What is a good tablet for a toddler?

Hello! I’d love to spare the lectures on giving kids tv time and all that. With that said, I’m looking for a tablet for my 2-year-old. He’s very behind on speech, and because of Covid, there aren’t many options for in-person help. The speech pathologist recommended two appts that have proven to be very successful, however, I’m not about to hand over my iPhone or iPad to my rambunctious toddler. Does anyone have any recommendations on a toddler safe tablet that will allow me to download apps without breaking the bank. I appreciate the advice, thanks.


I have a kindle fire for my toddler. With the child case and all I think it was around 60.00. Lots of great learning games and stuff for them to use.


I have a kindle fire that I am no longer using. There is nothing wrong with it, I just changed to an iPad. I’m willing to sell it to you very reasonable. If need to factory reset it. I believe it has a case with it also.

We have a kindle fire with a case for our toddler. He loves it and it’s easy for him to navigate. Plus there’s a 2 year warranty on it where they will replace it for free if anything happens. We did purchase a screen protector as well because…he’s a toddler​:joy::woman_shrugging:t3:

Kindle fire! We have one for my five year old and my sister has one for her special needs 4 year old. They are damn near unbreakable

I’ve used both the samsung kids and the cheap $40 ones from Walmart, for kids apps they work the same. The cheap Walmart ones have plastic screens too so they’ll get scratched but mine haven’t managed to break them yet

i ordered amazon tablets for my grandkids and they love them i also paid the extra 15 dollars for the insurance and my grandson broke the charging port and we had a new one in 2 days


Leapfrog explorer. I recently purchased an older version for my daughter who is about to turn 3. I played with it some and it is fantastic. They have newer versions very similar to iPads and android tablets. I recommend these because there are a LOT of adds with the iPad that you constantly have to extra for. The leapfrog tablet is an investment but and there may be content purchases at time, but they come with tons of free educational downloads right off the bat.

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We use the Kindle Fire kids edition. Tons of learning apps pre-loaded.

We got an older iPad off of Market Place just for that purpose. We put it in a decent case & it’s been great!

The amazon fire 10. Not the kids version the adult one, and add free time to it

Or get a old phone that works too u can download learning stuff on their

Kindle fire kids edition for sure. You can block the youtube and stuff you dont want then having, its great

There’s lots of cheap tablets out there. Just make sure to buy a good rubber bumper

Kindle fire is what we have for both of our kids and they love them!

I got the kids kindle fire for both my grands…

Kindle fire for kids. My son is 2 and has one and it has a 2 year no questions asked warranty

I got my son the Amazon fire kids kindle

The kids Amazon fire tablets

Kindle fire for kids

Get an iPad with an solid case that’s your best bet

Just make sure the apps you are looking to use are compatible with the device; not all are.


May I ask what apps were recommended

None, take him to a park

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to help my 2 yr old we played sorry and snakes and ladders even monopoly board games he learnt fast in reading numbers we even biult kids puzzles and it worked good in the 80!s

We have found the iPad to be the most indestructible. We got a refurbished one at Walmart.com for a great price.

iPad with a good case!

Just FYI. My son had speech issues and was in speech therapy until 4th grade he didn’t talk until the age of 5. Apps might help a little bit but from personal experience just keep working at home. I used to have my son at least male a sound if he wanted a drink or a toy etc. It will come with lots and lots of practice. My son is 13 and still has some issues because he has apraxia of he doesn’t slow down you can’t understand him but it does get better.

Kindle fire 2 yr old grand daughter loves hers.