What is a good book series I can start getting my niece?

For each holiday I get my son one of the Pout Pout Fish book series that tells a story about that holiday. I want to start the same tradition for my niece but I’m having a hard time finding another series, one possibly a little more “girly”. Any suggestions? Thank you!


No suggestions here , but is she a ** girly ** girl or would she enjoy the * boyish* books

Magic treehouse, goosebumps, anything scholastic

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Depending on age. Llama llama has holiday books. Or older the rainbow fairies have holiday books. I believe there is a few holiday geared books in the “if you give a…” series as well for a younger child.

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Definitely need an age :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dork diaries, Ramona series, Nancy Drew, The Princess in black, The baby sitters club.

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My almost 8 year old loves the Junie B. Jones, Ivy and Bean, and Phoebe and the Unicorn series.

Little House on the prairie

Ask her what kind of books she likes. Not every little girl is into pink and princesses.


Depending on age, my daughter is into captain underpants series and she’s also into diary of a wimpy kid series


It’s not about holidays or anything, but, the fairy garden books were amazing, and definitely an adorable read :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If she’s little Llama Llama books are adorable! If she’s a little older, The Owl Diaries are good!

I always loved “The boxcar children” and “The babysitters Club”. My daughter loved “Michigan Chillers”

This sounds more like a picture book about holidays. Another series like that is “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed”… product-detail-page


My daughters love listening to the silly antics of Amelia Bedilia. That was my favorite book series growing up. Or perhaps Eloise, not sure who writes those books but they are good for a girl as well

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My girl loves Fancy Nancy, Tallulah books (by Marilyn Singer) We add to her series at the holidays too. Also Narwhal and Jelly books by Ben Clanton.

The Boxcar Children. Little House on the Prarie. Lemony Snickets. These are good for older kids. There was no age mentioned in the post.

Llama Llama series… all my kids love it

Junie b Jones… Babysitters club…Harry Potter depending on age

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Judy blume is a great author junie b Jones is good what is the age? If you have a barnes and noble go there they have a great displays like that


How old is she?
Is she in school?
What are her habits?
What does she like to do?
Does she have a favorite tv show?

Depending on age, my 7 year old loves Hiedi Hickleback book

How old is the niece? Very different answers will be appropriate for a 2 year old than a 40 year old.

Fancy Nancy maybe. My girls really enjoyed her when they were little

Candy fairies or the cupcake diaries

I always enjoyed Chronicles of Narnia. Then of course there’s always Judy Blume.


Depending on her age of suggest the Wandla Series. My daughter loves them

This really isn’t a “girly” book but growing up, I absolutely loved the Goosebumps series. They have many books with girl leads, if that makes a difference

Both my girls loved the princess in black series of books.

Anything by Shakespeare would be excellent. If she prefers something more modern, Edgar Allen Poe or even Stephen King would work. WTF kind of post is this??? Is your niece in her 50’s or is your niece a toddler??? Like all Dearly Mom’s questions, there’s not enough info to properly answer the question!!!

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You get her a gift card and take her to a bookstore and follow her lead. You cannot anticipate what a person will want to read until you take the time to learn.

You didn’t specifiy the age but Junie B.Jones are cute and Owl Diaries.

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Pendragon by D.J. McHale. Seriously it’s a great read, 13 books including the subplots and it even keeps me entertained as an adult I’ve read the whole series twice.

It’s not about holidays or anything but Junie B Jones books by Judy Blume!

How old is she? Dork diaries is cute

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Junie B Jones books?


Go old school with the babysitters club :joy:


The princess in black, my daughter loves them!

Good books… read most of them… to my grans of course!

Ivy and Bean series!

Junie b Jones dr suess nancy drew

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Pete the cat my granddaughter loves them

Puppy Place books :+1:t2:

The Shoe Books
By Noel Straitfield

American Girl books, there’s a history lesson in each

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Enid bliton the magic faraway tree

Dont know her age but Nancy Drew mysteries.

Little house on the prairie

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I like the series about mary Poppins

nancy drew or what about Harry Potter

Can’t beat Enid blyton

The emeraldicious, pinkalicious, etc.

Amelia Bedelia. :relaxed: or Junnie B. Jhones

American girl books and dork diaries

Age and interest is a big factor. My older daughter enjoyed Fancy Nancy, Eloise, American Girl Books and my younger daughter preferred the Magic Tree House, Dork Diaries and Harry Potter…

Yes! These fairy books are the best they have them holiday and birthday themed, I have three girls and my cousin started buying them for them, and I’ve added to their collection. The first one we got was Camilla the Cupcake Fairy. They are so fun to read, I love them as much if not more than they do!

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I used to buy all the “biscuit” books for my daughter every holiday and they have them non holiday related as well. Quick easy reads but to this day she loves them. Reads them to her younger step sister now! This is the original where you meet biscuit

Owl diaries have holiday specials

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Junior B Jones!! I loved to read them along with my daughter!!

Judy blume books are great

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Lurleen mcdaniels she is amazing

My girls love fancy nancy and junie b jones

I love Pinkalicious. :heart:

Junior B. Jones are wonderful!


The Thea Stilton series is a fun group of books.

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Heartland series by Lauren Brooks! There are about 20 books in the series. They’re about a family who lives on a farm and takes in abandoned and abused horses. Heal and rehabilitate them with some bumps and drama along the way. They’re so heartwarming and I actually learned from them. They are very light and good pre-teen-teenager books. I started reading them when I was in 6th grade and continued until I finished the whole series. I still have the whole collection and plan on giving them to my daughter in the future.