What is a good middle name for the first name Charley?

What is a good name that goes with the first name Charley (For a girl)? My daughter is born in a few weeks and my husbands grandpa just passed away, we want to remember him. His name was Charlie.


Mae, grace, Anne, Lynn

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I’ve seen people do Charlotte & use Charley as a nickname also :slightly_smiling_face:

Charley Danielle. Charley Rose. Charley Isabelle. Charley Marie.

Ann, Jayne, rose,Melissa

Rae, Lynn, Kaye, Rose,

My daughter is Charleigh Quinn. Lol.


Mae , Rose , Elizabeth , Marie

Brun, French for brown. Charley Brun.

Grace, Faith , Paige :purple_heart:

What about giving her the nans name for the middle then she will have both grandparents names


We named our daughter after my Grandpa who was Charlie. Originally she was going to be Charley Grace, but my cousin had the same idea lol. She was due a month before me with a boy and we lived 5 minutes apart. Her boy is Charles “Charlie” and my girl is Charlotte Grace with her nickname being “Char Char”. Good luck!! I’m due with my second girl in 3 1/2 weeks!!

My granddaughters name is charli grace


I have a Charlee Chey (pronounced shy)

My daughters name is Carlie Madison and we wish now that we named her Charlie bc that’s what a lot of ppl have been calling her.

Charlie Rose or Charlie Pearl I like those.


Charley Rose
Charley Grace
Charley Faye
Charley Ray

I absolutely love the name Charlie for a girl <3 Charley abryn. Charlie Rayne

Charley-Anne Charley-Jade Charley-Reed Charley-Jo Charley-Fynn

My daughter is Charley Dawn

Mine is Charli Rayne

Granddaughter is Charleigh Marie

Charlie blu
Charlie Angel :innocent:

Charley Mae
Charley Pearl
Charley Belle
Charley Lyn
Charley Jay

I’m Charlie Samantha :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We call our daughter Charlie for short, her name is Charolette Aleeah

I almost went with Charley Nova

Charley Rae
Charley Mae

We liked Charli Jo and Charli Elizabeth

My sister is Charley Ann

Name her Charlotte and call her Charley.


I was going to name my daughter Charlotte Ann and call her Charly :heart:

We named our daughter charleigh Isabella grace


Lieghann, Marie, Sue, May, Jade, Dawn, Grace, Joy, Lynn, Rose, Michelle, Renee

My grandaughters name is Charli Brook.

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My little one is Charlotte (Charlie) Marie.

My nieces name is charley kay

Elena, Lorraine, Amariah , Rose , Raine

What was his Middle name?

Charlie Clare
Charlie Anne
Charlie Rose
Charlie Jane
Charlie Lee
Charlie Elizabeth
Charlie Rae
Charlie Patricia

Charlotte Marie. (Charley,)

Charlie Jo, Charlie Marie, Charlie Rae, Charlie leigh

Elaine, Rae, Mae, Leigh

Elizabeth,or Abby, or Missie

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Lynn, rose, Ann, sue

Love the idea of honoring her Great Grandfather…could call her Charlotte or Charleigh as well…middle name could be Rose or Elizabeth


You could name he Charlotte and nickname her Charlie

I came here to say Rose but I see a few people beat me to it :blush:

Charley Belle
(Charliegh is cute too from Regina above^)

Joleen. Charley Joleen! Chose what ever that fits your fancy.

Rose. I think Charley Rose sounds pretty.


Brielle, Belle, jo, Jean, Renee, rachelle, Michelle, Reece, Eliza, Lauren, shay, katelyn

Charley Gail it’s old name but I love it

My daughter’s name is Charley Raye.

Jo , Bo, Dana, Luna, Sophia, Nova,

Anything but Sheen


Charley Renee
Charley Mae
Charley Anthea
Charley Joyce

Whats your maiden name or other maiden names in the family? Or Charley Faith?

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Charley Kate or Charley Mae.


Michelle would be cute

How about someone from your side of the family?

Following this because my name is Charley Leanne

Renee, Rae, Jo, Jolyn, Mae, Kay

Anne, Renee, or Belle

I know a CharlieAnn :heart:

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Lea, Marie, Elise, Elizabeth, Jean.

Think of initials. I had to live with VD. And my daughter is DRY. Oh well congrats on new member of family.

Use of your mothers or grandmothers first or middle names…I do like Charley Jo or Charley Rose, too! Good luck!

I really like Charley Anne or Charley Elizabeth

Charley Raye (or Rae)

My granddaughter is called Charlie Dawn after her great grandad and Dawn after her grandmother and mun

My little girls name is Charlie Faye :purple_heart: