What is a good wifi?

Good wifi? I live with my grandparents and they have wifi but it doesn’t reach my side of the house even though we have those extenders… It says I have full bars but doesn’t work. Looking for something to put in my room so I can at least use our streaming apps on my TV

Do you know what speed they have? Is it like 5mpbs or 20mpbs? Or higher? Speed can play a factor in how many devices can function at the same time. So if you have less than 20mpbs and you want to run 3 phones plus 2 tvs 20mpbs is likely not enough. And when you add extenders it’s like rolling out dough. Eventually the service will get thinner and thinner the further you are. So you want to put the box somewhere in the center of the home that is not obstructed by large furniture or electronics.

This isnt the group to ask…. You have people all over the world on this page!! So what i have for internet isnt the same as what you have…. This is something you want to ask on your personal Facebook


Xfinity or it could be under comcast, my friend uses at and t

We use t-mobile home internet 55 a month

Join a Facebook group in your area and ask there.

Go to Google and type in the best internet providers for your area.