What is a good supportive belly band?

I am a pregnant plus size gal, I work 12-16 hour shifts on my feet the entire time. What does everyone suggest for a good and supportive belly band? I’m looking for one that will help my back and hold my belly!


Ask.midwife they be able to help you with that. It’s called spd it might if changed name. But definitely see a specialist. As I had same problem with my back. Suffer badly now with hips. That 10yrs ago. It needs to checked. They gave me a.tubi grip type thing to wear and even now I after it was fitted i felt amazing and could walk much better! Back felt better as it supported me good luck. X

K-TAPE! Not even a belly band! K-tape!! You can look up how to apply it to help with the pressure!


Doctor ordered me a belly ban

Same girl n my belly in the way. N I work in an hvac store. Constantly lifting heavy sht😭