eczema

This one is my favorite!

I was using Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo, but switched to Norwex baby wash.

I like dove, aquaphor, & the hello bello brand!

Aveeno or Baby Magic Lavender scent at Walmart

Dove, mine is almost 7 and still uses it

We used aveeno or Johnson and johnson

If I had any babies I would would use lavender and chamomile but it is a lotion named my fair

I had 2 babies close in age. Both had very sensitive skin to products & one has eczema so finding something that worked for both of them was hard. Many “sensitive” 2 in 1 shampoo/body washes Id find that worked for their skin, would dry my sons scalp. Baby Dove sensitive worked for both kids skin and did not give my son dandruff.

Aveeno and dove are the two I used best for sensitive an also dry skin also used a few drops of lavender sleepy bubble bath from Johnston its in a purple bottle… it relaxed both my boys before bed an helped them sleep better I found!!

I love Dove. My son has sensitive skin and it’s so gentle, it doesn’t trigger an eczema outbreak.

the honest co. is the best!

We ended up not using wash most of the time or only using eucerin baby wash because everything made is skin brake out in rashes… not so much now at 4 yrs tho thankfully

personally, i use farmasi products. (pm if you wanted info as i dont always get notifications). all harsh chemicals are banned, good for sensitive skin, and smells great. its been amazing for my kids.

Seedlings baby wash - plant-based, without fragrance or other chemicals.

Pretty much anything other than Johnson and Johnson. Baby dove or aveeno

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Baby’s own, Johnson and Johnson. Anything else as my kids have the same sensitive skin as I do will break us in rash and cause flaking of the skin. We can’t even use dove that’s how sensitive our skins our

I used the Johnson and Johnson which I love. But we also use the aveeno with I think the oatmeal or something for dryer skin since it’s winter time :heart:

They don’t need any. It dries their skin. Having kids and Grandkids that have Eczema you discover this. They don’t need shampoo either till older. What do they do that actually gets them dirty that they need it? It’s not like they are out playing in the mud and dirt.

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Our favorite is baby magic (lotion and soap) but we also use johnson and Johnson

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Baby dove and baby aquaphor for bath

We used burts bee baby it has reduces chemicals and helped my kids with thier eczema

I love Aveeno baby washes! Esp the lavender one (I use it now, too!). Another AWESOME one is by Noodle & Boo. Smells sooooooooo good!! Burts bees also makes great body washes. My son is 19M & I still use all of those on rotation, and they double as shampoo. I stay away from Johnson & Johnson because they seem to strip moisture from his skin. I also didn’t like the smell of baby Dove… but everyone is different!

Johnson & Johnson for all 3 kids. Our middle child has sensitive skin and he was ok with that brand

I use the tesco fragrance free products.

i use baby cetaphil for my son

4 kids later i used baby oil (i know might sound weird) but was the best thing for my kids. Worked great on the craddle cap and never dried out their skin. I loved it.

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Hello bello. No nasty ingredients :relaxed:

My son had a bit of eczema so the doctor recommended aveeno baby and also raw oats in a sock. It makes the bath water really cloudy but soft and his skin cleared up completely and he always smelt amazing coming out of the bath :hugs: Aveeno is very gentle on skin. He’s 2 now and we use childs farm for sensitive skin.

Johnson nd Johnson aggravated my baby’s sensitive skin. I havent had any issue with Honest brand or Cetaphil with Calendula

I use baby dove have done since my son was born he’s now 3 an I still use it to wash him an his hair it’s smells so good to

I use Cetaphil baby on my daughter because she has very sensitive skin and it works really well for us.

Our pediatrician recommends Dove Baby. My son has dry/sensitive skin.
Try using creams instead of lotions. Most lotions actually have alcohol in them.

Baby dove or cetaphil baby

:heart::heart::heart:baby magic…great price an smell…

Dove sensitive body wash. Others we used dried his skin out. Never get Johnson and Johnson brand

None. Our pediatrician said it’s not necessary and dries babies skin. No soaps, shampoo or lotion for the first year, just warm water. Never had a rash or stinky baby :woman_shrugging:

We love Burts bees baby wash…the original one smells like honey & lemon. They also have a lavender one but we don’t like that scent as much. We also use babyganics unscented bubble bath for bath time and use the vapor scent one when he’s stuffy or fighting a cold.


Cetaphil. My boys had sensitive skin and still use it at 7. Now they have a shampoo/body wash combo. We use their lotions, too.


I used the yellow Johnson & Johnson baby wash. When my oldest son had skin sensitivity, I used Aveeno fragrance free though.

Burts bee. It’s a little expensive, but it lasts forever. Seriously a few drops go a long way. And I love the smells.

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I have always used Johnson & Johnson Bedtime bath on all my kids. I like the shampoo and body wash because it smells so good in their hair and it helps calm them down to get to sleep easier. I really like the lavender and camomile smell though. I still use it on my 2 year old. Also if they start getting sick I use Johnson & Johnson vapor bath and it seems to help along with the bedtime shampoo and body wash.


I always used plain Johnson and Johnson baby soap. My kids had sensitive skin and anything else made there skin bumpy. I still use it on my son’s hair and he is 6.

My son is almost 16 years old and still uses Johnson & Johnson bedtime! Smells good and is calming. :grin:

Aveeno baby is great. Johnson & Johnson bedtime is good too.

Our Pediatrician recommended Dove, the green label.


Always used purple Johnson and Johnson (lavender I think)… never had problems. And the smell and relaxation … However there was a color green aveno baby brand that my brothers used as babies … And it was amazing and smelt amazing …

I try and stay away from chemicals expecially Phenoxyethanol which alot of baby wipes, baby products, and other products have expecially johnson and johnson. Look up Phenoxyethanol dangers.

I loved using noodle and boo but since toys r us shut down I can’t find it in stores unless it’s online but it smells amazing

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my dr recommended the regular baby dove… my son has eczema so sometimes i use the eczema baby dove too with aveeno night time balm & you’d never know he has skin problems. sometimes i put a little baking soda in his bath water, my mom always did it with us and it really does help with rashes and stuff

I loved the walmart bramd lavender nighttime body wash!

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I use mustella its smells amazing and keeps my babys skin super hydrated

Johnson and Johnson lavender helps them sleep good at night.


baby magic all the way! I loved the way my babies smelled…they are all practically grown now and I keep a tiny bottle to smell every once and while and it brings those baby memories right back for a min :heart:


I use Arbonne’s baby line! It is incredible!

I love Aveeno body wash and Hello Bello shampoo and conditioner. It smells good, doesn’t flare up any of his many allergies and is cheap.

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I like the baby dove collection.

Johnson and Johnson baby products are safe .

My daughter had cradle cap. We switched from johnson and Johnson to baby sensitive hypoallergenic by Dove and its the Bee’s knees. Stopped all her dry skin. Smells good. And foams really easy for less product and more application.

I used Johnson’s baby wash for my boys but my daughter has eczema and we were recommended the Dove baby eczema wash and lotion…

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Mustela baby products!

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I used lavender Johnson and Johnson all their products are great

I personally have tried all but always gone back to Dove baby

Johnson & Johnson lavender and chamomile dreft for laundry detergent

I’ve used Johnson & Johnson and Aveeno baby stuff

Please do your research on products ladies. So many chemicals out there. There is an awesome app that breaks down chemicals and how safe they are for baby. Here’s the post I read on it.

Johnson & Johnson head to toe or sleepytime with lavender

Live clean or baby bamboo

johnson baby wash is what i used on my kids

Johnson n johnson is safe for babies wont hurt eyes if gotten in to been around for yrs n approved

I’ve always use Johnson and Johnson

Burt’s Bees bar soap

I only used Johnson baby products

My som has ezcema so we use avenno with the colloidal oatmeal and follow up with the aveeno night balm

My pediatrician always said Dial

I always liked using one with shea butter. I wouldnt have to apply lotion after a bath. Also a lavender one was really great for when my babies were sick or before bedtime. It helped to calm them. I even use lavender as an adult.

Not Johnson and Johnson.

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Anything Johnson and Johnson

Dollar tree baby bath! Love it

Dove or a gentle, fragrance free bar soap is the best thing to use on baby skin.

Johnson& Johnson lavender.i use to help my daughter in laws.both had babies in one month.we would bathe the babies.turn the lights down.put on some soft music.a worm bottle.a rocking chair.and those babies and mamma would fall a sleep for hours.those babies are going to be 17yrs old this month.i would do anything to go back there

always used the blue johnson’s for body wash and yellow for shampoo. my kids are 10 and 13 tho so was a while ago. still love the smell of it.

Cetaphil and Tender Care

I LOVE cotton touch by Johnson’s

Johnson and Johnson no more tears

Lynita Jene Harris what do you use???

Dr. Bronners baby is our favorite